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  1. Yeah it's not funny at all, it's what I would refer to as extremism (hate that word) and all he's doing is making ordinary folk hate vegans and make them look like dickheads. He is by far the worst thing that ever happened to veganism.. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
  2. Wait my bad.. Got him confused with someone else, but after watching a couple of his videos... Yeah he's a c word too
  3. Is that the Australian guy?? He's an absolute (C word) I hate him. Worst thing to happen to the vegan movement and a blight on veganism in general. I'm pretty sure he was actually on an Australian TV show and had very severe deficiencies in B vitimans, mostly B12... Which really does veganism no favours either.. Will try and find the link
  4. Haha crisps and chips! I'm drooling over the thought of cereal right now... I might start it off early and stay up late
  5. When I was fully vegan I would just have black coffee or use soya milk, rice milk works well too. I would drink a lot of it and even now I have at least one a day but get most of my caffeine hits from green tea, I don't think I could function without coffee, so if you like it drink it
  6. Woke up today with more energy than I've had in a very long time! Good mood all day and good training session when I got home from work Bench press! (Had no spotter but had my 'spotter catchers' I dunno what else to call them ahha) Warmed up shoulders and chest with dislocates (not literally) and arm circles holding weight plates 50Kg (110lbs) x 8 reps 60Kg (132lbs) x 8 reps 70Kg (154lbs) x 5 reps 80Kg (176lbs) x 3 reps (easily had a fourth but the bounce off my chest put it off balance) 80Kg x 4 reps 80Kg x 4 reps 85Kg (187lbs) x 2 reps 85Kg x 2 reps 85Kg x 2 reps (attempted a third but triceps were too fatigued to lock it out fully) Had to rush out and buy a couple things but turned that into a 30 min power walk Came back home for 5 rounds of kettle bell swings! Well, a 10Kg weight plate is kind of like a kettle bell.. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Called the session off here as I had too much to do at home (still do) might get a chance to squat tomorrow and I get to refeed on carbs tomorrow night/not count calories... I'm gonna go beserk hahaha
  7. Ahh gotcha, thought they were like cable curls or something like that, I think the strange way that my biceps are shaped cross curls would be a good option for me, cheers man! Hahaha I hear ya! Lift while you've got the chance bet you're excited about the new job though bud, not long now!
  8. Hahaha yeah just a precaution, but as you said Im sure warming up the body without deadlifting would still be okay, like other exercises or jogging etc
  9. What do you use to measure your body fat percentage dude? I've got a caliber thingy which I measure against a sheet... Doesn't seem very accurate but it's all I got haha Also, walking is absolutely fine for cardio, I totally swear by low intensity high volume (long walks/cycles) of course I throw in HiIT from time to time but nothing beats a long walk with a lifting session. Ps outer pectoral DOMS are not awesome!! Haha
  10. Yo what are cross curls? Also in regards to your time off, are you gonna take any time off of lifting? Silly question really
  11. Yeah you may be right in regards to the warm ups, it's just that I get paranoid about warming up adequately on big lifts like that, I remember reading something by either Brandon Lilly or Eric Lillebridge, (cat remember who) that they knew of someone in their gym who deadlifted 75% of their max totally cold and tore a bicep, so I often overdo warming up.
  12. Haha you got it, mostly because the rain cools and calms me down, also it means the neighbours stay in their houses instead of pottering in their gardens and distracting me, Well today was very disappointing... Barely ate today was so busy, and I spent a good amount of time waiting for my weight plates to turn up. By the time they got here I wasn't much in the mood to train but I was determined to force myself! Hit up deadlifts to see what I was capable of.... After loads of warm ups 90kg x 8 reps 150Kg x 2 reps (330lbs) 182.5Kg (401.5lbs) x 0 big fail. Couldn't get it past my knees even with a hitch. 175Kg (385lbs) x 0.. Now I know I've lifted its before.. 170Kg (374lbs) x 1, just barely but no hitching. Tried 182.5Kg with straps and at that point I couldn't even budge it from the ground. To conclude: -Eating a caloric deficit/losing weight will effect your strength more than you think -Limiting the number of carbs you eat (or any macro nutrient for that matter) will greatly effect your performance. My last complaint/excuse is that my abs were sore as hell from yesterday which made it difficult to use my belt correctly. Oh wells, nothing ventured! I'm not disheartened, once I'm down to a lean 80Kg-78Kg I'm gonna slowly bulk up and then il be hitting 190Kg and beyond!
  13. I'm always in awe of your squatting strength dude! And I'm gonna return the favour and doubt your chances of walking tomorrow What protein powder do you use dude?? I found that most have given me gastric distress in the past
  14. Haha I've actually not had DOMS at all really weird.. I had every intention of training deadlifts today, but I got an email confirming that my weight plates are arriving tomorrow... !!!! So I'm decided to do a bit of hiit cardio and mobility work so I can hit deadlifts hard either tomorrow or at the weekend (we're supposed to get gale force winds and thunderstorms for next couple of days....) gotta love the British summer! Anyways, After warming up I did sprinting on the spot, jump lunges, jump squats and planks, can't remember in which order.. And then did... Everything was 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest Resistance band training: -Shoulder presses -tricep extensions -bicep curls -shoulder raises -row/shrugs All of this x2 Finished up with an 8 minute ab workout! I'm so stoked to see what I'm capable of deadlifting, being on a caloric deficit is surely gonna hold me back but at least I can try!
  15. That's some very unique censorship bud haha Good score with the 24/7 gym!! sounds alright for what you need too, Glad you've made a journal, il be checking in regularly dude Ross
  16. First off, fire your personal trainer. Second, check out the main veganbodybuilding.com website, there are loads of resources regarding dieting and training, or if you have any specific questions then everyone here is here to help
  17. Squat challenge!!!! I went on a hike/orienteering with the family yesterday so my legs weren't in the best shape haha.. After warming up with 50Kg / 110lbs, 3 sets x 6 reps Bodyweight on the bar (85kg/187lbs) x 15 reps 50 rep challenge @ 40Kg/88lbs on the bar! 50 reps is ridiculous... Took me about 5 minutes with all the panting and wheezing in between reps haha Finished with some overhead pressing, as I didn't get to do any assistance work for bench on Saturday. 40Kg / 88lbs 3 sets of 8 reps Resistance band workout for shoulders Lateral raises, presses, dislocates etc.
  18. My attempt! 85Kg/187lb body weight, 85Kg/18lb squat x 15 reps! 50 rep challenge: 50 reps @ 40Kg/88lb! Video to follow, please come and have a go, il make a table of results
  19. Eeeek, I just spent £55 on some more weight plates... 40kg in total, (88lbs), Can't wait to see what I can actually deadlift! Hoping the weight loss won't hold me back too much
  20. Welcome to my world... You just have to stop eating beans really.. That's your only option, it's what I had to do after trying absolutely everything, only problem is that soya gave me the same issues :/ I would eat less soy just in case it happens to you. Switch to a non soy protein powder (hemp, pea, brown rice), try and get non soy products, quite often you can get wheat protein like meat free sausages, they're full of protein. Have a look online for high protein vegan products that don't contain beans or soy there are plenty
  21. Forgot to ask, do you have a goal weight? Seriously impressive work already though bud
  22. Go on iifym.com and find their iffym calculator, I swear by it, works for me
  23. Haha how did work go after your workout then dude? I quite often reconsider workouts if I have work coming up.. How are things bud?
  24. Cheers rob I'll give that a go mate, am currently using BCAAs but only post workout, Aha Chris I almost shat myself! You gents checked out the 'squat challenge' thread I made? Would love for you guys to give it a shot
  25. No sweat, nothing dangerous about protein powder, that's all it is, just powdered protein You use any other supps? Am here if you need me bud
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