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  1. Creatine is hard to explain. For a quick explanation it gives your muscles more energy and hydration during workouts. You take it pre workout to give your muscles energy for your workout and post workout for repair and recovery. For more info I would just google it.
  2. Tell him to start drinking some protein shakes and if he wants to build more mass he is going to need to up his calorie intake. He might want to try to take some creatine before and after his workouts. He needs to work out consistently also. Tell him to stay away from the steroids though. The gains he will get off of them aren't worth it. As soon as he gets off them he will lose a lot of the mass he gained. The damage they do to your body are irreversible, and all the stuff you have to take along with them are insane. Steroids are a bad idea!
  3. My name is Brian Copeland. I have been vegetarian offf and on for a few years but finally decided to drop meat altogether just the other day. I weight train but am unable to cut the last bit of fat off. Hopefully this will do the trick. Look forward to being a part of the forum. Thanks!
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