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  1. Gotta go runnin' yer trap about a FRICKEN video game huh? I'll get you back biatch head. I'm gonna sick Scrawn on your candy ass.
  2. Yup! Diego all the way. He looked more messed up (with the cut) which is probably why the crowd thought differently. Jabbing a guy a few times doesn't win fights unfortunately.
  3. ouch! Yup! It was my second fight, and it was against John Fitch who was then undefeated with something like 6 wins (not sure exactly). Haru was undefeated as well with ONE big fat win (should have retired after that so I could have said I was undefeated ). Jeremy Horn was the ref for that fight and he kept asking me if i was sure I wanted to get back in the ring for the second round (my left eye was swollen shut Rocky style). I was gonna give up when Pat Miletich came running over to my corner and yelled at me to get back in there....you're a warrior, etc etc. I thought "Holy Crap now I HAVE to go back in there, so as not to disappoint one of my heroes. I went back only to get guillotined about 30 seconds later. I also found out later Pat's fighter got a "buy" in that tourney and fought Fitch later that night while he was fresh. So ol Miletich had a little plan i guess....he just wanted me to wear down Fitch as much as I could. Fitch went on to destroy Miletich's guy as well. That dude's a killer. Glad he made it to the big show finally.
  4. Yah! I expected way more outta him. Tough loss. I think we all kinda knew that this would happen but all of us prayed for Royce to get the upset victory somehow.
  5. I had no doubt he would win. I think it went in knowing he was going to slaughter him and just didn't put out much effort. It should have been over much quicker then it was, IMO. I agree. Ed should have finished him much quicker than he did. But speaking from experience.....he did receive quite the shot to the chops very early in the fight....and when that happens....you tend to turn a little "slow" when that happens. My second fight , I was knocked out with the first punch! But bounced off the cage and into one of his knees which woke me up. After that I didn't do a damned thing but "hold on" for the next two rounds. I was gonzo.
  6. Results::: Haru got 6 out of 9 Finbarrio got 5 out of 9 Raw Ambition got 6 out of 9 JW got 5 out of 9 Sea Siren got 5 out of 9 Great picks everyone!! Awesome show tonight as usual...... So I guess Haru and Raw Ambition tie for first so they each get 1 point. So Haru = 1 Raw Ambition = 1 the rest of you tied for second! No points awarded for second place (only first!) Great job!!!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!!!
  7. It's just startin' now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck all!
  8. Whats so bad about Toronto?? I've never been , but I've heard generally nothing but good from others who have gone...
  9. lol good picks dude! I half hope you're right with Diego's fight....he's a cocky little mofo.
  10. You Are 88% Evil http://images.blogthings.com/howevilareyouquiz/evil-5.jpg You're the most evil person you know. The devil is even a little scared of you! How Evil Are You? http://www.blogthings.com/howevilareyouquiz/
  11. You Are 45% Vain http://images.blogthings.com/howvainareyouquiz/vain-3.jpg You're a little vain, but more than anything you have a healthy amount of confidence. Thinking the world of yourself is great. Just don't think less of those who aren't as pretty as you! How Vain Are You? http://www.blogthings.com/howvainareyouquiz/
  12. lol I jumped outta my seat when that happened. I'm fairly certain he will be the next welterweight champ.
  13. Yup! GSP will hopefully get the "W" this time around. If I remember correctly , didn't he pretty much control the majority of the fight untill Matt caught him with that armbar?
  14. http://members.shaw.ca/smolinski_1976/Beamish.jpg
  15. Here's the lineup: Matt Hughes Vs. Royce Gracie Name: Matt Hughes Height: 5.9 Weight: 169 Record: 40-4-0 Name: Royce Gracie Height: 6.1 Weight: 180 Record: 13-1-2 Brandon Vera Vs. Assuerio Silva Name: Brandon Vera Height: 6.2 Weight: 223 Record: 5-0-0 Name: Assuerio Silva Height: 6.1 Weight: 240 Record: 30-3-0 Mike Swick Vs. Joe Riggs Name: Mike Swick Height: 6.1 Weight: 185 Record: 10-1-0 Name: Joe Riggs Height: 6.0 Weight: 185 Record: 26-8-1 Diego Sanchez Vs. John Alessio Name: Diego Sanchez Height: 5.11 Weight: 170 Record: 16-0-0 Name: John Alessio Height: 5.10 Weight: 170 Record: 22-8-0 Melvin Guillard Vs. Rick Davis Name: Melvin Guillard Height: 5.9 Weight: 168 Record: 37-6-3 Name: Rick Davis Height: 5.9 Weight: 155 Record: 3-0-1 May not be broadcast. Click for details. Spencer Fisher Vs. Matt Wiman Name: Spencer Fisher Height: 5.7 Weight: 170 Record: 16-2-0 Name: Matt Wiman Height: 5.10 Weight: 155 Record: 6-2-0 May not be broadcast. Click for details. Alessio Sakara Vs. Dean Lister Name: Alessio Sakara Height: 6.1 Weight: 205 Record: 14-3-0 Name: Dean Lister Height: 6.1 Weight: 205 Record: 7-4-0 May not be broadcast. Click for details. Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Fabiano Scherner Name: Gabriel Gonzaga Height: 6.1 Weight: 242 Record: 5-1-0 Name: Fabiano Scherner Height: 6.3 Weight: 245 Record: 5-2-0 May not be broadcast. Click for details. Jeremy Horn Vs. Chael Sonnen Name: Jeremy Horn Height: 6.1 Weight: 185 Record: 86-14-6 Name: Chael Sonnen Height: 6.1 Weight: 185 Record: 14-7-1
  16. Haru's picks: Hughes Silva Riggs Lister Sanchez Davis(Mir's boy still?) Gonzanga Fisher Horn we should have friendly competitions and whoever predicts the most wins per event, wins that one and gets a point. Then we can keep track of points as the events go on. What do you guys think?
  17. Our guy Doerkson beat him and Chris Leben both within months of each other. They're both Randy Couture boyz, so that means they'll be back with a vengance. I hope Ed kills everyone in his path. It'll just prove that Joe is that much better, that's all.
  18. Personally, I'm glad Tait is gone. There's just something about that guy that I don't like. I think it might be the stupid looking beard. From the way the fight looked to me, I though Tait dominated most of it. I was quite shocked when the decision went to Josh. I thought for sure they were going to stop it after Josh got busted open. Really? Aw Feck! Now I'm gonna have to watch the replay and then bitch about it on all MMA forums. lol not a big fan of the the beard myself, but he does have a massive noggin (much like the Mighty Haru), so Haru needs to be prayin for peeps like him. "Dat boyz gotta massive heeeed! Like an orange on a tooothpick!" yup thatts me!
  19. Haru's knees will return to the cage next year sometime.(hopefully). I've lost a pound a day since I started the body for life biatch!!!!! And yes we're still going halfers on the ufc. You Gumby Raw pig.
  20. Haru's picks: Hughes Silva Riggs Lister Sanchez Davis(Mir's boy still?) Gonzanga Fisher Horn we should have friendly competitions and whoever predicts the most wins per event, wins that one and gets a point. Then we can keep track of points as the events go on. What do you guys think?
  21. Hey The Mighty Haru I'm a big MMA fan too, I've been down to Atlantic City twice to watch UFC and once to watch MFC. I met a bunch of the fighters at a bar in A.C. including Chuck Liddel and Mike Swick. Met Rich Franklin at an outlet mall and Rico Rodriguez in the stands at UFC 50. Hoping to go to Vegas in Aug to watch the rumored Liddell and Babalu fight. Lucky bastid! I've never gone to a single UFC event ever! Even when our own Joe Doerksen (he trains with us, and sometimes trains us) finally got his shot I had zero cash to go! The only events I've ever been to are the ones where I've actually fought in....."Dangerzone-Caged Heat" where I met Dan Severn (he was the main event), "Dangerzone something something" fought on the same card as Tony Fryklund and met Jeremy Horn, "Extreme Challenge 48" (met Jens Pulver and fought on the same card as the then unknown Tim Sylvia---dude's massive! Also Jeremy Horn was the referee for my fight and Pat Miletich came to my corner in between rounds to help Joe psyche me up to get back in there---I was getting slaughtered), and Dakota Fighting Championships 1,2, and 4 (i fought on 4 and helped corner our guys for the others). Oh I've been to Ultimate Cagewars here in Winnipeg. Quinton Rampage Jackson is coming down to our club to do a seminar next Saturday and sign autographs at the fights. Should be sweet!
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