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  1. Might is right Deceived Damned & Defiant The Saga of the Volsungs The Saga of the Jomsvikings Havamal
  2. I think that when someone says that they love all music it means they love only popular music. I like a lot of music styles but much of the things I listen to are sub genres of other genres. I can guarantee that anyone who says that they love all music would not like the music I like. My tastes cover a wide variety of heathen folk and neo folk music. I like Black metal meaning that I like an assortment of genres of Black metal. I like Classical music and when I say classical music...I mean that I like the classical music that is triumphant. I like folk metal, and pagan metal along with an assortment of other genres of metal music.
  3. Welcome:) I too have only been a vegan for a short time. I was a vegetarian for only a little over a year and just recently within the last few months or so I decided to go vegan. Nice to see you here. Write me or email me anytime.
  4. I also consume alot of beans in a week, mostly refried beans for burritos and bean dip....garbanzos and such. Couscous and rice are a part of my weekly meals too. I just like to change things up daily. I get bored with the foods I consume therefore I have no specific meal plan that I stick to on a daily basis.
  5. Obviously music is important to most people because this post was responded to so quickly. Thanks for the reply:)
  6. I wanna know what music motivates you in your everyday lives? Be it what blasts from your stereo while you lift weights or the songs on your mp3 player that you listen to while you run. How about what you listen to as you relax reading a book? My list of musicians is made up of many genres of music that arent just bands that I think sound good. The sound, their ideals and the musicianship all play a part in my everyday life no matter what I am doing. To me music is more important than anything. Below are ten musicians who make music that I am completely in love with. 1.)Falkenstein- Neofolk music from Germany 2.)Kroda- Heathen Folk tinged Black Metal from Ukraine 3.)Krynitza- Neofolk music from Russia 4.)Frank Rennicke- Neo Folk from Germany 5.)Branikald- NSBM from Russia 6.)Richard Wagner- Classical composer who bases his scores from Norse Sagas 7.)Hate Forest- NSBM from Ukraine 8.)Burzum- Black Metal from Norway 9.)Bathory- Pagan Metal from Sweden 10.)Temnozor- Pagan Folk metal from Russia that was difficult and actually there are many bands who I love the same as these ten. We'll just call this a list of recommendations. Where's yours?
  7. The insanity? Sorry but I don't understand.
  8. Hello everyone, My name is Zach. I've been a vegetarian for a little over a yr and just recently within th elast three months I decided to go all the way and become a vegan and I like it very much. I feel healthier physically and mentally. I guess I'd like some tips on the foods I should consume to put on some pounds. As of now I am about 6ft tall with a weight somewhere around 160lb. My food intake is different everyday but I will list a meal for my average day. Breakfast: 2 2cup sized bowels of raw quick oats w/soy milk, molasses and pumpkin spice grapefruit toast or a bagel with non dairy butter spread black coffee snack between breakfast and lunch: Lime flavored tortilla chips & guacamole(a cup or more) or Hummus and wheat thins or bagel chips Lunch: Organic salad with spinach banana 2 packages of vegan ramen Boca vegan burger if I can afford it Snack in between lunch and supper: This usually consists of a PB&J sandwich and or some sort of chip And dip snack Supper: A pasta dish w/tomato sauce and vegis homemade garlic bread squash or yams
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