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  1. Monday, Good diet had four meals and four shakes so feeling good gym went ok, Dumbell bench - 38KG x 3 sets of 15 incline dumbell bench - 34KG x 3 sets of 15 Flys - 22.5KG x 3 sets of 15 Cables - 40KG a side x 3 sets of 15 Dumbell curls - 18.5KG x 3 sets of 15 Straight barbell curl - 40KG total (including bar) 3 sets of 15 cable curls - 30 KG a side 3 sets of 15 Tuesday, diets been ok only 2 meals so far (on nights so will be eating more later) Gym good Bent over rows - 80KG 15 reps 3 sets reverse grip pull downs - 15 reps 3 sets straight arms - 15 reps 3 sets so far its going ok
  2. Well im back finally, been one interesting couple months, training has taken a hit and my weight has plummeted to 14 stone 7 pounds, lifts are shit and i will blame it all on crap diet crap training mainly because i have been doing shift changes at work with little sleep and travelling to see my girlfriend in manchester (the otherside of the uk from were i am) but things are looking up works calming down and im finally getting on track with money and eating! so lets see how next week goes
  3. since my last post iv been on holiday and to be honest having a break, will hit the gym next week but its all been kicking off of england recently and considering my lovely beautiful girlfriend is working near these areas i have been spending time trying to make sure she is ok, but still sorry for being rubbish guys next week itll all be back to normal
  4. i would add some days and break it up a tad think shoulders tris and back are all a bit much and you can't focus on them as much as you should but thats just me. i still on a personal note do the split routine iv been on, gives u a proper good heavy workout but also allows your muscles time to recover
  5. thats some good weights man, should be pleased with that!!! its a great bunch of weights to start out at!!!
  6. sorry no idea how to upload two files !! this is me after around 11 months nearly a year of training
  7. training has been more on the lighter and rep side this week, basically all the same but doing 15 reps on a lighter weight, this is because i havent had a spotter at the gym as he is on holiday and i am not risking that kind of weight coming down on my neck, but i have got some pictures to put up..... this was me a year ago, just after i recovered from my hernia and around a month from starting training
  8. beautiful mate ill put the word out!! be pretty awsome especially to show people we can!!!
  9. how many vegans are there in the uk on the weight lifting circut? not going to lie i have no idea, and would be awsome to orginise at a vegan fair or something!! im thinking car deadlifts and axle presses hahaha
  10. eat everything in site!!!! when u feel full take five minutes and eat more!!! thats all especially in the evening eat a high carb dinner and then have a snack before bed
  11. thats what i ment witht he trimmings, so no deadlift suit or bench shirt. fair comp shows how strong you really are i guess. im sure ull tell us all how it goes and who knows maybe we should hold a purely vegan strength comp sometime in england
  12. leg day today! 200 KG 440 pounds hack squat 3 sets of 10 reps 460 KG 1014 pounds leg press 2 sets 10 reps number 11 on leg curls 2 sets 10 reps 200 KG 440 pounds on calf raises 4 sets 10 reps only went up on press today but did them clean and they didn't feel like the biggest jump from last week which is good!!!
  13. man that would be an awsome deadlift, and best of luck with the bench you allowed to use all the trimmings in this comp?
  14. i ment to say if you only have eggs and dairy here and there why not just cut them out and make the full change? and i always find the best way to increase strength is to train heavy with few reps and eat alot, this does put on fat but will gain strength better than trying to keep slim, or you could do a type of strongman training which includes cardio and strength, it did trim me up when i used to do it but i still held some weight that i didn't want but thats what a cutting cycle is for
  15. erm i would get bigger first bud thats what im doing, because you always put a bit of chub on during a bulk, or at least i do. and nowrich haha i was up there a lil while ago. i could put u on my workout been doing wonders for me put on alot of size during it and my strength has shot up in the past 10 months. monday- chest and triceps bench 6-8 reps 3 sets dumbell raises 6-10 reps 2 sets dips to failure two sets close grip bench 10 reps 2 sets skull crushers 10 reps 2 sets cables one set max out tuesday - legs squat 10 reps 3 sets leg press 10 reps 2 sets leg curls 10 reps 2 sets calfs 10 reps 4 sets thursday - shoulders military press 10 reps 3 sets dumbell press 10 reps 2 sets side raises 10 reps 2 sets bent over raises 10 reps 2 sets shrugs 10 reps 4 sets friday - back bent over rows 10 reps 3 sets reverse grip cable pull down 10 reps 2 sets normal pull down 10 reps 2 sets deadlift 15 reps 2 sets close grip curls 10 reps 2 sets dumbell screw curls 10 reps 2 sets cable curls max out one set it might sound like you can do more and people always told me do like 15 sets per muscle group but really you don't recover for shit bud, this way your working alot of compound movements with some shapers (i think im no expert really) and iv gone from benching 100 Kilo for 8 to 145 KG for 6 easy after being on this program for 4 months but also its all about diet, i would literally eat everything you can if you start gaining too much fat then cut a lil carbs and fat but only a lil and eat as much protien as you can, you can absorb only so much but if ur bulking isn't it better to have all the protien you can be absorbed and some left over than not getting as much as you can in? best of luck bud hope this is helpfull
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