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  1. I have been experiencing knee pain after every bike ride for the last 3 weeks .I ride to and from work maybe 3 times a week 45 minutes each way (I also run 4 times during the week for 30 minutes). It has never happened before and it is starting to concern me. My knees are in pain after I ride, then they feel swollen (running seems fine). It usually goes away after a while but the swollen feeling comes back at night (wether I exercise that day or not). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to alleviate this I am leaving on vacation and I need my knees
  2. Has anyone ever tried naNOX9 from muscletech or nitric oxide in general? Does anyone know if muscletech naNOX9 is vegan? i couldnt really tell fron the ingredient list. here is the ingredient list: http://www.nanox9.com/product/nano_suppfacts.shtml It has HYDROXYPROPYL CELLULOSE, MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE, CROSCARMELLOSE SODIUM, POLYVINYLPYRROLIDONE, VEGETABLE STEARINE, MAGNESIUM STEARATE, SILICA, COATING (POLYVINYL ALCOHOL, POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL, FD&C RED NO. 40, TALC, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, FD&C BLUE NO. 2), ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. plus L-arginine-xanthinol nicotinate and L-arginine-ketoisocaproic acid-yohimbine HCl Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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