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  1. ahha cheers man! Well between me my girlfriend and a couple of friends we ate the whole thing! as for squats It's on a machine have no idea what its called so haven't posted (hope I haven't come across as dishonest as I didn't think it would make a difference) I'll take a couple of pics or a video to shed some light on the whole thing on monday when I'm next working out, nothing really planned just workworkwork :/ (gyms closed ) how about you dude everything good your end?? oh and I train Monday wednesday and friday may need to change it around as I have taekwondo training on wednesdays (which is why squats are so important)
  2. Friday 12/10/12 Bodyweight 76.5 Kg Just got back from the gym which was completely overcrowded as usual.. had to bail on deadlifts once again but hopefully starting on monday! sooooo Squats 40 Kg x 12 reps 60 Kg x 12 reps 80 Kg x 12 reps 100 Kg x 12 reps 120 Kg x 12 reps Lat pull down machine, a few sets to warm up Chin ups x5 x5 x5 x3 (I say 3 but it was a dodgy 2 and a half) leg isolation stuff and arm isolation stuff, (leg curls, bicep curls etc) Didn't enjoy today too much the squats totally killed me!
  3. Oh my god!!! thankyou so much this is perfect! gonna make a bunch now for when I'm on the go, you genius! ahha
  4. Wednesday 10/10/12 Bodyweight 76 Kg Chest press machine, couple of sets to warm up Barbell bench press, Unfortunately I had to use the smith machine due to overcrowded gym, it felt stiff and sticky plus the bar is so thick so this sucked! :/ 40 Kg x 10 reps 50 Kg x 8 reps 60 Kg x 5 reps 40 Kg x 10 reps Dips x8 x8 x10 x10 Dumbbell flys 10 Kg x 10 12.5 Kg x 10 15 Kg x 8 15 Kg x 8 Dumbbell shrugs 15 Kg x 12 20 Kg x 12 25 Kg x 12 30 Kg x 10 Isolation stuff for arms/cooldown/stretch feel free to have a chat with me about.. anything really, would be nice to meet some people on here with the same views as me, I can confidently say I'm the only vegan at my colleges gym and one of the vegans at my college.
  5. (technically not my pet) but this jackdaw lives in my colleges grounds and hangs out with all the animal management students his name's abercrombie and he has the personality of a naughty child!
  6. I'm supposed to be deadlifting tomorrow night! was nice to get a little inspiration from you here ahha take care mini!
  7. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151106304082991&set=a.10150297574482991.340231.710047990&type=1&theater
  8. and here's the cake my girlfriend made me genius vegan cake maker! Here's a link to my facebook if the pic doesn't show!
  9. So it was my 23rd birthday yesterday and I ate waaaaay too much vegan cake! (I'll post a photo in a bit) but today I was totally killing it at the gym! Monday 8/10/12 Bodyweight 76 Kg OHP machine (couple of sets to warm up OHP Dumbbells (weight is for each dummbell) 15 Kg x 10 reps 17.5 Kg x 10 reps 20 Kg x 6 reps 22.5 Kg x 4 reps Chin ups 5,5,5,2 (to be fair the last two were awful I made stupid faces and noises and barely got above the bar) 3 sets of seated rows (machine) Squats, okay so I really didnt enjoy this at all! still feeling it from friday :/ 70Kg x 12 100 Kg x 12 110 Kg x 10 120 Kg x 7 (at this point I was completely exhausted plus most of the reps were awful form but Ill put it up anyway!) Then some isolation stuff for arms hopefully gonna start deadlifts on wednesday! currently cooking up some sweet potatoes with brown rice and moroccan style veg burgers!
  10. Friday 5/10/12 Bodyweight 75 Kg Seated press machine (couple of sets to warm up) Dumbbell bench press (weight is for each dumbbell) 12 Kg x 10 reps 15 Kg x 10 reps 17.5 Kg x 10 reps 20 Kg x 10 reps 22.5 Kg x 10 reps 4 sets of machine flys Squats! (been looking forward to this!!) 40 Kg x 12 60 Kg x 12 80 Kg x 12 100 Kg x 10 110 Kg x 10 Probably could have gone a bit heavier but felt a bit sketchy with balance (then some isolation stuff for arms) So the gym was practically empty today! had a great workout but still have to put up with the trainee college gym instructors that stare at you the whole time! on the plus side I saw a college lecturer doing pistol squats and grunting for half an hour... Ate a shit load today but could have been a bit healthier! post workout meal especially.. it consisted of vegan Sausages x 3, potato waffles x 4 and a whole tin of baked beans.. Adios
  11. Sucks about the injuries and bad stuff but I'm looking forward to seeing your progress and I'll be sure to check in keep it up lovely!
  12. Still unsure of how to post photos but I've attached a recent photo as a file..
  13. Soooo I've used this forum kind of on and off for the past couple of years and been lifting on and off too, Thought I may aswell get back into it and post what I get up to! Could use help wherever possible also I'm not sure I've put this in the right place so let me know if I've ballsed this whole thing up! Wednesday 3/10/12. Bodyweight 75Kg. First off I use my colleges gym, it's pretty crap and very crowded so I don't always get a chance to do what I've planned but hey it's free! OHP machine. Couple of light sets to warm up. OHP Dumbbells. (the weight is for each dumbbel) 12.5 Kg x 10 reps 15 Kg x 10 reps 17.5 Kg x 8 reps 20 Kg x 5 reps 20 Kg x 5 reps Side raises 10 Kg x 10 15 Kg x 8 Lat pull down machine. couple of light sets to warm up. Pull ups x 5 chins x 5 chins x 3 (I totally suck at these and always feel like a failure afterwards!) Squats! (really enjoyed these but could have VERY easily added more weight, gonna step it up next time just didn't want to get too ahead of myself) 40 Kg x 10 50 Kg x 10 60 Kg x 10 70 Kg x 12 (The only problem I had with these was feeling a bit dizzy from the repetitiveness of going up and down over and over again ahha) 5-10 minutes row machine and some stretching. That's all so far I'll be putting up tomorrows workout when I finish college tomorrow, any help/advice is greatly appreciated!
  14. Before the game I thought italy had a real chance but they were totally outclassed, such a good game though, baleotelli didnt need to react like a child afterward though ahha
  15. I love these videos dude! super jealous too! wish there was stuff like this near me
  16. Well I study taekwondo and although as you've said there is a heavy emphasis on kicks it's very effective and modern with a bit of focus on self defense, well my taekwondo group is anyway. It's sort of split into fitness,patterns,sparring and then self defense but the self defense I have learned seems to work ahha. I think wing chun sounds fantastic, I love IP man!!
  17. okey dokey cheers anyway buddy, I'll send em an email or something, sick of standard mens health magazines over here pushing nothing but whey protein on it's readers *sigh*
  18. Any chance they are distributed to the U.K? There are quite a few health food stores on the island where I live but haven't noticed it in any of themmmm.. hohum!
  19. mate you looking fucking hench!! polo shirts always help too ahha!
  20. ah yeah I go to holland and barrett like 4 times a week haha I've tried mock duck, suppose I'll order some tempeh online out of curiosity thanks matey!
  21. hey dougie I've never come across tempeh or seitan in the UK, where do you get it?? suppose it doesn't help that i live on the isle of wight :/ ahha
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