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  1. Please share with us what fat burner you used as well as muscle builder... Be honest... I am looking for both of these with the lease side effects.. I am considering RESOLVE and am still having a hard time finding a goo burner.. I am familiar with the BB scene and have many male'female friends who compete.. SO... I know these at the least are used.... I am looking for some proven vegan and least side effective ones Feel free to PM me if you wish, I would appreciate it!
  2. HI I have a friend who is a fitness competitor and she is in LOVE with two products... 1. RESOLVE pre work out anabolic primer she uses this year round 2.MX-LS7 v2 fat burner I did some research and found some negative side effects to the fat burner, but no reviews on the Resolve. I am interested in trying the Resolve and would like any advise on any other product like it you all would recommend I would also like a recommendation for a fat burner that does not come with a list of side effects..... THank u
  3. loved reading this! I e-mailed u about the bilk chorella/spirulina! Vegan 18 years here.. HIGH raw last 5 years 70% to 100% long stretch of times... Involved in fitness since I was in high school sports/weights/cardio Been a PT a fitness instructor, bootcamp instructor, currently on 11th year of teaching high school PE and also teaching hot yoga! In Toronto, moving to Vancouver this summer! You're in Oregon? Would love to come to visit ya! I am going to be having a LOT of time off once I move and am wanting to get serious into lifting... BUt wanna do it 100% raw! U have not answered the question what do u eat on a daily baises...or when u were raw... Food? Qualtities.... specifics?? I invite anyone here who is vegan more so into RAW vegana to add me on Facebook Victoria Conde. My pic is currently of my cat! PS - that pic of the old lady.,...that's ann wigmore Check out the ann wigmore institute in puerto rico!!! been there, done that!! Still shudder at the thought of wheatgrass though...YUK!!!!!!!!!!!! Butya....spirulina is yummy, chorella is ok I want it in bulk..HELP!!!
  4. DAY 16 YAY!!!! had a green/apple juice this morning Taught bodypump at 6:20am to work detox herbal tea 3c orange/Gp Taught another bodypump class Home "blood"juice - beet/beet greens/celery/apple/carrot with chorella and maca I had a craving for my JUNK FOOD juice: 2 LARGE yams 6-7 carrots juiced add cinnamon chinese 5 spice vanilla OMG OMG DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually crave this juice it is THAT good!!!! happy happy belly! Day 17..BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to stop posting here - I fel that no one really cares...or reads each other's blogs... If you are interested in how I am doing go to living-foods.com and search for me under raw diary ALL THE BEST
  5. how long should a person "chew" each gulp of juice? - I have been practicing but cannot do it for more than 20-30 seconds.... end of day 14!!! I taught bodypump this morning, practiced my spinning routine for 10 minutes, came home and had veggie juice....3 hours later I took 15 opened caps of oxy powder - I mixed it with ground flax seeds and honey..... I'm at home today - easter for teachers....so I thought I'd take advantage... The flax is all gone and I will no longer be adding any. OHG OMG - I booked a colon irrigation session one week wednesday!!!! YIKES - Never had it done before but now is a great time to release the layers I am softening up by fasting and oxy powdering!! I am scared - some guy putting a tube up my ass....ohthe things we do for optimum health!! I also ordered some humaworm - it's supposed to be the BEST parasite killer EVER!! Since I am doing this for 40 days I may as well do it right! I am expecting it in about 3 days....will keep you posted! I feel great - I have a few outbursts and almost started crying yesterday during one of em..emo detox I guess.... I had loads of juice today and some Raw honey...ya my junk food - but hey,I'm active right! I hear my stomach gurggling and it feels bloated - must be the flaxseed and oxy making it's way through....cool!
  6. thanx monarch - i was wondering if anyone was reading... I have a blog on living-foods.com as well...I've been writing there for awhile... Seems more people right comments there..but its GREAT to see I am getting through!!!! Love YA!
  7. Here I am sipping onmy yam/carrot drink with yummu cinnamon and vanilla!! I threw in 2 apples and have 8 cups of it!! this really is a juice FEAST!! I am drinking between 15-20 cups of juice a day!!!! I was bad about taking laxatives, so I hadn't pooped for a day, so Last night I decided to take things into my own hands...I ground up flaxseed made a yummy mixture with honey and ate it.. I went for a 30k run today - yes folks 30K!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what NO Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I came home I had the same juice I had for brekky 1/2 pineapple blended with kale celery Then put through a nut mike bag to remoce the pulp I added E3 live msm in morning E3live chorella after run I waited 3 hours to make sure I assimilated it.... Then I took 15 opened caps of oxy powder. I mixed this with more flax, hemp oil and honey - made a paste - wasn't bad... I tell ya about an hour later - LOOK OUT!!! I was at the store aroudn the corner - I broke into a sweat - thought I was gonna pass out!! I RUSHED home - broke the law driving - was praying a cop was not hiding anywhere... Opened my door, threw everything down and RUSHED to the toilet - TOUCH DOWN!! There was the flax!! Nice BIG poop as opposed to the usual squirts the oxy produces...and ever since, for the past 4 hours, I've been squirting every 15-25 minutes!!! Ahhh......... Clean it out I say!! I hope I can teach my body pump class tomorrow... can you imagine?!!! Let you know Bring on DAY 14!!!!!!!!!! PS they say to drink your juice really slow and let it swish around in your mouth for awhile...I cannot do it long enough - in the time it took me to write this... about 6 minutes - my juice is GONE This is what "they" say Who they are I don't know! For optimum health... Drink your food and chew your liquids
  8. DAY 11 I am home today easter friday My family went to the MANDARINE!! AN Incredible chinese buffet!! OHHHH how I wish I could sink my teeth into the sushia nd seaweed salad!!! If I know we would have free food at this place I would have postponed this "feast" It's for the best I'm sure..... I have beeen eating tbs upon tbs of freah raw bee pollen - I was a vegan now i guess I'm a beegan! Its supposed to be incredible....tastes good.... I am cold, even though the heat's at 22 degrees.. I've been squirting out water frommy butt all day! it's black/brownm does not smell though.. I did a salt water flush this morning in hopes of REALLY getting it going, but it did not work....what did work however were the 10 oxy powder caps (broken open) that I took last night..... get it all out today.....I have a 5k race tomorrow!!
  9. what about buying them shelled - would those be pasturized as well?
  10. DAY 10 OVER AND OUT!!! had a good day - drank 5c of greens with carrots - I bought a 25 pound bag of carrots for $25.00 is that a good deal? (Canadian) All together, Ihad 18 cups of undiluted juice. SOme ingredients were: beets kale cabbage celery carrots apples ginger E3 Live Chorella MSM Molassas + Cayenne flax oil fresh bee pollen I taught a Spinning class tonight - I was worried I wold DIE, but it went well..my buddy personal trainer was putting a group of members through a weight circut, so I joined in! 40 minutes of weights after the spinning!!! I'm feeling that juice BUZZ...it coursing through my muscles and veins!!! I MUST admit I was Sore today after 2 weight lifting classes yesterday - I was so hyped that I went heavier than usual.... But how do I pass up a free circut? I came home, had the final 8 cups of juice with the supplements and sat in a HOT tub with 4 glasses of epsom salts and AC vinegar! Oh I am going to be sore tomorrow__ I didn;'t take any poop inducer today or yesterday because of these classes. i will take 10 oxy powder tonight - I went Poop once today - not good I suppose, but I feel good! I am striving for day 40!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met a runner who was 100% (not that that is my goal - I LOVE some steamed broccoli and peas and yams and will incorporate them again.. BUT he told me that his addiction to SUGAR (flour,grains) totally ended after a 40 day fast. HE said you NEED to do 40 days.. I was on rawveganbodybuilding.com and in the forum some guy posted the same thing! He went on 15 13 and 25 day Master cleanse then BINGED on cooked.... HOLY SHIT - that is ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am doing my best to go 40 days.....I have a marathon in a few weeks - can you imagine running it on juice!? BUT remember I am NOT fasting! I am consuming about 2000 calories a day and I KNOW I Have NEVER been better nourished!!! Day 11 Bring IT!
  11. But isn't VEGA cooked? It has rice and pea protein... as well as being high in sodium.. I met Brandon and asked about this, he said for it to be labelled a "food replacement" he needed to add the sodium... How bout pure HEMP protein?
  12. I bought some RAW bee pollem in the freezer section - a small jar for $32.00 YIKES!! I am supplementing with it while I fast! What is the difference nutritional wise between this frozen pollen compared to the shelf kind.... I mean nutrition wise...is it worth paying 5 times more? I did a search and got nothing....
  13. Today DAY 9 I am surging with ENERGY!!!!!!!!! I taught 2 body pump classes with energy to spare! I drank 18 cups of pure undiluted juice! tonight I made a V8, IT was hard juicing those tomatoes throughmy greenstar... 6-8 carrots 1 large bag spinach 1 small beet 3 large tomatoes 1/4 head cabbage 1 red pepper 1 green pepper (I omitted) 3-4 celery stalks 1/4 onion 1/4 garlic 3-5 kale leaves cayenne pepper chili pepper I added Chlorella NExt time - there will be a next time! I will blend the tomatoes and squeeze them through my seed milk bag! The above made 8 cups! I had 2 tbs of bee pollen for dessert!
  14. just a note.. VEGA is NOT RAW - it has rice protein. and is HIGH in sodium! Just take pure raw hemp protein powder, or buy hemp seeds grind them up and YUMM YUM
  15. I am fasting FEASTING onjuice right now... In the past my skin goes NUTS!! I mean zits the size of canyon's!!!!!!!!!!! And when I start eating anything look out! POT hole city..IT got SO BAD that I caved and bought proactive... ya ya I know... BUT it WORKED!! My skin is the clearest it's EVER been! I get complements!!
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