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  1. I use a multivitamin (mainly for B-12) and that's it. NO powders, creatine or anything else for me . I just get what I need from food sources.
  2. hey everyone, so Ive been eating spaghetti and rice and things of that nature to help me bulk up. theyre cheap in price and have a lot of calories. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other foods high in calories to add to my diet. ??? thanks
  3. my legs are really cut too. just theyre not bulky anymore so I need to bulk em back up. I do squats with my own weight as well for about 15-20reps. and I also do some sets of 300lbs with 6reps.
  4. yep, DOMS. not a bad thing. but if it persists perhaps try improving your technqiue in the gym and/or stretching more (before and after your workouts).
  5. veganism is definately the optimum nutrition of the future. it is a compassionate, healthy lifestyle.
  6. This interactive forum is great. thanks for doing it!
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