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  1. LA. or santa monica or something like that. him and i both used to be stick figure kids. as in we looked like sticks we were so skinny. now he is pretty damn build- he eats meat. and im vegan. we're always going back and forth with exercise techniques and routines. im out to porve i can be just as big vegan.
  2. mtv has some reality show where they choose 10 ppl and the viewers vote who gets a reality show. theres one guy on there who want to do "out in the woods", where he and friends live in a shack with no electricity and running water, and they cycle everywhere and have a van they share that runs on vegetable oil. it sounds really neat.
  3. I totally remember that my old band, Before Night Falls, has songs online. http://www.myspace.com/beforenightfalls I used to play abass in the band. All good friends of mine. the band is broken up now. and everyone is off doing their own thing. the singer steve is going to personal training school in california (him and I both decided to go off and go this school. he in the CA one and me in the NJ one)
  4. understood. but does having "bad" thoughts make an individual bad? or is it putting those thoughts into action that makes the individual "bad"? I dont think one can be bad for simply thinking something. however when you put those thoughts into action, then it becomes something to be placed on a moral scale, and weighed out as either bad or good.
  5. hero, this sounds like the same moral relativity theory crap that meat eaters would spew. well I Cant tell a person if their thoughts are "bad". I can only speak of my own thoughts. example: if I was to start a thread here stating how wrong alcohol consumtion was, I would have many vegans here defending the fact that consumtion is okay, but I think it is one of the worst things to do to oneself. so therefore I cannot tell someone else if they are "bad" or not, because of their thoughts. because when it comes down to it, it is the indivudal that will decide if their thoughts are right or wrong.
  6. howdy michael! good to see more vegans in TX. I have family in Dallas. In fact my immediate family is visiting in dallas right now for a wedding.
  7. yeh my genetics are crazy. Its frusterated at times though cause I can lose muscle mass very quickly one day(especially in my legs) and then gain like crazy the next. its fun to shape and mold my body. I cant wait til I have a steady place to live and income so I can train consistently. once I can train my legs heavily, man oh man, will I gain. I totally missed all of yous and this website. I tried to post here and there while on the road. probably over the next 6 months I wont be able to post much or be online that often, as I wont have my own computer. but I will definately try to post as often as I can. I will be working and training as hard as I can to really "wow" all of yous.
  8. I think we are our own "gods" and determine or own sense of morality. so therefore only you can decide. on a side note: I sometimes get very ed as well.
  9. I was doing PR work. basically various different events/parties to promote the college magazine. and I was the middleman/personal assistant (lifting all the heavy boxes, putting together stuff, security, etc) the plus: I got to hangout with quite a few models and one of them was an old friend I went to highschool with...it was so crazy seeing her again.
  10. so I didnt have access to a gym while on the road, so I tried to maintain by doing pullups on tree branches. I must say, its quite harder to do it on bark, then in a gym. great grip exercise.
  11. Ive been on tour for a week and half with my cousin's magazine, and I am so happy to be back in the Poconos. Ive gained a lil bit of fat and lost some muscle mass from not being able to workout, but my shoulders have gained so much. I now have that "V" body shape. its a pretty drastic change. Im hoping to lift and eat right all next week and then take new pics. btw on tour i was spreading the word of veganbodybuilding and ppl think its sooo cool. I got made really great vegan meals and at penn state university a restaurant called GOPPERS makes vegan pizzas! sooooo good Falafals at the pita pit were amazing.
  12. arrrharrharr i love the blair witch. i went on a date and watched it when it first came out and thought it was horrible. then later on I was like wow that movie was awesome.
  13. awwww nat. dont worry the man of your dreams is out there. I know that's cliche` but its true. things will fall into place when supposed to
  14. I have never been a fan of football, as I have watched it cause too many life-threatening injuries.
  15. holy crap. thats fantastic! robbie is seriously owning the BB scene. congrats mate.
  16. ahahaha oh man ninja. great stuff. welcome to the site mike. its awesome to have another bodybuilder on the site. whats it like to work for peta? what do ya do exactly?
  17. ninja so cool! i will get pics asap. i am busy on a magazine tour all last weekend and this week. i dont have time to bulk and cut like i wanted so i hope im decent enough for the pics. i will get em to ya as soon as i can. hopefully this weekend. take care
  18. recent update: no place to live. the deal to stay in staten island fell thru, so i have to somehow find a place to stay in less than half a month! eek. thanks meggy;) I cant wait to make it out to portland. everyday i daydream about coming to oregon. its one of my biggest dreams in life: to life in portland, and snowboard mt hood. train with rob,etc. so i cant wait! i am so eager im like a lil kid filled with anticipation
  19. the unicorn and the basement are awesome! ive spent a fair amount of time at both places.
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