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  1. It could never hurt to try I guess. Invite her over to my place and cook her some of my delicious food. I tried accessing that last link, but I'm at the library right now and the website was blocked. Then I saw the link for that on both Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia. So I guess I won't be seeing what that link has to offer .
  2. First off, hey . I haven't been on here in a long time. Not having a computer at home makes keeping up with forums as well as Facebook( which I can access from my phone ) quite difficult. My question may sound completely ridiculous to some and not so much to others. If a vegan were to fall in love and marry a meat eater( if the vegan loved him/her so much that he couldn't ignore it and had to forget the fact she wasn't a vegan like he'd prefer ), could that vegan individual get sick or contract a disease through common affection interections( sex, kissing, ect. )? For example. Mad Cow Disease. It transmits through consumed infected parts of the cow. So could the vegan partner get infected to through kissing?( That is to say if the meat consumed was infected and their was still bits stuck in the teeth at the time of kissing ). I probably sound horribly ridiculous . On a side note/question: Who here has managed to convert the one they loved into veganism and made it last? the best thing I can think of( and by the way, the hypothetical vegan in question is me. There is this girl who isn't vegan but I can't help the way that I feel. ) is to just invite them over and cook up delicious vegan food. And hopefully the good influence rubs off.
  3. I haven't eaten at one in years. Last one I ate at was Subway. And that was in very early 2006. Now I make all my food myself. My version of fast food = stuff you can get from Trader Joes or Raileys. Silk Soymilk( Which I can finish off a whole half gallon in mere minutes ), a couple of Laura Bars, ect.
  4. Why not try and live with them. Become one with there clan and they may accept you as one of them. Did Joe call the exterminator when he found cockroaches in his apartment? No. but then again his roaches could talk.
  5. This all just sounds ridiculous. Too much overthinking for something so obvius. Eat healthy and moderately and exercise often but not to the death. I really don't think restricting food intake is a good idea. As longas you're eating a healthy diet.
  6. Start eating healtier, do more with my time, sleep less, meet new people, establish myself online, go on more adventures ... in general start my freaking life already.
  7. I knew he moved to L.A., didn't know about the tour though. But I have noticed a lot of old members not posting as much. I myself am trying to get more active. It's just not always easy when you don't have the internets where you live. But I do hope something happens this year. If I'm correct, there was a V.V. every year for the past three years. The one in 07, in in 08 and this last one in 09. It would be kinda sad if there wasn't one this year. Like breaking a tradition.
  8. A bit too soon to know anything for sure. But hopefully there is one. I tried the past two years to attend. This time I'm planning way ahead of the game. got about 130 to 160 saved already. But without a job it will be tough to save anymore. But I will not give up. Anyone else stocked? Hopefully there is one. I know how busy Robert is. Someone else would have to do the planning. But what would truly be awesome is if this VV actually got aired on TV. Hey if you're gonna dream, dream big. =P.
  9. http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/3554/getattachmentxft.jpg Painted that shirt. I've been making other colors too. So far this colorand blue. I have green too. Iwant blue hair and blue camo to match. Oh yeah. You haven't seen my pink camo yet.I dyed it http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/1043/52474005.png I want to grow a goatee and dye it along with my hair. It's getting there. This was at least a few weeks ago. http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/74/25989704.png
  10. I second what hsorlando mentioned. A trial bag of vegan foods is a good start too. Enough food for two to three days. Pasta, Flour, Tofu, Soymilk, Oatmeal. Just a few ideas of what to add. Include Roberts new book in the basket too. Call it a Vegan Bodybuilding Basket.
  11. Love this place. Don't get a chance to come here much, but damn it I love it. Just downloaded a video file of a conference Robert Cheeke gave in San Fransisco and can't wait to play it( Later will convert it for my cell phone ). Anyways, I was thinking. You know what would be awesome if possible? A VBB&F magazine. I currently subscribe to Muscle and Fitness and while it's nice to see the proper techniques it would be nice if there was a magazine that focused on a healthy dietary lifestyle too. That would probably be a long ways off if ever it did happen. But one thing that would be cool, a download section on the main VBB&F website. Being able to download Robert Cheeke's( And other Vegan Atheltes ) interviews and other video types to various formats for Cell Phones, IPODS, PSP's and other hand held devises. Vegan support on the go. Just wanted to share that idea. Keep up the good work. You're really getting you're name out there. Soon you really will be on the Ellen Degeneres show. Maybe Alicia Silverstone could lend a hand in that.
  12. I pre-ordered a while ago. Can't wait. . Robert, do you know when yet in December you're book ships? Please let us know when you know so that way we can be there the day it arrives. My apartment is weird with packages. If it doesn't fit in the mailbox the manager will actually ship it back to where it came from. Is it postal, or UPS? Or do you not know yet? I wonder if I'm the only one who asked Robert to sign his copy ... =P
  13. Good advice Couture. Something I have indeed thought of too. And since it's going to take a while to save up that much money, I might as well try and gain while doing so. Unfortunately for this topic, now that the seasons over I no longer work there. So, in between. Hopefully th experience will lead to something. And, I know how you feel Marcina. I usually only recieve about 600 dollars a month on social and that's peanuts compared to what a decent job can throw at me. Bodybuilding dreams of mine won't be easy, but I'll try and make it work. Haven't paid my phone bill in a month and a half, but that's taken care of. Mums got me on her plan so as long as I stay in the confides of my minutes it's all good. Plus it's unlimited for 5 people of whoever I choose and unlimited for anyone else on AT&T. Now I can start saving. Since I don't work I can only save up 100 dollars a month. 100 a month for food is okay for a begining bodybuilder but hopefully somethng awesome comes up fast. ( Rent is only 384 so no biggie. )
  14. So in case I need quick nutrition and I can't get home I just pop one in.
  15. Just today when visiting mother we visited the local natural foods store that I used to love when living here to see if they had any multi-vitamins I could take. Found something that said it was Vegan friendly and completely raw and organic called Vitamin Code by a company called Garden of Life. Been feeling rather blah so I decided to take start taking a multi-vitamin. Starting to feel a little better at least. Anyone hear of Garden of life? As for my future plans in health. When I start getting more money in life I will start taking more vitamins. Every morning I will make a soymilk-protein powder shake and pour some powdered vitamin supplements( The kind you mix with other liquids in it ) to take with me and put the shakes in portalbe refrigeration system. I also plan on always carrying at least one huge bottle of chewable complete vitamins on me( Because I hear the chewable type gets into your system faster ) and a B-12 spray( If possible maybe one that also doubled as a breath mint ). Too many vitamins or is it better to be safe then sorry?
  16. Anyone know of any good vegan multi-vitamin that comes in a gum-like format? That way I can stay healthy even if I need to do something active. Or if I'm stuck in a costume for work all day long. What's the easiest/handiest multi-vitamin to take/take with you.
  17. Hey. Is this Vallejo California? Wow, that's sweet. I actually live like 15 minutes away from there. Hope the police department goes with it.
  18. Who here wears make-up? Vegan make-up hopefully. . I ask because I may need to start wearing the stuff someday. I'm planning on returning to community college spring semester and also plan on taking part in theatre again like I did in my high school days. What brands do you use? What brands are vegan? Are any brands 100 percent all naturally vegan and organic?
  19. Bananas, Strawberries, blueberries, Grapes, Oranges, Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches, Watermelon ... Yeah. I love fruit.
  20. I suppose after two years of hating doing nothing, I'd like doing something, even if I had to work hard at that something. .
  21. Thanks all. I'll try and come on these boards as often as possible. Hopefully soon I'll be able to re-apply the interwebs back into my place of residence. Boo-Sha. For now I'm stuck with either going to a friends house or the Library.
  22. It's only seasonal, but they usually keep about 3-4 people on-board. So I shall work my ass off to show them I mean business. . I'll be working at Party City. It's a year-round party oriented store. I've been hired for the Halloween Season. My main priority in regards to what I'm saving up for is that tummy tuck surgery I need( Of course, building muscle in between that time ). But, most importantly, I want to save up for a trip to Portland. That would rock. I figure 1000 dollars should be enough for that( considering I plan on getting a Tattoo too ). Before that though, I want to get a camcorder to record myself getting my first tattoo. Well. Hopefully my work life gets busier and busier.
  23. I think I'm going to go with the Fabric Marker idea. My plan B is just to buy the Fabric and have a taylor business or fabric business turn them into pants. As for Fabric Markers. I reasearched and found out that Michaels sells some. And I hear most are permanent. But, one thing I know most fabric stores won't be able to tell me, anyone here know of any Fabric Markers that are Vegan friendly? Or at least Animal friendly?
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