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  1. this guy seems like he did pretty good without supplements
  2. this is more of a carb shake 40 dates 2 tablespoons of coconut butter 2 tablespoons of ground vanilla beans 3 tablespoons of rice/hemp protein powder
  3. thats weird i have a 30 dollar blender and it usually doesnt have a problem with most kinds of dates
  4. this what i had today 1. large smoothie(fruit and superfoods) 2. cucumber lemon juice 3. large smoothie 4. 3 heads of lettuce 5. large smoothie 6. 8 bannanas 7. apple kale juice 8. large smoothie
  5. I put spirulina in my smoothies everyday. Its 60%-65% highly absorbable protein that makes it the most concetrated natural protein source in the world. plus its super dense in micronutrients, and it will detoxify your cells. One of healthiest food you can eat.
  6. Theres nothing like doing some yoga in the wide open spaces.
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