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  1. leaving the house today till late tonight, being more prepared and taking 2 liters of green smoothie with me (bananas, red chard, chlorella, frozen berry mix, macadamia butter, coconut milk, chocolate raspberry stevia, himalayan salt, water, honey) and lots of water.
  2. Last night had my chlorella drink before bed. Day 4 2 cups of coffee with coconut milk Workout: Lat pulldown with resistance band 4 sets of 12 Mid back seated row " " " " Leg Lift, Star Crunch, and Butt Lift combo 4 sets of 12 Reptile Plank 4 sets of 12 Dumbbell curl 8lbs 4 sets of 12 Bar curl 8lbs 1st set, 5lbs last 3 sets of 12 30min high knees on cellerciser 5/15 Chlorella + supp. 1/4 cup coconut yogurt - I have not had any type of yogurt in over 5 years but wow this so delicious brand of coconut yogurt tastes just like dairy yogurt! 1 liter green smoothie (bananas, red chard, honey, coconut oil, coconut milk, hemp seeds, vanilla stevia, himalayan salt and 1 liter of water)
  3. Hey I went almost 100% raw for a couple years. I also live in BC and havent been able to handle the winter months. Even though I'm not raw this winter I still get sooo cold, I cant wait to head south next year!! For me its never been because I was raw I guess I've just always been cold... Though I dont remember being this cold on the SAD diet..... Summers for me, no problem I friggin love eating 100% raw all day long.
  4. Before going to the Canucks game I had 3 pieces of vegan pizza. Then at the game I brought 10 chocolate covered almonds and 10 chocolate covered cashews - these were vegan as well and omg so good, glad I didnt bring the whole bag!! Drank much more water today then yesterday but still not as much as I probably should, today was about 2 liters. Its so hard to drink water when Im so cold all the time...
  5. Day 3 1 cup of coffee with coconut milk Workout:Shoulders,Chest,Triceps 4 sets of 12 Front raises: 5lbs for 2 sets, 3lbs last 2 sets Side Lateral Raises: 5lbs for 1st 2 sets, 3lbs for last 2 sets Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 8lbs (1-4) Bench Fly set on Ball: 5lbs (1-4) Front press down Tri: Resistance band Reverse pull down Tri: Resistance band. 30min high knee cellerciser 5/15 Chlorella+supp. 1.5 litre of green smoothie(bananas, dates, kale, himalayan salt, coconut oil, honey, protein powder, 1 liter water, chlorella) Going for vegan pizza tonight.
  6. Day 2 1 cup of coffee with 1 TBS coconut milk Bodyrock work out: Low Jacks - 39(with 20 pounds) - 46 - 40(no weight) 3 Pushup + 5 mountain climbers - 4 - 4+1pushup - 4 Reverse Push up - 12 - 10 - 6(10sec hold half way) Elbow plank and reptile pushups 30min high knees cellerciser 5/15 chlorella + supp. 1 liter green smoothie (bananas, kale, chlorella, coconut oil, honey, 1 liter water, 7 dates, himalyan salt, 1 scoop protein powder) a few pieces of dried ginger a few handfuls of sea salted popcorn chlorella again before bed Yesterday was not a very good day - food wise - I know that this is something I have to really focus on is getting enough food in me so when I'm out of the house for most of the day I need to better prepare myself or else this will happen again...
  7. Day 1 2 Cups of coffee with 1 TBS coconut milk in each - late night last night.... 1 Liter Green Smoothie (bananas, kale, chard, chlorella, coconut oil, honey, himalayan salt, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 liter of water) 1 cup of coffee with 1 TBS coconut milk. Workout: Squats, 4 sets of 12 - 30lbs Alternating Walking Lunges, "" - 40lbs Split Squats, 1st set-30lbs, 2nd set-24lbs, 3rd set-24lbs, 4th set 20lbs Hamstring Curls with Ball 4 sets of 12 Standing Calf Raises, 30lbs Hanging Knee Raises 4 sets of 12 20min high knees on cellerciser 5sec rest 15 sec work Big glass of chlorella + supplements Dinner: yellow split peas with curly kale, cauliflower, peas, tomato, cannelloni beans, green onion For the rest of the night lots of water(im loving water with little lemon juice, himalayan salt and stevia) a chamomile tea and then right before bed another glass of chlorella.
  8. Hey everyone this is my first fitness and nutrition journal. My goal is to do a bikini fitness competition in May 2012. I've been inspired by a girlfriend of mine who just did a competition a few weeks ago though shes a big meat eater thinks that I will have a tough time because of my vegan diet. I've always been into working out and being healthy I've been able to maintain an ok physique for the last 4 years when I fully switched to a vegan diet but never knew how to kick it up a notch.. or a few! I just bought Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness, browsing a lot online here on this site and veganmuscleandfitness.com. My girlfriend gave me her workout routine which I will add to my workout routine. Right now I have been doing bodyrock.com workouts 3-6x/week and HII cardio on my cellerciser 3-6x/week. As I get through Robert Cheeke's book and doing more research online I should have a pretty good idea on a good workout plan. My diet is vegan (with some honey from a company that loves their bees) I try and eat mostly fresh food though it is winter here in BC and warm food is sooo nice to have in the evenings. 1st and 2nd meal is almost always smoothies. (bananas, dark leafy greens, berries, coconut oil, honey, chlorella and protein powder - just bought the vega sports protein powder in vanilla!) Immediately after my workouts is when I take chlorella with some supplements (multi, B12, maca... ) Evening meal lately has been steamed veggies with legumes (I keep my meals pretty simple no sauces) I am a coffee addict which I enjoy 1 cup in the AM before my workouts with coconut milk, if I dont get a good sleep I usually have another cup mid day. My liquid has definitely gone down since summer, I'm currently drinking 1.5 litres of water - I gotta work on this! I will be posting on here regularly to keep track and stay on track, any suggestions/ideas etc are always welcome. Hopefully I get a an email soon from veganmuscleandfitness.com with their free diet planner sheet to keep tracking easy. If anyone knows of any good apps for their journals plz let me know! cheers! My girlfriend's workout routine: Week 1 day 1-3 - 50 % of 1 rep max 4 sets of 12 day 4-6 50 % of 1 rep max 4 sets of 15 Week 2 1-3 55 % 4 sets of 10 4-6 4 sets of 15 Week 3 1-3 60% 4 sets of 8 4-6 4 sets of 10 Week 4 1-3 55% 4 sets of 12 4-6 4 sets of 15 Week 5 1-3 60% 4 sets of 10 4-6 4 sets of 12 Week 6 1-3 65% 4 sets of 8 4-6 4 sets of 10 45 second rests in between sets Day 1 Legs Sqauts Alternating walking lunges Split squats Hamstring curl Standing calf raise Leg extension Day2 shoulders , chest, tri Front raise Side Lateral raise Dumbbell Shoulder press Flat bench fly super set with press Front press down tri Reverse pull down tri Day 3 back , bi , abs Lat pulldown Mid back seated row Ab crunch back straight Oblique side crunch on horse Dumbbell curl Bar curl
  9. Does anyone here take MAP Master Amino Acid Tablets? What are your thoughts on it? Here's the website: http://www.masteraminoacidpattern.com/char/index.php
  10. Hey from BC! I live in the bush and love the outdoors!! Waiting impatiently for Grouse Grind to open this year, there's still a ton of snow at the top! http://www.grousemountain.com/Winter/vancouver-bc-hiking-trails-trips/
  11. Thank you for the welcomes! Fallen_Horse - hahaha I think my boyfriend is a little jealous too that I spend everyday watching one or two video of hers
  12. Hi my name is Sarah. I'm 25. I found this site on .. Facebook? I want to say someone from 30bananasaday.com posted this site but I could be wrong... I've been vegan for over 4 years, mostly eating fresh foods. I try to keep my meals really simple. Lots of green smoothies. I rotate through different vegan protein powders. Since last fall I have been following on and off Zuzana from bodyrock.tv for work outs but for the last 2 months have been following them steady everyday. My goals have been to build STRENGTH. I cant do a pullup/chinup yet, I can do a few regular push ups off my feet but they look weak. I believe being able to lift/pull your own body weight is important but Im not yet there. I've been focusing on consuming more carbs: fruit. A lot of the work outs I have been doing are body weight but I recently started adding 30lbs when doing squats/lunges/dead lifts/crunches etc...I havent added extra weight yet when working on my upper body. I'm looking forward to meeting and talking with other vegans who love to workout and push their limits!!
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