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  1. Wanted to train today and had every intention but got screwed over at work... Had to go in early, got soaked in the rain and then my entire shift was a waste of time... After work I went off the rails with my diet a little bit... Had chocolate and a sugary tea... But the mood I was in I absolutely needed it. Feeling calmer now and getting an early night, bench press tomorrow! That'll definitely clear my head I'm looking and feeling leaner too! Weight is currently at 82.5Kg I think it's safe to say the water weights been dropped and I'm removing the stubborn fat at this stage, I can see my obliques for the first time in a while and I'm noticing that my External obliques are huge! Unfortunately this makes my hips looks kinda wide... Squats and deadlifts could be the cause? Not that il stop doing them
  2. ^ yup! Negatives are very very important if you want to improve pull up strength, make sure you do them as slowly as you possibly can!
  3. Post a photo up once you've prepped up! It's always cool to see/I can steal some ideas off of yo The only prepping I really do is weighing out nuts into little tuppaware containers so not much excitement there...
  4. First time I've seen this post so sorry I didn't post any help! Well first of all there's not really such a thing as 'toning' just losing fat and gaining muscle and you can't do them both at the same time. I would suggest you pick one first and do it for a set amount of weeks/months eg. Cutting fat for 3 months, which would involve a deficiet of calories ( work out your TDEE online) for me it's about 2150 calories to lose fat. To lose fat I go high fat/protein and low carb, especially before working out (carbbackloading works!) and to bulk up I normally go low fat high carb/protein but calories are the most important factor imo. Work out to preserve and strengthen your muscles and get a decent cardio routine going on, I see you're into HIIT which is cool, personally I absolutely swear by low intensity high volume when it comes to cardio eg. Long walks, rowing or cycling. Hope this helps Source: been lifting for quite a few years, went from the skinniest person in my friendship group (67kg) to the strongest and I'm currently weighing about 82.5Kg
  5. Use a blender to make a big shake (doesn't have to have protein powder in it) put a lot of peanut/almond butter in it with a non dairy milk and some fruit/veg, that's one way of hitting calories!
  6. debatable l0l Well... Everything is... If you're anti protein powder then that's up to you, but it's no good scaring everyone off it, people need to make that decision for themselves, ive used protein powders (almost every kind) for about 4 years and owe a lot of my progress to their convenience.. I would challenge you to find a bodybuilder, strongman, powerlifter, weightlifter etc that doesn't use/hasn't used protein powders, I would bet it's an extremely small list.
  7. Someone told me that bear grylls was from Brading here on the Isle of Wight :s EDIT: Just looked it up, yeah he was born in Donaghadee but moved to Bembridge, Isle of Wight when he was 4 aha. Weird coincidence
  8. No problem! Let us know how it all goes am very happy to help!
  9. My bad just looked on the previous page! That things awesome!! Looks super retro aha! Rad posing P.s I have the exact same shorts as you and wear them absolutely all the time!!
  10. I'm so jealous! I want a rower you got that photo bud?? Weird coincidence but British rowing was on TV earlier, the biggest biceps going in sport haha!
  11. Did a squat and deadlift session with some friends today, nothing major! Squats After warming up 60Kg x 15 reps 80Kg x 10 reps 90Kg (198lb) x 8 reps 100Kg (220lb) x 6 reps Sumo deadlifts Getting really good at sumos! Thinking of switching permanently 60Kg x 10 reps 100Kg (220lb) x 5 reps 120Kg (264lb) x 4 reps 150Kg (338lb) x 2 reps ( sumo PB!) 150Kg ( x 1 rep 160Kg (352lb) x 1 rep (sumo PB!) Real happy with this!! Just did a bit of assistance stuff nothing major!
  12. Nothing wrong with protein powders dude give em a try, but yeah you probably don't need to go that high, I prefer much higher levels of fats so I eat s lot of Brazil nuts, pistachios, peanut butter and avocados but focus on the calories for now bud. Eat more carbs before heavy training and more protein after, get the balance right
  13. Here's some links to the main site for ya bud! http://veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bios_strength http://veganbodybuilding.com/?page=food
  14. Is that to lose weight?? If so it wouldn't hurt to go lower on the protein and put fats up higher with nuts, avacado etc. Also do you use iifym.com ? Their calculator is pretty spot on, always worked for me. But to answer your question, look around for unflavoured protein powders, pea is a good one or brown rice. In terms of food, soya is your best bet (if your body can handle soya well) any form really, mock meats; mince, sausages etc. or tofu, fried bean curd, soya beans and soya milk, All the best! Ross
  15. Yeah post a photo! Maybe then i can assemble evidence to use in my case for why we need a rowing machine Aha yeah I hear ya, but look up net carbs, you can still eat carbs as long as they are high fibre Yeah all good here dude random question... Do you watch It's always sunny in Philadelphia??
  16. Well it's certainly worked for me but that's not to say it'll work for everyone, The lack of bloating is fantastic, I feel so normal these days, and sorry to be crude but I haven't farted in a long time hahaha. I would say it's worth a go dude
  17. Dude!! I've got the same issue in regards to the spare tyre, except not so much my back just around my hips 'love handles' as the Mrs calls them, could be down to squats and deadlifts, big hip flexor so and over muscles in the area?? Food looks good, I prefer higher fat and less carbs for cutting though, lots of Brazils, pistachios and cashews! Also very jealous of the rowing machine... I'm not allowed one... No room apparently women are the worst eh!!?? Hope you're keeping well dude
  18. Nah it was still a big victory but I do like doing loads of work prior to the bigger lifts Did a bench session in the garden with a couple of friends today, got rained on real heavy and had to call it off earlier than I wanted.. Bench press After warming up 60Kg x 12 reps 70Kg x 8 reps 80Kg x 4 reps 100Kg x 1 rep! Switched to a closer grip 70Kg x 8 reps 60Kg x 13 reps 50Kg x 16 reps 50Kg x 12 reps 50Kg x 11 reps Feeling the buuuuurn DB overhead press 10Kg x (lost count but lots) 15Kg x 20 reps per arm 15Kg x 18 reps per arm 15Kg x 16 reps per arm Shoulder lateral raises, drop set torture! Lots and lots of reps until I couldn't move my arms... I've been losing weight pretty steadily recently but starting to stall, weighing myself in the morning so fingers crossed, Am also down to 11% body fat! I'm seeing some serious abs going on and without the beans and grains I'm never bloated anymore which helps! I do have a wide torso though... Looking it up and straight away it could be from deadlifts and squats... Dam though would never give those lifts up..
  19. Deadlifts!! I took chris' advice and warmed up without much deadlifting prior to my big lifts! Was feeling cocky and determined to hit a PB 182.5Kg (401lbs) x 1 rep!!! Was the worst looking thing I've ever seen and had a questionable lockout.. But I got there. Wanted to see if I could hit 180Kg more comfortably 180Kg (396lbs) x 1 rep, still a terrible rep but at least now I know what I'm capable of! 150Kg (330lbs) x 2 150Kg x 2 130Kg (286lbs) x 4 reps 130Kg x 4 reps (sumo stance) I liked doing full sumo deadlifts so I did a whole bunch of reps at 60Kg to get the form better Pull ups 3x5 reps Kettle bell swings 5 rounds, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off with 10Kg plate (22lbs)
  20. are you implying because it is a natural insecticide, people should cut down..? i mean, many spices have insecticide properties, like cinnamon, but it's still overall quite good for you, weird point to focus on.. "if it's an insecticide, it's bad for you?"? +1 Water is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors so don't drink it!!
  21. Nothing wrong with protein powders, highly convenient and do the job
  22. Squatted yesterday but can't remember what I lifted.... Anyways, my carb up was amazing... Mostly chips hahaha Benched today Bench press Light warm up and stretch and then 40Kg x 10 reps 70Kg (154lbs) x 5 reps 80Kg (176lbs) x 3 reps 80Kg x 3 reps 87.5Kg (192.5lbs) x 2 reps 87.5Kg x 2 reps 92.5Kg (203lbs) x 1 rep 92.5Kg x 1 rep 70Kg x 5 reps 70Kg x 5 reps Did a bit of resistance band training but left it at that
  23. Awesome news dude!!! Aha join the ranks of the home gymers!! No douchebag string vested-pompadour- mirror curling bellends in sight!
  24. No I don't think I'm being dramatic. It's like he's creating a subculture of violent vegans that think it's okay to threaten people's lives.. I didn't turn vegan until I was like 20 years old, all those years prior to that I just needed the right stimulus to get me there, this C**T would have turned me around so fast and made me an anti-vegan. When I first turned vegetarian someone told me about how my local Boots store was fire bombed by the Animal Liberation Front because they sold products that were animal tested, at first I smirked about that thinking 'yeah good on them' and then, when I thought about it, I was disgusted, both with the A.L.F and again with myself for thinking that was a good thing. Veganism is non violence and should be as such. That video you shared (the first one) genuinely shocked me... And if you knew me, you would know how fucking difficult it is to do that, he's a genuine sociopath and as mr repzion said (I don't like him either btw) I think vegan gains , might actually harm or kill someone in the name of veganism. Are you coming round to the idea that he's gone too far?
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