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  1. The trick is, when you link the picture for your avatar, use the "Link to off-site Avatar:" option. Thnx dude!
  2. Welcome. How many more of us canucks are on this site? Seems like alot from what I've seen so far!
  3. If I was a bettin' man I'd have to go with Matt. But I'm pullin for Royce. ANYTHING can happen in there! We've seen it time and time again. A guy I used to train with fought his second UFC fight against Patrick Cote and won via RNC, after receiving a pretty massive concussion. When Joe Rogan went to speak to him after , his corner man(Jerin) gave El Dirte his "Thank you list" for when he is on the mic, and he shook his head and said "No I've got gum, thanks". At the after party he was asking people how he won and shit. He was right out to lunch. Patrick rocked him hard and it looked like he was gonna lose it but he squeezed out a victory nonetheless. I hope and pray Royce can do the same.
  4. BAH! As much as I am a Shamrock hater...I wanted Tait to win this fight. But I'm still kinda glad Blue mohawk boy won....the whole thing about his kid was pretty touching---so good for him. I just like Tait.....he stood up to Shammy and questioned him throughout the show. Plus I think he's Joe Rogan's bodyguard or some thing like that (heard that somewhere). Rogan is kewl. I missed most of the fight unfortunately, my daughter was fussing right after the bell rang for the first round....then I caught the last 20 seconds of the last round. Then saw the highlights....so I can't really say if Tait should have won the split or not.
  5. Thank you!! So how come everyone else can post a massive pic but all I can do is a 6kb jobbie? (avatar) Do i need to post over a certain amount before being aloud to have a funky avatar?
  6. Now you're making a little sense. Oh, and that amazing person was ME!
  7. Wow! This place covers almost everything. Pretty sweet! *runs to MMA land*
  8. That is sick shite!!!!!! He's a shred head.
  9. Happy b-day Beamish! Check out the "general discussion area...there's a B-day thread in your honor
  10. Thnx bud! I just came back from the "vein contest" thread. You dudes are shredded! Looking forward to getting some tips from you guys. Right now I'm hittin' the hay. Its was "leg day" today and tomorrow will be a loooong sore day if I don't rest properly. I'll be back on tomorrow night !!
  11. Keep up the great work! Looking good!
  12. Thank you! Jeebus do all vegans look as HAWT as you? I just made a happy b-day thread to him , but I titled it after his real-life nickname of "Beamish". I hope he finds it! He has lots of nicknames that guy.
  13. oops, I mean Raw Ambition (too many nicknames to get used to). He is now officially OLD!!!!!!!!! 30 years old that is. Man where the hell has the time gone??? It seems almost like last week we were in highschool beating the tar out of each other in the cafeteria......(WWE style-that is). Well, as preachy as you used to be, you've certainly come along way bro! People would leave the room when this guy started talking about fuit and nuts and berries. Ah well, his heart was in the right place. He doesn't preach anymore, but sweet jesus as I look around this site and I see he is back to his old ways. At least you found an outlet my friend! And this place seems pretty cool (as long as they can put up with your fricken fruit stories and "cows have four stomaches" analogies). Looking forward to golfing this weekend muh-bruthuh from anuthuh muthuh. 30!!!
  14. What were you smoking when you posted that shite dude?
  15. The Mighty Haru has arrived!! My buddy Raw AMbition told me about this site a while back when I told him I was thinking about turning into a veghead. I'm a Mixed Martial Artist who has been completely inactive for almost an entire year now (many injuries from training, and family that just doesn't understand the sport). During this period of "inactiveness" the Mighty Haru gained a few poundages. 30 of them to be exact. I went from 190lbs (that's what I weighed in at my last fight in April of 2005) to 220lbs as of September 2005!!! I started a new job in Sept 2005 and they have a gym there....so now there's no excuses right? Started training on day one and blew my knee out on the treadmill. I guess my new weight was a little too much. Been training ever since Monday to Friday and now I'm down to 210lbs. The muscle is up....but the fat is up as well. I can't really do much cardio now that my knees, hip and ankle are all wonky. So that's why I'm here.......to help improve my diet! I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to go 100% vegan but I would sure like to try. Gonna go and look around a bit and see what this place has to offer. As of last week I have gone from the traditional 3 big meals and the odd snack, to 6 small healthy meals a day and one cheat day (ala Body-for-life style). Sorry for the long post!!!!!!! I kinda jumped around a bit. Anyhoo....gonna go find some of Raw Ambition's posts and "harass him a bit". See you all later...
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