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  1. What kind of meals did you eat/are you eating right now? If you could just give an example it would be great, so I can have something to work on (gotta be able to make the whole thing fit with working full time etc). Thank you!
  2. Hi! Until thre months ago I hadn't attended any real physical activities for quite a long time, but then I began to do Muay Thai-classes. They are quite physicly demanding, but I got really hooked quite fast and I really do love the sport. Right now I do Muay Thai three times a week (5 hours totally). I like it so much it has really inspired me to begin living a healthier life overall and adopt a healthier diet et.c, I'm gonna go out running one day a week as well now when the weather is a little nicer. I want to get bigger and build some muscle, but what kind of diet should I been following if I want to build some muscle (and hopefully get rid of that little belly I managed to get during my one and and a half inactive year) with only martial arts and running as my primary workout? Got any ideas? I bought Robert Cheekes vegan bodybuilding-book, but I'm not quite sure if the "eat 8 times a day"-diet he speaks about is that healty unless you really hit the gym 5 days a week doing hardcore weight lifting? What do you think? Thanks for any feedback!! //Per
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