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  1. K i just asked google and im totally normal. All is good and amazing. lol
  2. Orgasms while working out abs ?!? Anyone ?! Im serious....
  3. Kinda weird that they dont let kids who are NOT vaccinated to participate. If all the other kids have been vaccinated then what are they afraid of? The vaccinated kids shouldnt get sick then right .. right? I quit vaccinating myself many years ago.. flu shots.. everything. That is willingly putting poison into the body. No thanks. I am not a mother.... yet. I dont plan to be for a couple more years but I will not poison my future children thats for sure. You're right they are not vegan nor are they healthy. Check these articles out. http://www.naturalnews.com/036006_vaccination_doctor_form.html http://www.naturalnews.com/034349_autism_vaccines_debunked.html
  4. Awesome !! Im super jealous as well !! Im working on mine! Had you been using a chair when training before today?
  5. I did the same with french vanilla flavored coconut milk for a long time, the girls at starbucks thought I was funny. I am a coffee addict, Ive quit now for some time. I do think it is unhealthy. Anything that restricts blood flow to the brain is bad right ?
  6. Hey Most days Im 100% raw!
  7. If you have replaced the higher calorie/higher carb fruits for berries and youre not getting in more elsewhere, that could be part of the problem. Add in a few extra servings a day of things like potato, sweet potato, grains, legumes, etc if avoiding too much hybridized fruit and see if you feel better. Ive also found occasionally taking spirulina helps with my energy levels and regulating them if Im feeling a bit low. Ive upped my fat in take but only at dinner time... Im not too sure how I could add fat during the day, i do coconut oil in smoothies with vega sports powder, flax and chia too, plus dinner with olives and avocados.. any more and I'll be way over my calorie limit! I dont eat potatoes or grains or legumes regularly - only out eat or special occasions... Im not a huge fan of them to eat on a reg...I take many handfuls of chlorella and spirulina tabs daily. Its gotta be mental I guess... I am stressed more than I would like to admit... Thanks my Vit D levels are great... kale i eat daily, I dont eat quinoa or oatmeal... not really a fan...
  8. Thanks for the suggestion Ill grab some tomorrow and check it out. Thanks, I get checked out every 4-6 months and last check a couple months ago everything was fine and normal. I have cut back on certain fruits even eliminating some all together like bananas. Trying to only eat as local as I can as well as staying away from hybridized fruit like bananas and seedless grapes, watermelons etc... so my fruit intake is not as high as it use to be. Eating lots of berries right now though. Not over training no. Sleep.. the last week was not very good as I was away but now my sleep is excellent min 5 REM sleep and I usually get 8-10hrs every night. I have recently kick my coffee habit so I think my body just needs time to adjust. Though I havent kicked caffeine out completely just coffee drinking... Ive tried just having plain green tea which i do like but it doesnt give me the boost and power im looking to get... I just need something I can take once in awhile especially for my leg workouts where i need more power till nov....
  9. Hi, I've lost the energy and oomph in my workouts! Like hitting the wall I think. Im doing a competition in Nov. Im looking at supplements that I could take before my workout but of course want to keep in as natural as possible and obviously vegan. Anyone have any good suggestions?? Thanks in advance
  10. Hey Ive just booked a trip there!! Super pumped about eating at the Wynn and go raw cafe, Never heard of Ronalds Donuts, def going to try some!! I think Im more excited about the food than anything else!! hahaha... no wait I take that back.. Shopping is at the top!!
  11. Thanks Veghead Thanks Gaia. Im looking into those supplements.
  12. Hey Any women here taking any type of testosterone supplement? If so why? Any results taking it? What brand..etc? Ive never considered taking a testosterone supplement before until I watched his video but still unsure...What are your thoughts on taking it and your thoughts on this specific supplement he's promoting. http://www.longevitywarehouse.com/SurThrival-Pine-Pollen-Powder-p/pinepollenpowder.htm Merci!
  13. Yes I heard about the Wynn and its vegan restaurant! Top vegan chef in the world there! Cant wait to check that place out!! Ive been to Go Raw Cafe. It has 2 locations (coz its that awesome!) http://www.gorawcafe.com/ Other than Go Raw Cafe I just went to a wholefoods and grabbed fruits and veg there. Do tell us how the food at the Wynn is!!
  14. I went on the search for a vegetarian boyfriend and I found a vegan one! My sisters wouldnt have followed in my vegan footsteps if it werent for products like daiya, coconut ice creams, toffuti cream cheeses... etc I dont even allow friends or family to bring animal product foods in my house!
  15. I laughed while reading this. Thanks for the laugh I love green smoothies and juices. Sure fruit juices in my opinion aren't the healthiest but veggies juices are awesome for my health. The blender does a better job than my chewing, I think I get more out of the food when I blend them, I still chew my green smoothies a bit because I love the taste. Nothing beats eating foods in their whole state though its the best of the best, monomeals are great too but I don't think green smoothies are bad for my health.
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