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  1. how the 'ell does Alf have stealth? I mean Im pretty sure I could spot him in a crowd of fuzzy midgets
  2. my mom gave me 5 dollars to get it for the family. Ive been fasting, and the days I do eat, I am eating no more than $3.00 total a day. all Last night and today I put a new kitchen floor down to earn some money$$. Im working hard. so some cider as a treat is highly worth it, especially cider I dont have to pay for
  3. I went down the road to the local orchard and they were selling their infamous organic apple cider. I just had to buy a gallon. man oh man, this stuff is amazing. apple cider takes me back to the times of when I was a lil kid, climbing the autumn trees, and jumping in piles of different colored leaves. Autumn is one of my favorite times to be outdoors.
  4. awesome! sounds good have fun in canadia
  5. I recently have found a new artist I enjoy. She is a London/New Zealand nature-loving girl who makes very original inspirational music. http://natashabedingfield.com/home_content.php "these words" is the song that turned me on to her music
  6. I am putting a floor down in the kitchen for my mom as we speak. (meal break). I have $100 for doing this. Total gas money so far: $250.00 and only $250.00 more and an oil change to go.
  7. topher sidenote: "I actually prefer woman with small breasts."
  8. goodluck in canada promoting the movie thanks so much Robert. Any lil bit of money will help me. a few hundred miles is great! youre a bigger brother. I will call you everyday from the road and let you know my progress and which States I'm in, etc. it looks like I might be able to put a new floor down over the weekend for my mom and get $100 from her for my labor. and get $200 from a friend who owes me about $600 (but if he can put front $200 out fo the 600 he owes, I will call us even.) so I might have enough money to squeek by (around $500.00). I am gonna try to wait til about tuesday next week before I take off. I will keep you all updated with everything about the exact time and day im leaving. ------------------------------------- I am almost done packing. I really am not taking much with me. just bag of clothes, snowboards + gear, some food, my guitar, and my videocamera. It will look like a lot cause the snowboards are big. but Im travelling light and loving it. Robert one of these snowboards+bindings is for you. Im totally gonna teach you to board.
  9. I had paypal til some virus was sent to it and deleted my accounts money. luckily I only had liike $8.00 in it. paypal sent some email to me apologized but my account had been virused/breached or something. I was like fuck this, and deleted my account and stuff. and had to pay $2.00 to my bank account cause it had taken out extra money. and I will never put my bank account online again. fuck ebay. youre more than welcome to come on the road with me. help chip in for gas, and I'll come pick ya up in vermont. and then off to oregon we go. Im a snowboard instructor. if you want to brush up on your skills I'll teach ya for free.
  10. WHAT THE FUCK?! I always thought this was an urban legend. this shit is real? dude I freaking hate the gov
  11. I can eat tofu when its bland. I hate eating out though. I like to just eat as I do things. restaurants I dont like eating in, even vegan ones. but at certain times I get really pumped about eating at vegan restuarants cause theyre so rare
  12. pumpkin seeds lower testosterone? I used to eat them like crazy. I found being pissed off, in a rush, posessions less, excited about moving, eating only when im hungry, and sometimes being really hungry, makes me lift really really hard. and that when i lift for legs i seem to be really freaking pumped full of testosterone.
  13. update: the car needs the transmission tightened as it "kicks" but I dont have money for it, plus it drives fine, just bucks every now and then. I think I can make it 3,000 miles and be alright. the car also needs a new air filter, and an oil change. I pawned off my computer, digital camera and a bunch of other stuff. I got literally next to nothing for any of it, but I had no other way to make the money. I have no time to sit and wait for someone to be interested in buying. I also sold my bass to the music store. It felt great to get rid of most of my stuff. I feel so much lighter. like the weight of the world is slowly coming up off my shoulders. I know have $150.00 for my trip so far. $350.00 I still need. Im so stoked about this trip. yous have no idea. I am running around like a lil kid trying to pack up and gather money.
  14. thanks danny. I have met vegans from all over the world and have stayed with them, so I dont mind meeting new ppl. Im very comfortable around people I dont know. and by the end of the day I talk as if we've known each other for years. lol. thanks so much for the offer. I might take ya up on it in the future, as I want to make my way to vermont sometime to snowboard. so perhaps for a couple week vacation, I could stay with you. but first thing is first. I am driving to Oregon and training/living there for a while. yeh I already know how to chance my own oil. and I just put new rotors and brakes on the car myself. Im not a car jock but I know the basics. I do need the oil changed and the filter, and a new air filter but i dont have time or money. I might just go to a quick lube place and get them to do the oil stuff (so they can expose of the old oil...i have no where to bring it to, and i wont just dump it in the woods). the air filter I can do myself...I just have to find money to buy a new one.
  15. ahahaha oh man. that made me laugh out loud. I cant stop giggling.
  16. yes it is true. I am in the process of somehow trying to get gas money to travel the USA. I will be staying at Robs and Megs in Corvallis. Eventually I will live in Portland party sounds like a great idea, but since I have no idea when I will gather gas money and how long it will take me to travel the USA, I can give an exact date.
  17. I've managed to get $34.00 from all the coins Ive had. only $465.00 to go til I can move. I have a couple days to somehow come up with the money. tomorrow I unenroll and unveil my plan (cause my uncle will tell family)...so I totally need to somehow come up with the money asap. anyone know how to make quick cash any legal ways? I have lots of stuff but I dont know of any pawn shops near.
  18. I bow to you veganessentials. that is phenomenal. congrats! and goodluck ont he 500lbs!
  19. use the picture of me in front of the waterfall for the calendar. I will make a collage of the waterfall pics later on tonight. and you can tell me which ones u like best. send me ur email link please. thanks
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