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  1. I'll give this a go either on Monday or Wednesday, depending on how bad my DOMS are.. Photos/videos of your attempt would make it more interesting but not entirely necessary
  2. I just stumbled across a thread on veganfitness.net which looks so awesome! Il paste it right on here, please give it a go if you're able, could be really fun and interesting "Okay folks! Now let's get it on! We all know there's nothing more hardcore than high rep squatting To make this challenge appeal to lifters of various levels, there will be two contests: 1. Highest number of reps with your bodyweight. I'm talking bodyweight on your back here! Most people who lift weights should be able to do at least a rep with their bodyweight, so no excuses here! 2. Highest weight squatted for 50 reps. Self explanatory really. I think most fit vegans on this board can do 50 reps without added weight, so almost everyone can enter this one. If you can't, start training for it! Rules: I. Vegan bodybuilding members only. II. NO HALF- OR QUARTERSQUATS! Image All squats should be valid powerlifting depth (or deeper if you wish). It's okay if you miss depth on some reps, you can still count them, but the majority should be good reps and if you realize you're getting too exhausted and keep missing the depth either stop the set or pull yourself together and go deep again. You're on your honor here. III. The break between reps can be as long as you wish, as long as you don't move around and keep the weight on your back at all times. IV. We're talking back squats here, but if you wish to do front squats instead, you're welcome to do so, just specify in your post. V. For challenge 1., use the weight that is nearest to your bodyweight or slightly over, in 2.5kg / 5lbs steps. Example: if you weigh between 80 and 82.5kg, use 82.5kg for the attempt. Don't use 80kg if you're 81kg" Example: I weigh 85Kg at the moment, so I have to load up my barbell with 85Kg and see how many reps I can do. The 50 reps challenge sounds exhausting haha but will give that a go also, would be cool if ogre would join in, il post up a little table so we can get a little competitive, having said that, don't feel intimidated or disheartened of others are posting lots of reps, just do what you can and be part of the fun
  3. Oh man today was weird.. Being fairly ketogenic all the time is doing wonders for my body fat percentage but I'm noticing bad recovery rates and fatigue.. My hips had felt right for a couple of days so squatting today probably wasn't my brightest moment.. My lifts sucked too Also.. After my warm up I put too much weight on one side of my squat stands and had them too close together as I was setting up,,, the barbell came off the end of the stand and smashed my patio.. cracked one of the tiles but luckily it's not noticeable... I just hope the missus doesn't see it aha. SQUATS 117.5Kg (258lb) x 3 reps 117.5Kg x 2 reps.. 117.5Kg x 2 reps 125Kg (275lbs) x 1 rep Lost all confidence in today so did a few sets at 90Kg (198lbs) for 5 reps each. Thought I would drop assistance for the day and do some benching.. BENCH PRESS: 60Kg (132lbs) x 8 reps 70Kg (154lbs) x 6 reps 80Kg (176lbs) x 3 reps 90Kg (198lbs) x 2 reps Incline bench press 50Kg x 10 reps (110lbs) 50Kg x 10 reps 50Kg x 10 reps 50Kg x 10 reps Took some time to really stretch out and do some mobility work
  4. Woah!! Massive weight loss dude, really impressive! You should start a training journal on the forum, I would follow your journey for sure
  5. Do you have protein powders?? Soya is a good option if you can stomache, Just curious why it's so high though bud? What's your weight/height etc? Just that 200g is what I aim for and I'm on a ketogenic diet at the moment.
  6. Nah looks fine, I take one in the morning, one at night and one before dinner/post workout. If it fits your macros, then keep doing it
  7. Well there's no such thing as 'toning' really, just gaining/losing fat/muscle, I would recommend doing squats, lunges and good mornings about 2 or 3 times a week, eat some protein and see how it goes, it's not unusual for women to carry fat in the lower part of the body so don't feel embarrassed.
  8. Oh man... I had the worst nights sleep, woke up with DOMS almost all over.. But because I'm a goddam Viking I trained deadlifts outside in the rain totally fasted (coffee only) After warming up and a little mobility work 90Kg (198lbs) x 8 reps 110Kg (242lbs) x 5 reps 110Kg x 5 reps 120Kg (264lbs) x 5 reps 120Kg x 5 reps 130Kg (286lbs) x 5 reps Seeing stars at this point. 140Kg (308lbs) x 4 reps. Desperately tried to get the 5th but I was hitching like mad and getting dizzy. Called it off here, needed to eat. Squats on Saturday hopefully
  9. Bench press was shit today.. Didn't feel very strong under the bar. Bench press: After warming up and stretching.. 75Kg (165lb) x 5 reps 75Kg x 5 reps 75Kg x 5 reps 80Kg (176lbs) x 5 reps 90Kb (198lbs) x 2 reps 95Kg (209lbs) x 0 reps.. Assistance and hypertrophy. Close grip bench press 50Kg (110lbs) x 20 reps 60Kg (132lbs) x 11 reps 60Kg x 10 reps 60Kg x 8 reps Triceps were fried.. Tricep extensions, With resistance bands 3 sets. With 15Kg plate over head, 3 sets. Lateral raise, drop set torture! X2 sets, 10Kg plates, then 5Kg plates, then 2.5Kg plates, then 1.25Kg plates and then resistance bands. Finished off with pressing 2x 10kg plates overhead, didn't count reps. I'm so unsatisifed with today, might hit deadlifts early tomorrow morning.
  10. Hey man! Welcome to the forum, things aren't as active here as they used to be but there are always people knocking around One of the admins (Mini Forklift) is a long distance runner and a pretty good one at that so he'll have some advice for you I'm sure All the best dude Ross
  11. Good progress dude! Glad your noticing size difference in your legs too!
  12. Negative pull ups are awesome bud! You'll notice size and strength gains if you do them regularly, I normally do them after I'm totally fatigued from pull ups and oh boy you'll feel em in the morning haha, how are things in oz today?
  13. Dude! Ring training is insanely hard!! What did you think of the ring dips?? I found it near impossible to stay balanced, totally shreds your chest right? Hope you're having a lovely holiday Chris!
  14. The wedding was great! Drank a little too much and spent most of yesterday dehydrated and hungover.. Even went out on little pedal boats on the river which was lovely Been virtually no carb all morning and work was so difficult... Didn't have any spotters today as friends were busy... So couldn't go too heavy SQUATS! (Low bar, back) After warm ups and stretching 90Kg (198lbs) x 5 reps 90Kg x 5 reps 90Kg x 5 reps 95Kg (209lbs) x 5 reps 95Kg x 5 reps 95Kg x 5 reps All felt easy, but better safe than sorry. Assistance/hypertrophy: Olympic squats (high bar, back) 60Kg (132lbs) x 12 reps 70kg (154lbs) x 10 reps 70Kg x 10 reps 70Kg x 10 reps Good mornings I still don't think I've got them perfect so went pretty light. 60Kg (132lbs) x 12 reps 60Kg x 12reps 60Kg x 12 reps 60Kg x 12 reps Calf raise drop set torture!! With 20Kg plate then 15Kg then 10Kg then 5Kg, didn't count reps but... Ouch. Looking forward to bench pressing on Wednesday!
  15. For lean muscle growth I would totally agree with rob on ketogenic, I stock up on pistachios, cashews, macadamias and avocados, peanut butter is your best friend!! If you can stomach soy then use it as a primary protein source, .8g sounds fine, I aim for 1g per pound or even 1.5g when I'm particularly sore. But regardless of all that, calories are the only real variable in weight gain and loss, make sure you keep it healthy Ps get some protein powder in bulk, look for deals online and get the cheap stuff and look for deals and voucher codes, I would recommend not getting a soya based powder as you don't want to overindulge, I totally over did it for 3 years and now I can't even touch the stuff without getting queezy with gastric distress... All the best my friend
  16. Haha yeah just going low carb and slightly lower calories has made me impossible to be in s room with! Going to ignore it he whole thing to get some drinks in lol, sounds awesome dude!! Hope you have an awesome weekend, make sure you post some photos on Instagram of the animal place
  17. DEADLIFTS!!!! had almost no carbs at all before this ( still haven't ) but I've got sweet potatoes in the oven! Totally smashed today, and I'm gonna spend the evening at a wedding reception with loads of sweets and cider out in the beautiful sunshine! Fuck yeah haha! Conventional deadlifts: After warm ups 90Kg (198lbs) x 8 reps 130Kg (286lbs)x 3 reps 130Kg x 3 reps 130Kg x 3 reps 145Kg (319lbs) x 2 reps 150Kg (330lbs) x 2 reps 157.5Kg (346.5lbs) x 1 rep, could have got a second but I was seeing stars!! Assistance/hypertrophy work Barbell rows 60Kg (132lbs) x 10 reps 70Kg (154lbs) x 8 reps 70Kg x 8 reps Chin ups, x 8 reps X 4 reps, noticed a twinge in my lat from my failed bench attempt last session so I called off chins just in case I made it worse.. Shrugs 70Kg x 15 reps 70Kg x 12 reps Finished off with some bicep curls...
  18. God dammit, everyone seems to be cutting at the moment and it's been playing on my mind.. I went out with the family today and a photo taken of me looked pretty fat around the gut... Made me really self conscious.. I'm condsidering carb backloading for a couple of months and keeping as much strength and muscle size as possible. Possibly buying a rowing machine off a friend too so I can do some high volume low intensity training.. Anyways, deadlifts tomorrow and my backs feeling fine!
  19. Ps, I absolutely swear by high volume low intensity for weight loss, eg. Long walks or an hour or two on a rowing machine or cycling per day, HIIT works for a lot of people but not everyone. Good luck and all the best
  20. Eating fat won't make you fat, just an excess of calories will. A lot of people lose weight fairly quickly following a keto diet (high protein and fat) So get a calorie counter like 'myfitnesspal' and track your food to a caloric deficit, work out what your total daily energy expenditure is (TDEE) you can probably do this online, and then you'll know how many calories you'll need per day. Keep it healthy and get in your fruits and veggies and the rest doesn't matter too much...
  21. Don't worry about the ratio of carbs protein and fats so much, just focus on eating a lot.. Don't count calories just stuff your face whilst keeping it as health as possible! Calisthenics will help... But you'd be better off with heavy free weights in my opinion, all the best dude
  22. Bench day started off great and ended in disaster... Bench press: After warming up; 80Kg x 3 reps (176lbs) 80Kg x 3 reps 80Kg x 3 reps 90Kg x 1 rep (198lbs) Felt sooooo easy 100Kg x 1 rep! (220lbs) This felt so easy.. Which led me to get cocky and try a Pb of 107.5Kg... 107.5Kg x 1 rep... (236.5lbs) But, afterward my spotter admitted he helped a bit... Which is annoying so I won't count it.. So I tried again with no help. 107.5Kg x ... Fail. And in the process I screwed my right lat and upper back.. So pissed off with myself aha. Assistance; Close grip bench press 60Kg (132lb) x 12 reps 60Kg x 12 reps 60Kg x 10 reps 60Kg x 10 reps Tricep extensions 20Kg x 15 reps 20Kg x 15 reps 20Kg x 14 reps 20Kg x 12 reps Just stretched from here, trying to sort out my back and figure out what I've done to it...
  23. You know what, I think this is the first time I've spoken to you in all the years I've used the forum aha, so just a quick thanks for all you do, I don't think I would have bothered to lift weights in the first place if it wasn't for your book and this site for inspiration. I would definitely recommend you keep the forum going, a lot of vegans and veggies prefer a more private environment to talk about training and diet and this is a great place for them to do that, I for one have had bad experiences on bodybuilding.com and seen a lot of debate (often angry) on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and a lot of us have enough of that at the gym, school and work Big respect bud, know how busy you are!
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