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  1. holy shit... that's very painful to watch, I genuinely feel bad for the people in the video especially the woman at 44 seconds in with the over/underhand grip they even look embarrassed lifting those barbells, couldn't watch any more out of pity :/
  2. Wednesday 24/10/12 Bodyweight 78(ish)Kg Gym was totally dead today which was great had a good laugh to! Started with barbell shoulder press 20 Kg (empty bar) x 5 25 Kg x 5 30 Kg x 5 40 Kg x 5 40 Kg x 4 Had to use the power rack (cage) so was a bit awkward where I was seated, I've definitely lifted heavier for more reps before so felt a little disappointed.. Deadlifts, This is what I was looking forward to! 50 Kg x 5 60 Kg x 5 65 Kg x 5 70 Kg x 5 80 Kg x 3 Physically couldn't lift any heavier :/ but the guy who I had a run in with last week came over told me my form was good and that it was pretty heavy considering it's practically my first attempt. He then asked me about my training and how college was going so things are good at the gym now no vid mainly because my buddy was lifting considerably less and the bars are awkward as fuck to get prepared for the next lift, I'll get a video on my next lift then did some chins and pull ups which I totally failed at, was exhausted from deads ahha oh and some shrugs to. that ridiculous "gangum style" song was on and put me off my cooldown stretch ahha
  3. Loved the video dude, I seriously need to step up my benching ahha have you ever used the veganfitness forums?? quite alot of the vbb guys are on there and most people post in Kg hope you're having a good week so far bud!
  4. cheers bud, I'll get someone to video on their phone and get it on here ahha, I'm not gonna go super heavy, then again it would be nice to know my one rep max.. I'll see how my lower back feels tomorrow ahha
  5. Dude your deadlifting is nuts! Glad to see you back man missed the videos and updates!
  6. So I spent most of my day at college reading over ryans (vegan essentials) gregs (tallcanz) and mini fl's training logs and got stoked about the idea of powerlifting so I'm back on 5x5 anyone know decent brands for grippers? my grip is shite! :/ Monday 22/10/12 Bodyweight 77 Kg Squat (safety bar) Empty bar (25Kg) x 5 55 Kg x 5 75 Kg x 5 85 Kg x 5 90 Kg x 5 Need to get a bit lower next time, was gonna push for another set but trying to be a bit patient with my progression Bench (had to use hammer strength machine which I personally find a lot harder :/) empty x 10 20 Kg x 5 40 Kg x 5 50 Kg x 5 60 Kg x 5 65 Kg x 5 dips x10 x8 x8 knuckle pushups x20 then I died.. deadlifting and pullups on wednesday! ps thanks for the inspiration dudes!
  7. Saturday 20/10/12 Just got back from work and was full of energy so thought I'd blast a few sets of conventional pull ups as I'm always doing chins with a hammer grip at the gym Found this very difficult x6 x5 x3 (and a half haha) switched to chin ups x6 x4 Abs for a few sets, crunches, weighted crunches, leg raises etc (: This got me through it v
  8. hey man welcome! There's some great links and articles on this very site, also Robert Cheekes book covers everything on nutrition, even soy free diet plans. But just out of curiosity why are you avoiding soy? there's a lot of misinformation out there putting people off of it when really it's just a bean, nothing sinister ross
  9. post workout meal! pasta/sweet harissa houmous/spinach + grape juice/brown rice protein powder
  10. Friday 19/10/12 Bodyweight 77Kg Had to workout from home today so thought it would be a good opportunity to try some things I don't normally do to get my technique perfect..well.. better at least Deadifts: I've never really done them properly so went for a light/ish weight (around 20-35 Kg) and went for high reps, I video'd this to watch my form and I think I have it sorted so I'll go heavy on Wednesday! x12 x12 x10 x10 x10 Dips (weighted): 0 Kg x 10 reps 10 Kg x 10 reps 15 Kg x 10 reps 15 Kg x 10 reps (I physically couldn't fit any more weights into my backpack) Wide grip push ups: x 10 reps +10 Kg x 10 reps +15 Kg x 10 reps +15 Kg x 10 reps knuckle push ups: x 25 reps (triceps were fried at this point so I stopped) Didn't feel like I accomplished much today but it was better than nothing, It's been pissing down with rain all morning and it being my day off I decided not to bother wandering to the gym (wish I had though) ho hum
  11. Chinese tea ! that looks so cool, wish my mrs would cook me something other than cake baha! that's some heavy chest work duder! you feeling excited about the comp yet??
  12. Hey mini, the gyms free to use so he clearly doesn't give a shit whether or not I go back :/ Gonna join the gym up the road from me next year, £30 a month and you get to use the pool So I've been rethinking my plan completely and to be honest I don't want to follow stronglifts, not that I don't think it looks great but because my goals are constantly changing. what I'm going for now is higher reps 8-10 with 3 or 4 sets, I'm sticking to the main lifts and basing other exercises and isolation around them whilst trying not to clash certain exercises for example Monday deadlift,pullup plus back stuff. Wednesday squat, military press plus leg and chest stuff, friday Deadlift or pullups, bench and back and chest stuff etc and just mix it up where I see fit! anywhooooo here's yesterdays workout Wednesday 17/10/12 Bodyweight 77Kg (yeaaaaahhhh) chinups x7 x6 x5 x3 tried to force another rep but felt like I would die.. overhead press with dumbbells (the weight is for each dumbbell) 15Kg x 8 17.5Kg x 8 20Kg x 7 17.5Kg x 8 (once I get the 20Kgs to 8 reps I'll add some weight to my last set) side raises with dumbbells 10Kg x 8 10kg x 8 12.5Kg x 8 drop sets down to 2.5Kg ooooouuuuuccccchhhhh lat pull down machine (was supposed to use it straight after pullups but some guy was on it for like 20 minutes.. 3 sets cant remember the weight x8 x8 x9 then some bicep isolation because I felt like it ahha
  13. I've started out pretty light, especially for my squats and bench, I wanna stick to the whole "add 2.5Kg each time" idea but I can see myself being impatient :/
  14. Yeah I mean I've been lifting for a while but never really followed a proper programme I started it today and was pretty much warned off it by some dickhead that runs my colleges gym but I'm gonna keep at it for a while at least as strengths my agenda
  15. ... and they're really, really comfy haha !! And they look badass!
  16. Couple of things.. firstly I've decided to try out stronglifts 5x5 and misread inverted rows for barbell rows so ignore the barbell rows below.. secondly I'm very pissed off! obnoxious guy that runs the gym came up to me and basically had a go at me about the programme and said "don't bother if you aren't going to be a powerlifter" and "don't do deadlifts same day as the squats" (which is part of next workouts plan) worst part is that he interupted me half way through squats and didn't shut up for 10 mins or so.. may invest in a power rack and workout from home :/ anyway heres my stronglifts 5x5 so far, I started fairly light barely felt anything on bench ahha Monday 15/10/12 Bench 40 Kg x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 Squat 60 Kg x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 barbell rows 30 Kg x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 Couldn't do dips because some bellend decided he would stay on the dip station and chat for twenty fucking minutes.. foul mood :/ ps sorry mini didnt take a pic of the squat machine but if you google it its the first one on google images pretty much!
  17. I'll be sure to watch it! I'm big on martial arts but especially so when mac danzig is involved! how do I go about watching it live? I know you said to pm but i..cant...be...bothered x
  18. Hey welcome! will you be keeping a log of your workouts?? if so I'll be sure to drop by and check it out! take care my friend!
  19. So with a little inspiration from members of this forum I've decided I'm gonna take my weight training a little more seriously, with that I've had a look around and found what seems to be a pretty decent programme My goals are strength and size with strength being my priority so stronglifts seemed perfect, has/does anyone use this what's your experience with it and can you give me some pointers? I'm starting on monday with a buddy from college! cheers guys!
  20. yeah I'm not sure, I knows there's a couple one of them is for hack squats and the one I use is for standard squatting its a lot smaller than that one in the pic
  21. I'm not sure dude, put it up last year think I used a photo hosting site like photobucket
  22. I promise it's not a smith ahha been warned off of that a long time ago, some guy at our gym claimed it totally screwed up his back, this machine has pads for your shoulders/back and you can either put your feet on the ground like a regular squat or have them sort of at an angle. Was reccomended to me when I didn't have a spotter as it has a mechanism that would save me from being totally crushed if I messed up I'll get a pic on Monday
  23. haha! Unless you chanted in a bakery?? really? I thought it was fairly basic ahha I just do whatever my buddy says for workouts and most of the time it's whatever is free in the gym but thanks dude!
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