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  1. A diet for a new america was the book that inspire me to become vegetarian several decades ago lol. Not a book but a movie Fat sick and nearly dead inspire me to combine dark green vegetable with fruits. Green smoothie really improve my health greatly. 80/10/10 diet book by doug graham inspire me to eat way more fruits and get over my fear of carbohydrate. This greatly also gave me way more energy. I dont completely subscribe to his mindset though so i still consume beans and other legumes. Audio book "science of enlightment" by shinzen young. One of the best source to teach important fundamental of buddhism. It shows how all religion around the world are connected. Nathaniel Branden "psychology of self esteem". Teaches personal responsibility and to take responsible for every success and failure of your life. Avoid his idol Ayn Rand though, possibly one of the most destructive philosopher in the past century. Currently reading Abhidhamma, one of Lord Buddha's most advance teaching.
  2. Thank you plantpoweredwoman. I used to subscribe for the high protein diet from doctor atkin as well. For a while i did lost weight but i felt super weak depressed all the time on that diet. Took me a few months and i immediately got out of that paradigm. I believe in doing what's work for your body vs follow any kind of dogma.
  3. Here's the thing, I like eating fruits for energy but i dont buy into the whole theory of eating 3000 calories per day. It's a quick recipe to gain weight super fast. I've done extensive research and i barely find any body builder with huge muscle + low body fat using 80/10/10 diet. So I prefer to do a hybrid instead. If i need energy and health, i will consume fruits. But before bed time, it makes zero sense to consume high energy food for it to convert into fat but rather it makes more sense to consume beans, which is much higher in fibers. Beans have 15 grams of fiber per 70 calories, which is at least 15 times higher than bananas and 7 times higher than oranges. Yes, I uses chronometer. I consume around a lb of spinach a day so my overall vitamin intake are pretty good. Ok, here's my overall review of my experience with 80/10/10 diet. When I first started doing this diet, i went right ahead and consume 25 bananas a day, so iend up with 2500 calories. I discover i have insane energy and ridicolously sharp mental clarity. It's all well and good. The bad news is that after 2 weeks of doing this, i discover i gained somewhere between 5-10 lb of body weight. After accurate measurement, i discover i gained about roughly 4lb of weight if i minus out the water weights(after taking a crap in the morning and piss out all the water). So...despite i gain energy doing the 80/10/10, i also gain weight. From a scientific point of view, this make perfect sense, because my previous caloric intake was 1500-2000 calories and now i increase it to 2500. When you have a caloric surplus, you will naturally gain weight, it's pure science. Also, I felt hungry all the damn time. I figure the more hungry i felt, the more i eat and frankly, beside the fact it's eating way too much, i'm sure i will also gain even more weight. Testestarone seem to went down too from consuming less protein. For me, i'm all about science and efficiency, so despite reading the entire doug graham 80/10/10 book, i'm not going to try so hard to follow it dogmatically. Instead, i will put in my little spin to find a system that works for me, hence why i created that hybrid. Seem to be working well so far, i got energy and lose weight!
  4. I recently got into eating 80/10/10 diet and i start to notice feeling hungry all the time, after researching for a while i realize why. Basically, fruits are low in fiber but high in water content, hence why your stomach feels full. However, fructose are easily digest, so when you eat tons of fruits, what happen is that it gets absorb and digested easily and you shit them all out within an hour. So how you do solve the hungry issues? Well, if you need energy, eat tons of fruits for quick boost of energy. However, if you want a more stable diet with less hunger, then simply eat more black beans. Black beans are complex carbohydrates and VERY high in fibers. Eating black bean for dinner is perfect because you dont want too much carbs to end up becoming fat while you're sleeping anyway.
  5. Cool. I wonder why there are myth that it's an incomplete source of protein.
  6. Base on the data of this website, it seem that black beans have 9 essential amino acids. http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/legumes-and-legume-products/4283/2 If that's true, then it's an exellent food to eat to lose weight. It has 15 grams of fiber per 22 grams of carbohydrate so it's easy to get full eating it. It's hard to find accurate information on the web because i'm sure there are tons of fake science perputrate by the meat industry so people think they must eat meat for the proteins.
  7. I'm curious about the vegan community. Do vegan believes in low carb diet and controlling your insulin?
  8. Adding fruits to the diet would defeat the whole purpose of the diet. By increasing my sugar intake, i would increase the insulin, which would increase the fat intake. I'm looking to control the insulin, which should control the fat intake. My diet is lower calories than my daily recommendation because i'm looking to tone up and lose fat while doing only 1-2 hours of cardio per week max.
  9. Currently, I've been following the paleo diet(the vegan version lol). My diet consist of 45 percent protein, 40 percent fat and 10 percent cabohydrates. The ratio is basically 145 grams of protein, 60 carbs, and 60 grams of fat. It breaks down to 580 calories from protein, 240 calories from carbs, and 540 from fat. My weight is 150lb, around 18 percent body fat and 5'8. I consume mainly tofu and tempeh. I basically cook the tofu and treat it like i would treat rice. I would put the tasty fake meat for taste and consume tofu like i used to consume the unhealthy white rice. What do you think of my diet? I get most of my vitamines from leafy vegetables and yerba mate(the unsmoke eco version from whole food).
  10. Hello, my name is Brian Dang. I recently found this site by googling vegan body building. I've been a vegetarian for the past 16 years. For the past months, i've been committing to doing p90x, but i found that i cannot keep up with the workout. It is too time consuming and frankly, it is too hard base on my personality. Anyway, I hope to learn more from most of you =)
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