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  1. I absolutely love melons! Water melon is expensive though. I tend to eat lot more yellow ones. Basically all the different yellow ones you see in the attached chart. Are the yellow ones also good like the red ones? http://www.foodmuseum.com/images/xMelonposter.jpg
  2. Forgot to ask why you're doing cardio when you have a fever! I hope all's well with you, VG. Don't work too hard. I was trying to act hard and did not know that it was something more than a minor cold! Anyway I am ok now after a week of flu. Yesterday at gym I managed to jerk my head backwards while I was doing cardio on the recumbent bike. Don't ask me how My neck became all frozen and stiff! Yesterday and today was such a pain in the @ss...I mean neck It's starting to get back to normal. I am having such shitty luck with these little niggles I will tell you how it happened. When on the bike I sometimes turn my head upwards and look at the ceiling. Yesterday while I was doing that I decided to turn my neck sidewards and see how I looked in the side wall mirrors....in the process my head fell back off it's own weight. I guess the lean angle of the seat played a part in it. So much for attempted vanity On the positive side My weight is consistently showing 3kgs less. I was actually touching 73kg when I started all this and now it's touching 69. So around 7 lb loss. Not a big loss but atleast it's going in the right direction!
  3. I was away from the blog so just updated all the entries. Had two bad diet days! Controlled it in the end by not turning it into a whole bad week Did 60km bike ride and it was fun. Will do another one soon but weather is shitty in Europe right now. For next 3 months (summer) I will aim to do 2x 70km rides per week. Obviously I wil continue the gym cardio session on other days.
  4. Since I joined this place I have increased the intake of fresh vegetable bought straight from the local farmers. Takes a lot of effort though. Frozen veggies are just so bloody convenient! Edit- Wait a second you don't mean that I should eat them raw as in uncooked? Like bite the green leaves straight after washing like a cow? I will need to head to the RAW section of the forum to read up more
  5. Rome was not built in a day Don't look for short cuts! Aim for long term/permanent changes. Give us some stats on your height, waist and body fat%. I know Indian food very well and the stuff cooked in traditional way is FULL of fat There is a reason why a typical middle aged Indian has a Ganesh belly Then again Americans are not that thin either
  6. While we are at it. What is your view on flu jabs?
  7. Ok thanks. I will try to consume them within 1-2 days. I normally buy only what I can fit but sometimes i get carried away
  8. Listen to your body and not your greedy mind Why don't you work out how many calories someone of your height/weight requires and then stick to that number? Spread your intake instead of having one huge binge session. Btw most people don't put on weight when they are young. Metabolism slows down with each passing year Ain't life a bi**h?
  9. Ok so I have flu and it's hitting my body HARD! I feel as if I was hit by a truck! Ways to treat your cold/flu symptoms http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/common/infections/cold-flu/073.html Anyway my question is that I have a huge bag of oranges in the kitchen. Is it truly ok to eat them?Specially when as part of flu you get severe sore throat? Just wanted to check before I tuck into them I am drinking lot of soups/tea with crushed ginger inside. Any other things you guys can recommend? I think bottom line is that a flu has to run it's course and cannot be cured early. I was just wondering if the oranges would ease the pressure
  10. 15th June Official start of no upper body exercise to aid complete recovery of my shoulder. I will take 2 week break. Hopefully my shoulder will be fixed for good this time! So no upper body exercise till 1st of July! Exception would be stomach exercises as they have zero effect on my shoulder pain. I can concentrate on fat burning for now anyway. Yesterday was a tough session at gym as I had fever and a strong cold. Cardio was hell but I completed it anyway. Today I went out and got new battery for my bike speedometer. I also went to the Polar watch dealer and got the battery on my Polar watch replaced. Will help me keep track of calories, heart rate ...etc Slightly knee pain for last 2 weeks. Nothing new as I have had this kind of pain since I was a child. P.S- Bought some old skool black canvas shoes today ( fashion related nothing to do with fitness). Converse rip offs. Anyway back to drinking soup as this blocked nose is doing my head in!
  11. Ok so my freezer gets full sometimes and I place the remaining frozen vegetable packets in the normal area of the fridge for upto 2-4 days before cooking. Is that dangerous in anyway?
  12. Luckily my problem is not as sever as someone suggested (I would go crazy if I had to fart every 30 minutes)! The swelling up thing happens maybe once a week.
  13. I do weights first and then cardio. Although I am starting to do quick 10 5-10 minute cardio session to warm up my body > then weights > then back to proper 45min cardio session.
  14. I am not very clued up on the whole RAW thing but is it really worth beating yourself over something as simple as cooked Vs non-cooked? Anyway I wish you success
  15. Say someone eats 3-4 Apples + 2 bananas + 2 apricots a day? How fattening can fruits be?
  16. What does that mean? Anyway mixing some foods could be the cause.
  17. You think they will help? I don't think digestion is a problem. It seems as if the gases are post digestion. For example I ate some pulses and Broccoli at 1pm then around 7pm I felt all stuffed (6 hours later).
  18. Ok sometimes my stomach swells up with air like a balloon and it really irritates me. I assume it has to do with all the fruits, veggies, beans , pulses...that I eat Any solution for this as it's not always possible to fart in public
  19. Not so quick The shoulder never got back to 100% but it it had stopped hurting. Yesterday I did some machines and it did not feel right. I mean it was not as bad as when I got injured but it's just not right! Maybe 85% normal but when I push it then it goes down to say 70%. Anyway today I was pissed off so just skipped the gym and took out my bike and went for a long ride. Rode for 1hr 20min. The bike speedometer battery died so need to replace it. Plus need to replace the battery for my Polar heart monitor. Last summer I was doing 60km/30-40miles on each outing (not regularly)...so maybe I will start doing that regularly. Alternate between gym cardio and outdoor bike cardio. Calorie angle. Yeah I am like that as well. If I suck a candy then I start thinking about the sugar What the hell is that? It's hard enough staying disciplined now you want me to do some mental stuff? Chime away and feel free to chime again Trying to anyway Motivation is not a big problem currently as I want to get fit and then super fit! Biggest problem seems to be silly things that come in the way like this mini shoulder injury. It's nothing serious but it's preventing me from working my upper body properly! Then this morning my throat got all painful...maybe infection...hurts to swallow. My knees are not the best either so all these small niggles eat you away. As if staying motivated is not hard enough! 6months if I am lucky! peace out!
  20. Yes! Funny thing is that I don't miss the taste of flesh. In fact I absolutely hate it! My supermarket stocks tofu right in middle of the meat section! Seeing all the meat shrink wrapped drives me crazy. Oh! the smell
  21. Another day at gym. I think I am eating too many fruits! I go through apples, bananas, peaches like they are going out of fashion. So I started upper body exercises again. The shoulder held ok. Although I used lighter weights but did do lot more reps. Still mentally scared so will take it slowly for next few days. Well wife thinks that i am looking better already but I think this is going to be a long term permanent lifestyle thing. I am on the right path so I just need to continue. To be honest I don't know how long it will take to reach my goal. 1-2 years of indiscipline cannot be undone instantly. I will reassess in 3 months time--> August 17th Clever you will hang around right? Just consolidating my support network My weight is still 71Kg/156lb I think the weight of fat is being replaced by weight of muscles?
  22. Thought about doing light shoulder exercises today. Sat on one machine to do a dry run but pulled out as my shoulder still felt sore. Did usual cardio and stuff. I am thinking about taking photos of everything I eat daily and posting here Not sure as it would involve lot of work on my part. Would be nice though
  23. Another productive day at the gym. Pain in the shoulder has gone down dramatically. Looks like I did not do any major damage 2-3 more days of rest should fix it completely (fingers crossed). Lesson learned!
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