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  1. Starting from scratch. wt x reps incline dumbbell press 15x10 squat 0x8 dumbbell dealift 5x8 overhead d. press 15x10 plank 20 seconds cable row x10 cardio 30 minutes of walking and jogging in place inside since it was raining yoga 35 minutes meals today 1. protein smoothie 2. lentil burrito 3. pita pizza and 2 serv brussel sprouts 4. lentil burger w/ cheese, no bun 5. pita pizza 6. soy sausage muffin w/ cheese and 1 serv peas
  2. awesome, let us know when you become a firefighter.
  3. Starting Measurements weight 257.8 lbs neck 17" shoulders 56" chest 47.5" abs 48" lower abs 43" hips 44" thighs 24" calf 15.5" bicep 16" forearm 13"
  4. thank you buffsummers and c.o., I started a journal last night. off to workout.
  5. Starting to workout tomorrow and I am trying to put together a workout schedule tonight. Ready to get this started. Will be posting starting measurements in the morning. My starting Picture
  6. I workout maybe once or twice each week, like walk or zumba etc. I have lifted before but not for longer than a few weeks. I tried body for life a few years ago for a few weeks. I also tried p90x recently for a few weeks which was way too hard. I think I seen some minor progress with them both, probably more with body for life. My goals, well I want to look great and feel great. i dont want to be bulky but have some lean muscle. I guess i would be starting from scratch pretty much.
  7. hi there im 6'3" 258 lbs, 37 years old. I have been a vegetarian for about 10 months. I am ready to burn this fat off and add some muscle. I would consider myself a newbie. What kind of workout schedule would be best? exercises? and how much cardio etc? how many calories? protein? etc. any help would be appreciated..
  8. Hi, my name is Keith. I have been a vegetarian for almost a year now. I havnt lost much weight after the change. I guess I just switched to eating more chips etc. I am 37,6'3" 258 lbs, chubby. I am ready to get in shape. I would say I am a beginner and was curious how to set up a workout program for me. I want to add some muscle and get rid of this fat. Any help in setting up a program would be awesome. Like how much cardio etc, how many days lifting, stuff like that. Help with meals would be good too. I eat a lot of lentils and use a pea protein and rice protein powder, and take multi vitamin. Thanks
  9. lol,ye ive been slacking on the journal, been looking into acrylic paints, thinking about giving up oils, anyway, ive been at it, still have cravings off and on, mainly in the evening time, this heat doesnt make it any better. yesterday i ate 1. rice chex cereal, banana, 1/8c sunflower kernels, and 1 c rice milk 2. shake 3. taco salad w black beans homemade of course 4. shake 5. salad w/ black beans and 1/2 sweet potota 6. frozen grapes, blue berries w/ banana in rice milk w/ a hanful of rice chex cereal today was about the same, actually about identical. for tomorrow i am going to fix hummus, dont know if i spelled that right, i feel good more, but the cravings are tuff, i almost want to eat some junk to make em go away. but i am riding it out.
  10. that actually doesnt sound that great, but i will take your word for it lol
  11. facebook if anyone interested https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/profile.php?id=1647622919
  12. I have been fighting off cravings off and on the last two days. Thankfully the frozen grapes helped out. Ok meals from yesterday are 1. check mex cereal, 1 banana, 1/8 c sunflower kernels, 1c rice milk 2. protein rice powder, 1 banana, 1/8c sunflower kernels, 1T pb 3. salad w/ black beans, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/3 avacado 4. same as 2 5. same as 3 and handful of frozen grapes 6. pumpkin seeds, frozen grapes, and chips another thing i weighed in and have lost 5 lbs in two days, i calculated around 2200-2400 cals each day[ruff estimate] ok off to another day.
  13. lobsteriffic i clicked on your facebook link but you didnt come up, send it to me and i will friend ya. I think i have lost like 5 lbs in 2 days on this diet, although i havnt had many hunger pains, just cravings. I have been drinking plenty of water and eating lots of healthy food.
  14. it was a challenge today, the frozen grapes and pumpkin seeds came in handly, i made it through the cravings
  15. i eat salads for lunch too. what about breakfast? For this morning i had rice chex, banana, rice milk, and sunflower kernels. i guess some other ideas are smoothies or pancakes. i guess i could use some menu ideas too.
  16. thanks for the idea, i just put some blue berries and bananas in the freezer this morning, i cant wait to try it. I also froze some grapes, i read that somewhere. I think its going to take some time for me to get used to this and in the habit of eating right. Is really going to pay off though.
  17. I picked up some annie's, so going to try it today along with making my own too to mix it up. thanks for the help everyone i really appreciate it. I am so looking forward to getting healthy and in shape. i know that eating natural is the way to go i always have but have tried other diets. they got people so fooled with there so called healthy food that contains sweetners and colors etc. alright i am ready for the day. fixing some meals in advance.
  18. thanks so much, i am writing it all down and putttin it in my journal on here at least at the start until i get into a routine. ye my goal is to at least shed 60 lbs. im 6-3 270 right now.
  19. ok day 1 is in the books. it was a challenge, i had several cravings today, it was tuff because i am an emotional eater and i have anxiety but i made it thru my first day. i worked out this morning, nothing really hard since i havnt exercised in a while. i did a full body workout 1 set for each body part and walked some after that. meals today were 1. rice, broc, peas, kidney beans 2. rice protein shake 3. salad w/ mung beans 4. rice protein shake 5. same as meal 1 6. kettle chips, 1/2 apple, and 1 serv pumpkin seeds. I am new at this so any advice would be cool. ready for tomorrow.
  20. great idea, thanks so much. i actually had a chance to eat ice cream today and passed. it was a challenge though. but i now eating that crap made me fat and i have to overcome it.
  21. i know its going to be challenge since i used to eat tons of ice cream and doritos.
  22. how much is the flax oil, i know we call the extra virgin olive oil "liquid gold" lol.i will def check it out and try it.
  23. thanks for the tips. i also make my own hummus and i love it.
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