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  1. Hi! I'm originally from Florida (living in Guam). I used to do MMA a few years back... probably trained for about 3 years (2004-2007). It's a lot of fun and I miss it sometimes! It's pretty cool to see it picking up more in popularity these days
  2. Thank you for posting that link - I find it pretty inspiring. I'll be 31 next month and was wondering if maybe I was too old to really seriously look in to weight training/body building. Seeing the phenomenal results another woman in her 30s is achieving, gives me hope and inspiration - and is shifting my fitness goals a little bit more, than just a few hours ago when I joined this site.
  3. I've been on Weight Watchers this past 3-4 months, and I'm down 10 pounds, with just 10 more to go to hit my goal weight. Previous to this I was just calorie counting, and getting nowhere except a slow and steady weight gain (in fat). I think it works fine for vegans as well as omnivores - they give an allotted daily points (29 for me), as well as a weekly pool to use for extras (49 to spread out throughout the week) - and then any activity done and logged, earns even more points for consumption. If a person is active - just log all activities, and use all daily, and weekly points, as well as the extra earned points from physical activities. It should be good to go. Most veggies and fruits are 0 points (but grains, beans, juices, oils, nuts, seeds, etc all have point values...
  4. Hi! I'm a fairly new vegan (was vegetarian for 8 years, had kind of an emotional crisis, went omnivore for a few months, ran back to being vegetarian, and then this past month, changed over to fully vegan). I've also been losing weight. Height wise, I'm 5'4. My healthiest/most slimmed down was 128 - I haven't seen that since about 2006. My heaviest has been around 150 - and I was there just 4 months ago. I'm down to 137, with the goal in place of hitting 128 within the next 3 months. I've recently adjusted that goal, however. I'd like to build some visibly noticeable muscle tone. Nothing near bodybuilding competition level (I think it's awesome, but not where my goals are - and if I'm honest, I have doubts on my ability to ever achieve that level, anyway lol). But, I'm a little tired of people trying to tell me how unhealthy vegetarian/veganism is - and think that if I can build myself up to a lean and toned figure, that that would speak all on it's own. It's kind of funny when someone out of shape tries to tell someone clearly in shape, that they're the ones leading the unhealthy lifestyle, you know? I figured coming on over, and checking out this website would be a good place to start. I do have The Body Sculpting Bible for Women - and will be starting in on the routines laid out there (but I'm limited to hand weights only for day-to-day access. I'm hoping through combing through the forums here I can pick up more ideas for workouts that don't require gym equipment - or, alternatively, basic gym equipment that might be affordable to invest in.
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