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  1. Slept in today feels good to hibernate at this time of year


    Had 2 cups of coffee with coconut milk


    20min warm up cardio on cellerciser 5/15

    Back and Bi

    - double handed chain saws 10lbs/10 8lbs/20 15lbs/8 20lbs/6

    - reverse pushups off yoga swing 13x10x10

    - sitting Reverse back fly 10lbs/8 8lbs/15 10lbs/8 12lbs/6

    - Super high rep standing lat pulls 30x30x30

    - bicep curl twist 10lbs/10 8lbs/20 12lbs/6 15lbs/6

    chlorella, all out of supp going to take a break from them

    vega protein with water


    big caesar salad same as previous days


    4 chocolate covered brazil nuts

    2 dates

    a few chips my bf had

    Now for lots of water, cup of hot chocolate and then chlorella before bed

  2. So happy with my naturopath appt! Some of my toxin levels are still over 100 but under 200 which is way better than my last appt! Everything improved except for my liver is very unhappy I really cant stop consuming dandelion and nettle juice they are both so important to the liver! They taste awful but they work

    My B12 is a little lower than we would like to see it so I picked up a liquid supplement. My vitamin D is way too low, taking a 2 month vaca south sounds nice but a liquid supp. will do too. My cortisol level is back to normal! I'm a little congested in my limbs in the lymph system, gotta get back to using the lymph drainage machine daily.

    I feel so good about my appt! Still lots of work to be done, I dont think it'll ever stop but its good to have something to focus on.


    I went out to eat again at the new restaurant for dinner

    Had a few bites of the caesar salad

    A few bites of poutine - looked and tasted like the 'real' thing it was pretty disgustingly good

    1/4 cup of coleslaw

    I had the fiery tofu thai bowl which wasnt bad, I rarely eat tofu I kinda expected more veggies than tofu but it was still good

    For desert I had some chocolate covered brazil nuts, banana, cherries and walnuts which is still yummy yup.


    Tomorrow back and bi!! Im looking up different variations and ways of stretching which is making me very excited for the work out tomorrow!

    Nighty night

  3. Day 17

    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk


    chest and triceps

    -10 pushups – 3 sets

    -12lbs/8 12lbs/8 15lbs/6 peck flies on the floor legs up

    -10lbs/10 12lbs/8 15lbs/6 flat bench press legs up

    -super set no weight, resistance band, chest fly higher reps 3 sets 30

    -3 sets 10 pushups elevated

    - 3 sets 10 military? pushups

    - 3 sets 15 high rep resistance band – tricep pull downs palms facing up

    -3 sets 30 ab bicycle

    chlorella + supp


    2 glasses of green smoothie, simple banana cinnamon one.

    Now off to see my naturopath!!! I love finding out what i need to work on/focus on!!!

  4. Day 15

    cant really remember this day exactly...

    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk


    20 min warm up on cellersier 5/20

    -bicep curls 8lbs/12, 10lbs/10, 10lbs10

    -hammer curls 8lbs/12, 10lbs/12, 12lbs/8

    -21s 8lbsx2

    -tricep dips 20x15x15

    -over head tri press 3x 5lbs/12

    -reverse pull downs 3x15

    -forerarm curls 3x 3lbs/20

    -opposit forarm curl 3x 3lbs/20

    -ab ball exercise 3x20

    chlorella + supp

    vega protein with water


    lunch+dinner veggies with a vegan artichoke dip(my mom made) and veggies with my ceasar salad dressing as a dip

    raw vegan caesar salad

    vegan broccoli salad

    steamed veggies with half a potato

    3 gluten free vegan nanaimo bars

    1 gluten free vegan peanut butter cup

    Family xmas get together, as usual i ate non stop sooo yummy...

    had tons of water afterwards, had my staff xmas party right after and didnt get home till 5am! - good times


    Day 16



    didnt get as much sleep as i would have liked having gone to bed at 530am.

    had my morning coffee

    went out for lunch at a new restaurant that is 100% gluten free 100% vegan and 100% organic - how cool is that!

    I had a falafel wrap on gluten free tortilla wrap, with a side of coleslaw

    I had a bite of my sisters grilled cheese sandwhich

    I had a bite of my bfs mac n cheese

    I had a mocha with coconut milk - so yummy


    lots of water


    did lots of walking around in the mall today


    Had left over mac n cheese with left over veggies and dip

    some dark chocolate covered coconut, dark chocolate covered cherries(wow!) dark chocolate covered banana - tis the season eh...


    going to drink plenty more water while laying in bed watching movies till i pass out

    looking forward to my work out tomorrow!

  5. Day 14, rest day.


    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk

    1 liter green smoothie same as wed.

    A few roasted potato wedges

    2 small yams

    1 bite of vegan vanilla cup cake

    1 bite of vegan maple walnut cup cake

    1/2 of vegan chocolate cup cake - how could I resist

    A couple handfuls of plain popcorn.

    Over 2 liters of water for today,

    chlorella before bed.

  6. Muscle soreness question,


    Certain muscles after I work them I can feel the good pain a few hrs later, other parts of my body I workout and I wont feel pain there till at least 36hrs later....

    Why is this ? Theres some weird muscle soreness delay that I wonder about...

  7. Day 13


    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk


    5min warmup+stretch

    20min cardio 5/20 cellerciser


    -100 shoulder press low weight couldnt do 100 with 5lbs 50x40 with 5lbs

    -Standing Arnolds 10x8x6reps - 8x10x12lbs

    -Standing Rear delts 12x10x8reps - 3x5x8lbs

    -Bus drivers front raises 10x8x6reps - 8x10x10lbs

    -Standing side raises 10x8x6reps - 5x8x8lbs

    didnt do traps coz... well i didnt want to, i kinda hate those muscles i feel like mine are naturally big enough, i want them smaller

    side plank lifts 3sets 15reps each side

    chlorella +supp

    med. size salad (same as wed)

    2 fist sized plain boiled yams ... now im feelin warm

  8. Day 12


    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk


    15min warm up cardio 5/20 on cellerciser


    - Squats 12x12x8x6 weights on shoulders - 24x30x40x60(could have gone heavier though I couldnt put 60lbs on my shoulders...)

    - Lunges 24x24x16x8 alternating - 30x30x40x60 (go heavier next time here too)

    - Weight on thigh knee up- leg straight out exercise high reps hip flexers 2x25 on each leg

    - Ball exercise hamstring curls high rep 3-4 sets 3x25 (i feel this one more in my calves than my glutes.. grr)

    - Calves raises 12x12x8x6 30x30x40x60 (start with 40s here)

    -hanging knee raises 12x12x10



    green smoothie, same as yesterday 2 cups


    1 liter rest of green smoothie


    3 mandarin oranges


    stay at work late, didnt have anything else to eat came home had a hot chocolate, now about to have chlorella then bed.

  9. This AM I got really into my what was suppose to be warmup cardio turned into a cardio workout. I didnt really leave myself enough time anyways for the weight training.

    So I did 45min 5/20 on cellerciser.


    2 cups green smoothie (vega, banana, red chard, coconut oil, honey, water, cinnamon, himalayan salt)


    1 liter green smoothie(rest of BK)


    5 cosmic cookies


    17min cardio warmup 5/20 cellercier

    back and bi

    - double handed chain saws 10reps 10lbsx8reps12lbsx6reps15lbsx4reps20lbs - last 4 reps were pretty frickin hard, my form may have been off a tad

    - 10x10x10 reverse pull ups off yoga swing

    - sitting Reverse back fly 8x8x6 - 5lbsx5lbsx8lbs

    - Super high rep sitting lat pulls 30x30x30

    - pick a bi exercise curl/curl twist.. etc 12x12x8 - 8lbsx8x10


    vega sport in water


    yummy salad - same as the last few days, coz its so damn good. Topping the night off with a mug of vegan hot chocolate coz im bloody freezing,!

  10. Maca is a great superfood!! Here's some info on it, Im running low on it and need to order a bulk order!!

    As an adaptogen, maca works broadly to contribute to overall well being. It nourishes and calms the nerves with calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B1 and B12 , and fatty acids, all of which work beneficially on the nervous system.

    It stimulates the appetite and aids in digestion with calcium, vitamins B1 and B2, B12, and fatty acids. Its phosphorus is a primary building block in the cell fuels Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and glucose-6-phosphate (G6P).

    At the same time it supports the adrenal glands so they don't have to rely on damaging corticol to fuel the body. Its sterols, calcium, and vitamin C help build muscle mass and its starches aid in physical endurance. Its alkaloids help the body assimiliate all these nutrients just where they are required.

    Increases energy and endurance

    Increases stamina

    Improves sexual function in men and women

    Enhances fertility in people and animals

    Reduces hormonal dysfunction during menopause & andropause

    Can regulate hormonal imbalances

    Has a beneficial action on the circulatory system; Speeds wound healing and reduces anemia

    Enhances memory, learning, and mental ability

    Has a beneficial action on the circulatory system; gives skin a more youthful appearance

    Good for healthy teeth and bones

    Acts as a fungistatic and bacteriostatic

    Acts as an anticarcinogen and antioxidant

    Is an alternative to anabolic steroids, helps to build muscle

    Is non addictive

  11. had a simple green smoothie(1 liter) bananas, red chard, vega, coconut oil, honey, water, himalayan salt, chlorella)

    Im on a peanut butter kick, Ive had a few spoonfuls of peanut butter here and there had to give my bf the jar before I finished it all! I'm going to switch to raw nut butters because they dont have Aflatoxins which are nasty carcinogenic toxins made by fungi that grow on peanuts, its resistant to heat so roasting them doesnt get rid of the fungi. Jungle peanuts dont have aflatoxins so if i really want peanut butter I'll have to order some jungle peanut butter online.


    Because of the amount of peanut butter I had earlier I just lightly steamed 2 heads of broccoli and had that with green onion and lemon juice for dinner.

  12. Had a goooood sleep in today, got out of bed at 1230!


    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk


    chest and triceps

    -10 pushups – 3 sets off my feet 1/2 way down

    -8x8(12lbs)x6x6(15lbs) peck flies on the floor legs up

    -8x8(12lbs)x6x6(15lbs) flat bench press legs up

    -super set no weight, resistance band, chest fly higher reps 3 sets of 30

    -4 sets 10 pushups elevated lower legs on ball

    - 4 sets 10 diamond pushups - chest way to sore for any more push ups, did 10x10x9x8 tricep dips with straight legs

    - 4 sets high rep resistance band – front tricep pull downs 15x15x13x10


  13. k New program here it is:

    20min cardio warm up with stretching before each work out 2 days off weights if I feel the need to do something on those 2 rest days I will do some cardio or go do a sport or something fun like hiking.. etc

    Stretch right after each set 30sec each side

    With the sets weights get heavier as the reps get lower

    in 2 -3 weeks I change the exercises up

    Weights are going to be heavy, very heavy but I can do it its all in the mind and I will grunt and make faces and do whatever it takes to lift, push, and pull those heavy weights, so glad I have a gym in my home coz its going to get ugly



    Continue to eat what I know is good but enough of it, not going to stress too much about how much Im eating just as long as Im eating lots of meals through out the day. Going to work on kicking my coffee habit. Up the chlorella, get more maca, get spirulina and load up as much fresh fruits and veggies as I can.


    Current status is 107.8lbs, measurements i'll take tomorrow.


    Monday - chest and triceps

    -10 pushups – 3 sets

    -3sets 8x8x6x4 12lbs – 15 - 20 1st set peck flies on the floor legs up

    -3 sets 8x8x6x4 12lbs – 15 – 20 flat bench press legs up

    -super set no weight, resistance band, chest fly higher reps 3 sets

    -4 sets 10 pushups elevated

    - 4 sets 10 diamond pushups

    - 4 sets high rep resistance band – tricep pull downs


    Tuesday back and bi

    - double handed chain saws 10x8x6x4 10lbs – 20lbs

    - 10x10x10 pull ups try using yoga swing with swing under 1 leg Or use resistance band

    - 8x6x6 sitting Reverse back fly

    - Super high rep sitting lat pulls

    - pick a bi exercise curl/curl twist.. etc 12x12x12


    Wednesday legs

    - Squats 12x12x8x6 weights on shoulders

    - Lunges 24x24x26x8 alternating

    - Weight on thigh knee up- leg straight out exercise high reps hip flexers

    - Ball exercise hamstring curls high rep 3-4 sets

    - Calves raises 12x12x8x6


    Thursday shoulders and traps

    -100 shoulder press low weight

    -Standing Arnolds 10x8x6

    -Standing Rear delts 12x10x8

    -Bus drivers front raises 10x8x6

    -Standing side raises 10x8x6

    -dumbells behind back belly forward slighty and squeeze upper back trap raises? 30+ reps per set

    - trap raises 30+ reps per set


    Friday bi tri forearms

    -3 bi exercises 12x12x12each

    -3 tri exercises 12x12x12each

    -Forearm curls 10-20x3 - opposite same 10-20x3

  14. Hey thanks Gaia I was kind of figuring I wasnt eating enough. :S I have to plan a better schedule of eating more small meals throughout the day.


    I weighed myself this AM and am currently at 107.8lbs at 5ft 2.5in


    Day 9


    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk.



    45min high knees on cellerciser 5/20



    2 cups green smoothie (banana, honey, red chard, coconut oil, himalayan salt, water, 1 scoop vega sports powder, chlorella)


    1 liter of that same green smoothie

    4 spoonfuls of peanut butter with blueberry jam (ya im weird, who needs bread)

    2 small pieces of vegan pizza, 1 large square vegan nanaimo bar (sister was testing some recipes for xmas which I got to try!!)


    A large bowl of salad same as what I had earlier in the week except I added sprouts this time yummah and doubled the amount!

    3 bite sized protein cosmic cookies


    Wow. This was a lot of food for me. Lots of not so healthy food too. Im so glad its still early-ish in the day, I'll be working out my legs really hard tonight! Then right after have the vega sports powder with water (which tastes fantastic btw) and then wait a couple hrs or so and have my chlorella drink before bed.


    Ive been looking at a lot of vegan recipes lately so hopefully I'll make and try some out and plan for more healthy heartier meals.

  15. I have downloaded Chono-meter to track my food, I'll have to finish setting it up tomorrow! Hopefully its quick and easy to use!

    Day 8

    This AM


    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk


    45min high knees on cellerciser with 5 sec rest and 20 sec work

    chlorella and supp.


    breakfast + lunch green smoothie total 2 liters (coconut milk, water, himalayan salt, cinnamon, chlorella, vanilla stevia, honey, coconut oil, 1 bag of frozen berry mix)


    1 Cup of candied yams

    1 handful of salted roasted mix of nuts

    4 bite size protein cosmic cookies



    Day 3 back , bi , abs = 4-15

    Lat pulldown resistance band

    Mid back seated row resistance band

    Leg Lift, Star Crunch, and Butt Lift combo

    Side Plank raises - last set could only do 13 on right side and 14 on left side

    Dumbbell curl 8lbs

    hammer curl 8lbs - last set could only do 13 on left arm


    1/2 scoop vega sports protein powder with water

  16. I would like to give the 811 another shot this spring, I did experiment with it following it 100% a couple years ago for 6 months... results weren't good but I think if I try it again and keeping track of everything I eat I could make it work.. tweaking it slightly too and not following it 100%. I like the idea and it does make sense in some ways.

  17. banana bread smoothie:


    very ripe bananans, i like mine almost completely brown, add a couple frozen bananas for a creamier texture


    coconut milk

    coconut oil

    cinnamon - i like lots

    vanilla flavored protein powder


    himalayan salt


    honey or dates

    other super foods would be nice too like maca... etc


    I was obsessed with this smoothie all summer, i liked adding ice to it then

    I cant live out my smoothies, 1-2 liters a day!

  18. had chlorella before bed last night


    Day 7


    AM 1 cup of coffee with soy nogg

    breakfast 1 liter green smoothie (bananas, red chard, water, himalayan salt, Cinnamon, coconut oil, honey)

    LUnch the rest of the green smoothie which was almost 1 liter

    crappy snack a soy latte from starbucks

    dinner a large salad: romaine, green lettuce, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, shredded beet, shredded carrot, shredded coconut with homemade dressing: dates, celery, lemon juice, water, salt pepper, garlic, chickpea miso, sauerkraut.


    Thinking about maybe doing back, bi and abs tonight or maybe just have a rest day.


    I'm wondering if I should starting tracking my food better, using a program that'll tell me how many calories ive consumed and my fat/carb/protein %s. Seems so time consuming...

  19. Got weak....


    Once I was alone in the house, after doing my friday nightly routine around the house I boiled 3 little yams, had a 1/4 cup coconut yogurt and a couple spoonfuls of sauerkraut and 2 mandarin oranges... I am on the binging mode.. I feel like I could eat an entire vegan pizza and a thing of coconut ice cream.... I do this once in a while...binge

    Maybe I didnt eat enough during the day? Probably because I didnt have enough water, I'm trying to pour water down my throat as I type to satisfy whatever it is Im wanting... I really didnt "binge" I just ate a bad combo of foods at 930pm, I havent ate this late in awhile, but it gets to me. I beat myself up about it, fack I cant even workout first thing in the am I have to wait till after i get home from work.. its ok, it could have been worst. Luckily i have no bad vegan food in my house

    Confession over.

    Moving on.

  20. Dinner last night was a very good salad:

    Romaine, green lettuce, red bell pepper, orange pepper, celery, cucumber, cannelloni beans, carrot, beet, sauerkraut and homemade dressing: celery, dates, lemon juice, water, salt and pepper, chickpea miso, garlic, coconut oil.

    A few min later had to have another bowl coz it was that good.!

    Chlorella before bed


    Day 6

    1 cup of coffee with coconut milk


    workout: 4x15

    Front raise 5lbs

    Side Lateral raise 5lbs

    Dumbbell Shoulder press 8lbs

    Flat bench fly super set with press 5lbs+8lbs

    Front press down tri resistance band

    Reverse pull down tri " "

    20min high knees cellerciser 5/15

    chlorella + supp


    big green smoothie to take to work, 2 liters (bananas, apples, pear, red chard, hemp seeds, cinnamon, honey, coconut oil, coconut milk, water, himalayan salt)


    dinner is homemade split pea soup (split green peas, onion, garlic, celery, peas, corn, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, veggies cooked/steamed with coconut oil)

  21. Hey Em,

    Just checked out your blog! Recipes look yummy!!! Definitely going to be trying them. As I'm sitting here sippin on my green smoothie I see a link "raw food face masks" I thought uhn... I have a "homemade mask" on right now... Checked out the link and sure enough you had raw honey on there, sweet thats whats on my face lol! Anyways love your blog! Thanks for sharing


    SeaSiren - wow are you a fitness competitor?

  22. Day 5


    My coffee machine broke 2 weeks ago so I had been using my mini french press which is great because it only makes one cup but I cracked it yesterday while washing it This is the third french press Ive broke now.... Doesnt make me want to buy a new one so Im looking at buying a really good coffee machine, any suggestions?


    This AM I went to Starbucks and got a grande caramel soy latte, it had been awhile and omg they are sooo good...


    Workout: Legs

    Sqauts 30lbs 15x15x15x15

    Alternating walking lunges 30lbs 15x15x15x15 Next week definitely adding more weight, should have added more weight today

    Split squats 24lbs 15x15x15x15 on each These are killer

    Hamstring curl on Ball 15x15x15x15

    Standing calf raise 60lbs 15x15x15x15 - I dont know what I was doing on day 1 with 30lbs

    Leg extension - Havent been doing these since I dont have the machine... Gotta look into another leg exercise...

    30min high knees cellersier 5/15

    Chlorella drink + supp.


    1 liter Green Smoothie (bananas, water, himalayan salt, honey coconut oil, coconut milk, hemp seeds, cinnamon, red chard, vanilla stevia.)=yummah

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