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  1. I thought this was a funny weight lifting pun... But yep ahha, well more hardcore than anything else. I do like stuff like as blood runs black and the red chord
  2. Mate im excited for you not long now eh, sorry to come across as ignorant but by raw it means no equipment like belts right? I'm sure I'm wrong ahha fill me in
  3. Yeah been reading up about it, stoked about getting started with it, dude.. That would be the nicest thing ever thankyou Weekends all good so far just gotta work the whole time :/ yours going good bud?
  4. Continue from the one you missed dude, get well soon! Everyone at my college currently has a cold/flu haha trying so hard to avoid it
  5. gyms been closed pretty much all week so this was first session in a while! Friday 9/11/12 Bodyweight 79 Kg (ish) playlist consisted of A Day To Remember and NOFX Squats empty safety bar (25 Kg) x 8 55 Kg x 5 65 Kg x 5 75 Kg x 5 75 Kg x 8 Kept the weight real low so I could get myself lower and keep the reps slow too, gonna add 5 Kg each week to get a new pb before the end of the year 3 sets of leg curls, don't know what weight! Bench press empty bar (20 Kg) x 8 30 Kg x 5 40 Kg x 5 50 Kg x 5 60 Kg x 5 65 Kg x 5 technically a pb 55 Kg x 6 Dips x10 x10 x10 knuckle press ups x 20 literally fell on my face on the last rep
  6. Forgot to mention I got my deadlift to 100Kg last week! Felt alright too just bad grip! Could you update me matey?
  7. Post here about the worst gyms you've been to and any bad experiences you've had whilst working out at gyms, this includes anything embarrassing or any problems you may have had with other people or machines. Not a name and shame thread just thought it would be fun to share stories
  8. Its a little spring loaded thing I got off of amazon, it goes from 10 to 40Kg not sure how good it is
  9. Gyms closed for a couple of days :/ decided to do a light workout at home and then get back on squats wednesday! Monday 5/11/12 bodyweight 79 Kg ish wide grip pullups (SO DIFFICULT) x 6 x 4 increased rest time from 1 to 2 minutes x 5 x 4 Close grip chin ups x 5 x 4 x 4 Did these as slow as possible Barbell bicep curls.. I know.. but I never do them and I'm limited at home. 15 Kg x 8 17.5 Kg x 8 20 Kg x 8 25 Kg x 6 20 Kg x 8 Called it off there as I was ridiculously hungry! gonna use my grip trainer at some point this evening if I get a chance, I have a real problem with the grip in my left arm :s
  10. sup richard!? nice progress dude, it's cool to see it in the form of images instead of numbers, keep at it I'll make sure I check in more often dude
  11. It does look good, had a browse earlier and read an interview with the man himself and I've gotta say I was less than impressed at how arrogant and aggressive he comes across.. not that I care as long as his programme works ahha Friday 2/11/12 Bodyweight 79Kg ish Tonights playlist consisted of Your Demise, The Red Chord and Dead Swans, everything is better with hardcore. Dead lifts! 40 Kg x 5 60 Kg x 4 80 Kg x 4 Had a little rest grabbed my ipod and busted out a Pb! 90 Kg x 3 I put 95 Kg on and thought, fuck it I'll make it even 100 Kg x 1 My grip failed me but if I hadn't had to put it down to the floor I could have nailed another rep 100 Kg (mixed grip) x 1. Decided to call it quits and not get ahead of myself, definitely need to train my grip more often! Overhead press Dumbbells (the weight is for each dumbbell) 10 Kg x 6 15 Kg x 5 17.5 Kg x 5 20 Kg x 5 20 Kg x 5 22.5 Kg x 1 better than 0 assistance lifts Side raises (weight per dumbbell) 7.5 Kg x 8 10 Kg x 5 12.5 Kg x 5 15 Kg x 5 15 Kg x 5 chin ups, completely exhausted but really wanted to do them 7 4 3 Had enough Then did a few sets on a seated row machine before I cooled down and stretched. I'll have a spotter on Monday so back to squats, not gonna go heavy just gonna work on technique and getting lower.
  12. I posted all of the information in a new topic on veganfitness should be a shit load more votes coming your way derek! good luck man!
  13. What was the brand mate? I just ordered a vegan blend from myprotein.co.uk its rcie pea hemp and soya
  14. Hey robert is your location a factor for if you can vote or not? If it's international and anyone can vote I'll post this in a new thread on veganfitness.net! Ross
  15. I use machines in my workouts but as ve said only after I've finished my main lifts using free weights, it's nice to get a pump from the lat pulldown machine after finishing my pull ups for example. I have used them quite recently due to not having a spotter, felt it would be safer and better than not working out at all, I'm not one of those people who would be confident enough to ask a stranger or trainer at the gym to spot me ahha
  16. That's what I thought, I used to read veggiesasquach's training log before he left the site and he spoke very highly of the programme (: do you follow a custom one dude?
  17. Cheers captfit! My one rep max is 72.5 at the moment didn't wanna free weight that without a spotter though ahha
  18. Hey mini, well I have been lifting on an off for quite a while followed a basic bodybuilding programme after reading roberts book. Thought about stronglifts but don't like the 3 days squatting a week ahha. I'm gonna keep at what I'm doing at the mo because the progress is actually okay just a bit slow. After christmas I'm thinking of doing wendlers 5/3/1 after hearing great things about it
  19. There's some good advice on here, spot on phyto and CO. Where abouts in england are you from charlotte? I'm in the south on the isle of wight
  20. I love this thread it's so inspiring! That's some rad deadlifting asparagus!
  21. Wednesday 31/10/12 Bodyweight 79 Kg Didn't have a spotter today as it's halloween there's a bunch of wildlife talks and stuff going on at the steam railway and my training partner is there all day whereas I finished at 5, so.. no squats or bench despite it being squat and bench day. fuck! I thought I would improvise and have fun with tonights session Hammer strength machine (bench press machine) 30 Kg x 5 50 Kg x 5 65 Kg x 5 72.5 Kg x 3 75 Kg x 1 don't know where this came from but at this point I was stoked and thought I would push some more.. 77.5 Kg x 0 fucked it up :/ good job it was on a machine otherwise I wouldn't have a face right about now ahha, if only I could apply this bench strength to free weight bench press :/ next Monday I'm going for 65 Kg x 5 for bench and then a one rep max of 75, we'll see! Wide Dips x10 x10 x10 Knuckle Press ups x 20 4 sets on the fly machine Front raises 5 Kg plate x 8 10 Kg plate x 10 15 Kg plate x 10
  22. I hear Bear Grills is a p**** He really is! He's from the isle of wight where I'm from too haha
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