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  1. a vegan eatery would be awesome. what about a eatery attatched to a gym? that be even sweeter.
  2. I concur. dayyyyyyyyyummmmmn boyeeeee. youre ripped!
  3. by force JK a poll for all members participating?
  4. I wake up starving every morning. and to the point where it hurts soooooo much. well okay I lied, currently I Wake up in the afternoon....lazy lazy me.
  5. Ughh..I just hate that. I have read a few things about them taking the money out of animal stuff for other issues. Also Bush now saying that they are going to drill in the Artic Refuge...that's just not pretty. wait?! theyre gonna drill in the arctic refuge? wont that like destroy the area and habitats for animals?
  6. Count me in for the committee Rob. Im also down for that too. I would love to visit Oregon
  7. youre looking great in your new avatar! keep up the great work
  8. maybe we'll get a nuclear winter in some parts of the world to even out for this heat stroke, and that will be rad cause of snowboarding!
  9. thanks but I think I am done building guitars for now. I just want one to play and learn
  10. i agree. the seasons are changing months
  11. is mid september, why have the past few days been up in the 80's and 90's? eek last night it got a lil cool, so sleeping with the window open was awesome. I love cloudy days where the air is brisk and cool in autumn. mmmmm yay!
  12. yeh a real one. I saw a used one for about $400-$600, thats equivalent to my used bass. I dont like epiphones cause they are pieced together like crap. les paul's are pieced together more smoothe and fluid
  13. wow congrats man! that is a big jump. I know how good that feels to jump up on dumbells and push em out. right on!
  14. well the guitar has 3 settings, and apparently only 1 of them works. but it works nontheless I was able to tune it and play it, yay! I finished the guitar, and for the limited tools, pieces, and workshop I had....it came out somewhat decent. it was fun to make a guitar. but I dont think I'll be playing it. I totally am not into that kind of bodystyle. Im used to playing a different kind. I totally want to buy a used guitar, when I get the money. I really like the way les paul's feel. anyone want to trade a les paul for my bass? hehe.
  15. you look good. nothing specific you need to up. just bulk up overall. and yes, you have potential to look godly.
  16. http://www.oceansonline.com/gaiaho.htm The Gaia Hypothesis and yes, I believe it.
  17. I was raised a strict practicing catholic. I now do not believe in God, nor Jesus, nor any hypocritical teachings, or religions. I am now starting to believe in the Gaia Hypothesis.. to me, it is irrelevant about God's existance. as long as I try my best to help others (animals, the environment, and humans), that is all that matters. (however I am far from being where I'd like to be, moral wise). half the fun of the journey is not knowing where it will end... so I tend to stray away from thinking of a set afterlife/death.
  18. Im not a fan of cellphones, and unfortuantely I have been using one, but I fear the microwaves will eventually cause damage to my brain. I no longer use my cellphone now. and when I move, I am gonna have to have one as I will be a personal trainer and clients have to contact me.
  19. hey man, its topher. what can I help ya with? I used to be really skinny too, and I am now bulking up big time.
  20. i dont find it attractive. I dont like corsettes or corsette piercings. I dont like surface piercings.
  21. I dont take in taurine, and I am gaining like crazy, I am also on a seomwhat low protein intake diet.
  22. I dont purchase anymore, as I dont drive. I think this idea is greta but wont work out as planned. people should cut back on driving and plan out more effecient trips. live close to where they need to be. cycle and walk more. etc. I hate the fact our society relies on automobiles so much. its like the automobiles drive us.
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