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  1. service motivates me to exercise regularly; to be healthy, flexible, strong, and conditioned for my wife, children, extended family, friends, and all sentient beings
  2. I don't know if you can buy chufa in the states, you could try in one of the stores stocking food for latinos. It's an unusual taste and you either love it or hate it. I only buy it because its very cheap at about 1 euro a litre. If you find it check the ingredients because sometimes they add cow milk, but not often. Its just usually tigernuts, sugar and water. good deal i will look around, i am in NYC so that should be easy. thanks!
  3. can one buy chufa or the tiger nuts here in the states? never heard of them but sounds interesting! regarding the 1st soy-free protein powder pictured i find it has a weird aftertaste thats kinda foul imo, brown rice protein i find ok but a bit gritty? buckwheat protein powder was/is amazing but i believe kemistry the one company that was making it discontinued it? recently i heard of a cranberry seed protein powder, that robert mentioned earlier, but it only appears to be available in bulk to companies not individuals (so far). plus you have spirulina from places such as veganproteins.com...
  4. received the walnuts & goodies today, excellent! to quote my son, they don't taste like sawdust! they are excellent, best walnuts we've had in a lonnnggggg time... it's amazing the difference freshness makes. regards, P
  5. Hey there Robert. If still available, I'll take 1lb. Lemme know, then I can paypal you... Paul
  6. At a quick glance, this particular one looks ok (there are things like Coconut, Bark, Leaves, and Stem in parentheses which is a good thing; the only grey area may be the natural flavors which could be animal or plant-based). To be sure, I'd email them. In the past bodybuilding.com have been very helpful when I've enquired the vegan status of product. It's not than uncommon or unusual a request because, as we can see with a forum like this, there are more than a handful of vegans that are into bodybuilding and fitness. Personally, I have never taken a NO supplement (although I have taken Nitrous Oxide when I was younger and when in the dentist chair); I did take Creatine when I was lifting heavy and bigger and that was good. Good luck, lettuce know how it go.
  7. I'm kinda partial to Raw Soul in Harlem, and Blossom in the Village. (Just a few more thoughts.) Oh, and Curly's is fun, too...! Re: NYC get togethers. Mea culpa for myself on never being able to settle on a time. I'm working constantly (including some weekends), so it's hard to schedule anything...! no worries, maybe someday we'll make it work. for me, Saturday nights after work (7pm) i am usually open...
  8. excellent places to go and or meet: Foodswings 295 Grand st btw Havemeyer & Roebling in Willysburg if ya like vegan fast food (i do!). place is great although i only eat it once in a while (foodswings.net 718-388-1919). In Harlem, check out Uptown Juice Bar 212-987-2660 54 W125th St btw 5th Ave & Lennox Ave 212-987-2660 and or Strictly Roots 212-864-8699 2058 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd btw W122 & 123rd St, both awesome.
  9. Look above, it's Thursday so I can't make it. I've suggested days, time, and restaurants in the past. People in NYC are either busy or hippies. I'm going to have to start a Philly group even though I've never met a vegan or strict vegetarian strength athlete in Philly. Philly vegans tend to be scrawny and ride their eco-friendly bikes to get to work, school, grocery shopping, etc... or busy hippies?
  10. pm me or post if you wanna meet up tonight (after 6pm), tomorrow, etc... i will try to check back before i leave work...
  11. i've ordered from bulkfoods.com in the past (i used to get drums of peanut butter from them among other things although i never did get their vital wheat gluten); they have it in 22oz, 5lb, and 25bs sizes. what i like to do when buying in bulk is try a little size first before committing to the big size that way you're not stuck with it. you may even be better off if your health food store has a bulk food section there (i dunno where you go, but westerly, fairway and queens health emporium all have good bulk sections and fair prices). i've not been buying in bulk as much as i used to unless i know i will use it all in a timely manner for vital wheat gluten, organic popcorn and other grains and things i usually go with arrowhead mills, bob's red mill, shiloh's farm, or at one of the above-mentioned hfs bulk sections all hail seitan! paul
  12. i will be workin covering night shift for election day so won't be makin it but if anybody didn't know about this it seems pretty cool: Tue 11/4 SuperVegan Election Night Party at Red Bamboo Brooklyn with Vegan White Russians, Chocolate Hawaiians, and Joe The Plumber Cocktails check out their website: supervegan.com they have a vegan blog, NYC restaurant guide and regular get-togethers; haven't made it to one yet though... maybe we could meet up at one or more? Paul
  13. some weekends i am freer, some weekends have more stuff goin on. at this point, next weekend is more busy: saturday: early morning is open to meet however need to be at work saturday 11am (midtown). finish at 7pm, then i have a friends b-day party; may be able to take a lunch break from work during the day? sunday: again early morning is open then i have daughter's friends b-day party @ noon and then son's school has a banquet in the evening @6:30pm; maybe in the afternoon? during the week i am off mondays, tues-thurs work 10-6pm and friday work 2-10 so jaleel or any other vbb members we could get together somewhere during those times (monday, tues-thurs nght, friday morning). let me know the where and whens and i will try to make it! paul
  14. RawLiving it's funny when i told a coworker of mine i was originally from long island (nassau), he said nassau county doesn't count and only suffolk county (where he's from) is truly long island! as for Veganeatingout, my guess is if he is 1.5hours out from the city, he's gotta be in suffolk? i like Exotic Superfoods, too. it's in a weird spot there right along the LIE on that service rd (horace harding?); you have to be going eastbound or loop de loop. hopefully they get enough business to keep them open. it's not too far from where i am but i am only around there once in a while. where i grew up in rockville centre (i take that back, i never grew up) was right on the border of baldwin by like 1 block. lemme know if you go to the raw meetup group, i'd be interested in either going or hearing about it. Paul
  15. welcome aboard RawLiving although i am not raw i'd say i'm about half half and in the warmer weather more raw than cooked i am in NYC in the boro of Queens (Long Island City); geographically on the same island as you as is Brooklyn, too actually, i believe veganeatingout is also on Long Island (Suffolk county?), my guess is you're in Nassau? i am originally from Rockville Centre (Nassau county) i know there's been talk of a NYC meetup; there is a topic on that so maybe you could attend that if it comes to be what raw place in Queens did you go to? there's Exotic Superfoods which is very cool off the LIE although i believe it's still Queens (Fresh Meadows). paul
  16. the only goal i set for myself when i do yoga at home is to be present in my body and in the moment. i have videos and books that i follow along with or i will just run through asanas according to my mood. i do like the idea of having a theme for the week, and a flow to the theme, but i tend to be more like you in that i will focus on healing after the hurt. p
  17. yes, i do. it's a challenge for me, though, like with many physical activities done solo, because i tend to go to extremes; either i go easy or i go all out, sometimes the middle ground is hard to be found? to quote clarence "ripped" bass "when i go too easy i get bored and when i go too hard i give up" (or in my case, get hurt). but Yoga is about balance. classes for me are special occasions, in that currently most of the training i do is alone (roughly 80-90%). p
  18. you know people were dissin' mac like crazy on the sherdog.com forums and i actually got drawn into it. some people just seem to bust chops on vegans but others seem to really hate on vegans! i, for one, try to minimize if not eliminate hatred from my lifestyle. anyhoo, excellent posts here on this fight which, imo, was an all-out war. first off, as posted earlier, imo clay should get props for the W. i was rooting for mac all the way but i like clay, too. hey man, he stood up and banged with mac, took some solid shots plus he pushed the pace frenetically, and had good sub defense, too. and after the fight he was respectful and a good dude. the bottom line is neither guy could finish each other (belcher vs herman and diaz vs neer were similar). personally, i kinda like knockouts or tapouts but sometimes it's real close. i'm proud of mac, he stayed in it and even though he came up short as i have said before he is still an excellent inspiration to many including me p
  19. Lena01 today was really incredible. perhaps where i am at prior to class can influence what the class means to me while it's happening and what i'm taking away from it after it's done, too? i know, somedays, before class, i may be stressed out and/or tired, and the class takes the stress away and rejuvenates me. other days, i may feel pretty good and the class amplifies this to feeling great. at worst, yoga brings me back to myself; at best, it brings me back to my Self p
  20. that's great me and my calves are going to go to a class in a few hours. hopefully i will reach the cloud, too! p ok i went and it was a great class the teacher Nagmeh said something that really stuck with me: "be true to the pose". anotherwords whatever the pose is for you be true to that; don't worry about what others are doing. she also asked us "what pose is the only pose you should have your eyes closed for?", the answer being corpse pose (Savasana). she said it is important to keep your eyes open so that you can really see what your body is doing; even if you are feeling zen-like and having a nirvana moment... it was just what i needed, this class p
  21. that's great me and my calves are going to go to a class in a few hours. hopefully i will reach the cloud, too! p
  22. As a dancer, you will have a great time! Enjoy. hope it goes (or went) well, remember to breathe and as hilary said enjoy the main thing i always try to do in yoga, in addition to breathing with awareness, is to align myself with my Self; not trying to match or go beyond the other students poses but to go within and based on where that is in that moment in time and space, be there the best teachers i have always offer alternate poses and encourage students to do what they can not what their neighbor is i do enjoy the collective energy of the group but i think when you push too hard or overdo it in yoga or any exercise is when you could hurt yourself? somedays i am more relaxed and flexible, other days in pain and stiff; i try to embrace these states and usually they improve with the class hey btw i never got a chance to congrat you on winning the calves contest; what's funny is how our calves are on the VB&F hme page, it almost looks like we are standing next to each other anyhoo namaste and take care p
  23. VegannNY no worries, whatever and however you'd like to do is fine by me. although i specifically wore my new VB&F shirt for the occasion anyway, either way is good for me; quasi-formal or rushed/last minute. a cup of coffee or tea, a meal, a walk... it's all good. unless i am working, training or busy with the kids, i am open... P
  24. excellent points, veganmomma. imo, the FP has no business to monitor anybody including themselves. sometimes i feel that we humans can be harder, meaner, and more judgemental on ourselves than anyone else can, which is kinda ridiculous! here's to practicing loving-kindness, forgiveness, and compassion to ourself and radiating that out to all living things the best we can p
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