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  1. because some school (at least when i was 5) wont allow children to participate if they're not vaccinated.



    Kinda weird that they dont let kids who are NOT vaccinated to participate. If all the other kids have been vaccinated then what are they afraid of? The vaccinated kids shouldnt get sick then right .. right?


    I quit vaccinating myself many years ago.. flu shots.. everything. That is willingly putting poison into the body. No thanks. I am not a mother.... yet. I dont plan to be for a couple more years but I will not poison my future children thats for sure. You're right they are not vegan nor are they healthy.


    Check these articles out.




  2. i like starbucks, 711, and dd...and usually never disappointed at indepdent shops...i carry my own soy milk (when not dieting) in my purse and my friends/coworkers find it funny/cute....


    I did the same with french vanilla flavored coconut milk for a long time, the girls at starbucks thought I was funny.


    I am a coffee addict, Ive quit now for some time. I do think it is unhealthy. Anything that restricts blood flow to the brain is bad right ?

  3. I have cut back on certain fruits even eliminating some all together like bananas. Trying to only eat as local as I can as well as staying away from hybridized fruit like bananas and seedless grapes, watermelons etc... so my fruit intake is not as high as it use to be. Eating lots of berries right now though.

    If you have replaced the higher calorie/higher carb fruits for berries and youre not getting in more elsewhere, that could be part of the problem. Add in a few extra servings a day of things like potato, sweet potato, grains, legumes, etc if avoiding too much hybridized fruit and see if you feel better.



    Ive also found occasionally taking spirulina helps with my energy levels and regulating them if Im feeling a bit low.


    Ive upped my fat in take but only at dinner time... Im not too sure how I could add fat during the day, i do coconut oil in smoothies with vega sports powder, flax and chia too, plus dinner with olives and avocados.. any more and I'll be way over my calorie limit!

    I dont eat potatoes or grains or legumes regularly - only out eat or special occasions... Im not a huge fan of them to eat on a reg...I take many handfuls of chlorella and spirulina tabs daily. Its gotta be mental I guess... I am stressed more than I would like to admit...


    some energy food


    Grains like quinoa, or oatmeal give energy.


    almond butter is good


    hemp seeds


    Green veggies (kale, collard, etc)


    Everybody body has different needs. I don't think there is anything wrong with eating fruit. Enjoy the fruit that are in season now.


    check out this vegan vit D supplement



    Thanks my Vit D levels are great... kale i eat daily, I dont eat quinoa or oatmeal... not really a fan...

  4. Vega pre workout energizer is pretty good. I'm kinda hooked on kombucha with chia seeds right now. Some vegans won't do kombucha I know but I love and back the stuff. Gives me lots of energy, especially with the chia seeds, pre-workout or even just energy to get through the work day.




    Thanks for the suggestion Ill grab some tomorrow and check it out.


    First get a blood test from your doctor to monitor your levels such as iron, vitamin D, B, etc



    Did you decrease your carb intake? good carbs give us energy?

    Are you over training or not getting enough sleep? The body needs rest to recover


    Thanks, I get checked out every 4-6 months and last check a couple months ago everything was fine and normal.

    I have cut back on certain fruits even eliminating some all together like bananas. Trying to only eat as local as I can as well as staying away from hybridized fruit like bananas and seedless grapes, watermelons etc... so my fruit intake is not as high as it use to be. Eating lots of berries right now though.

    Not over training no. Sleep.. the last week was not very good as I was away but now my sleep is excellent min 5 REM sleep and I usually get 8-10hrs every night. I have recently kick my coffee habit so I think my body just needs time to adjust. Though I havent kicked caffeine out completely just coffee drinking...

    Ive tried just having plain green tea which i do like but it doesnt give me the boost and power im looking to get...

    I just need something I can take once in awhile especially for my leg workouts where i need more power till nov....

  5. Hey Ive just booked a trip there!! Super pumped about eating at the Wynn and go raw cafe, Never heard of Ronalds Donuts, def going to try some!!

    I think Im more excited about the food than anything else!! hahaha... no wait I take that back.. Shopping is at the top!!

  6. Hey

    Any women here taking any type of testosterone supplement?

    If so why? Any results taking it? What brand..etc?


    Ive never considered taking a testosterone supplement before until I watched his video but still unsure...What are your thoughts on taking it and your thoughts on this specific supplement he's promoting.




  7. Yes I heard about the Wynn and its vegan restaurant! Top vegan chef in the world there! Cant wait to check that place out!!

    Ive been to Go Raw Cafe. It has 2 locations (coz its that awesome!) http://www.gorawcafe.com/

    Other than Go Raw Cafe I just went to a wholefoods and grabbed fruits and veg there.


    Do tell us how the food at the Wynn is!!

  8. I laughed while reading this. Thanks for the laugh


    I love green smoothies and juices. Sure fruit juices in my opinion aren't the healthiest but veggies juices are awesome for my health.

    The blender does a better job than my chewing, I think I get more out of the food when I blend them, I still chew my green smoothies a bit because I love the taste.

    Nothing beats eating foods in their whole state though its the best of the best, monomeals are great too but I don't think green smoothies are bad for my health.

  9. Congrats on the weight loss!

    Sun tanning (under the real sun) will help to fade them, try and sun tan with nothing on your skin, no lotion or cream but just bare skin for as long as you can before you start to burn. If you plan on staying out in the sun longer apply coconut oil (natural sun protection)

    Dr skin brushing like the others have mentioned is good too.

  10. Lovin the smoothies lately, just hook me up to an IV



    Himalayan Salt




    Frozen Berry Mix (blueberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries)

    Coconut milk

    Coconut oil


    Vanilla - straight out of the pods - yummah


    Vega Sport - Berry flavor - I know I know, Im mentioning a meal with vega sports powder in it but I just tried the berry flavor for the first time and WOW, if you havent tried it you gotta go get some, I was all about the vanilla... not anymore!



    Put that in your vitamix and jug it!

  11. Finally remembered to weigh myself this AM and take measurements;


    Fat %: 17.1

    Water %: 60

    Muscle: 86lbs

    Calves: 12.5in

    Thighs: 19.5in

    Ass: 34.5in

    Hip: 31in

    Waist: 26in

    Chest: 31in

    Biceps: 10in

    My calorie intake(according to cronometer) should be around 1400.


    Slept approx. 10hrs last night

    Had 4 cups of lemon water

    2 coffee with coconut milk: 7.87kcal

    BF made green smoothie(bananas, lots of chlorella, vega sport, honey, coconut oil, coconut milk, spinach, water) approx 423kcal


    20min Cardio on cellerciser 5 sec rest 20 sec work high knees

    Alternating jump lunges with bodyweight 30x30x25

    Squats 40lbs 17reps x 30lbs 20reps x 27 rep small pulse with bodyweight - went to do one more set with heavy weight and my knees wanted to collapse, legs felt really shaky after this. ended the workout early - not enough fuel in me.

    chlorella + supp.

    3 dates = 199kcal

    Green smoothie: bananas, honey, coconut oil, water, himalayan salt, chlorella, spinach, vega smoothie blend, frozen raspberries = approx 632kcal

    2 med. bananas = 210kcal

  12. Taking an extra day off to recover from new years eve. Im still feeling a little woozey.... I slept almost 12 hrs last night! I might get in a workout later today(hopefully) Just feeling a little dizzy Im sure once I get some nutrients in me I'll be feeling better. Too much unhealthy food, lack of sleep and no working out - how do people do this on a regular basis?! Cant wait to get back to normal.



    Happy 2012 everyone!! Here are my goals:

    Im going to focus on keeping track of my workouts and diet by writing everything down.

    Going to stay away from sugar except from fruit.

    Going to push myself harder during my workouts, sometimes I think I cant lift certain weights but I know I can surprise myself, Im stronger than I think.

    Going to really focus on the diet part, I'm looking into figuring out how much calories to take in and meal planning - This Ive never done before, if anyone has any suggestions for books or sites to help female vegans prepare for a fitness competition please let me know!


    2 cups of coffee with 2 Tbs coconut milk = 7.87kcal


    Green smoothie: 3 bananas, 1 tbs coconut oil, 1 tbs honey, 1 tbs chlorella, 5 romaine leafs, 4 cups of water, 1.5 scoop vega = 681.33kcal

  13. Cool,


    I experimented with the 811 way a couple years ago but I hadn't been working out much at that time so I want to give it another go. I will also be altering it a bit too by taking B12 and D supplements, as well as chlorella, vega powder and some cooked veggies here and there. i usually keep my meals pretty simple (cayenne pepper on dinner once in awhile.)


    My goal will be more fruit, get % fat lower (even though this past week has been off, damn holiday food)


    Look forward to hearing how you do!

    Happy new Year!

  14. Still been super busy not having time to write things down but heres what I think i did today for workout


    30min cardio on cellerciser 5/20

    bi and tri

    reg bicep curls 8/13x5/30x10/10x12/6

    tri dips 30x30x15

    hammer curl 8/12x5/30x10/10x10/8

    tri pull downs (palms facing down) 25x25x17

    21s 8lbs arms more towards the side not in front of me x2


    bf made smoothie of oj, banana, ice, honey and vegas new tropical tango powder

  15. with all the craziness this time of year i only took 2 extra days off of working out. Ive been so busy i didnt even keep track of my workouts, i dont even want to try and remember what i did. What i do remember though is doing super sets in almost every exercise. diet has been pretty similar as before, getting my chlorella and green smoothies everyday still then dinner has been pea soup or veggies and dip then of course christmas was an all day eating event of all kinds of good and bad foods. This christmas was however the best christmas so far! My mom and sister did a 100% gluten free vegan christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner for us! It was amazing! I'm here to get back on track with recording my diet and workouts!

    Hope everyone had a good christmas!

  16. Good sleep in today

    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk


    20 min warmup on cellerciser 5/20

    shoulders added super sets

    -100 shoulder press low weight 5lbs did 100 this time with 30sec stretch break at 50 and then 82

    -Standing Arnolds 10x8x4reps - 10x12x15bs

    -Standing Rear delts 12x25x10x8reps - 5x3x5x8lbs

    -Bus drivers front raises 10x40x8x4reps - 8x3x5x8lbs

    -Standing side raises 10x25x8x4reps - 5x3x5x8lbs

    chlorella+salus juices

    1 liter green smoothie

  17. woke up earlier than I would have liked on my day off...

    had 1 cup of coffee with coconut milk

    then got called into work.. day started off bad and just got worse.. damn

    made a quick smoothie to take to work

    bananas, cinnamon, vega sport, coconut oil, honey, water, himalayan salt, chlorella

    worked for 4hrs

    came home, made another cup of coffee with coconut milk

    20min cardio warm up 5/15


    Squats 40lbs/12 30lbs/20 40lbs/12 60lbs/8

    alternating lunges 40lbs/24 40lbs/24 45lbs/12 50lbs/8

    hamstring curl using ball 30x30 - i started to really feel it in my calves more than anywhere else which was frustrating me so I didnt do another set

    wall squats 1 min / 30sec with 5 sec rest then another 30sec

    I think with the heavier weight this time in the squat and lunges i wore out my legs faster, i was getting really frustrated

    i ended my workout early

    chlorella+ salus juices


    1/2cup dried splits peas cooked with some steamed veggies

    1 yam and 1/2 parsnip cooked with some coconut oil


    on my cronometer it says ive had 1043 calories

    crappy day, just want to relax and watch the canucks and a movie then start another day tomorrow better than todays

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