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  1. Do you any fruitarian having or developing diabetis due to their diet? Studies done on sugar and diabetis or other diseases do not distinguishbetween isolated and natural sugar (like the one in fruits) but took only the overall sugar intake into consideration. I agree. Fructose is an insulin-independent monosachharide. This means that it converts into glucose and is stored without the action of insulin. Refined sugar, on the other hand, is stored with the action of insulin. Eat plenty of high quality, fresh produce and healthy fats (yes, I said fat), and you'll do fine. Omega 3's are very important for diabetics too. I think too many people forget that. Over time, once you start cleaning up your diet and eating the way nature intended and exercise-since thats very impotant in reversing diabetes- you'll start to manage it better or even reverse it. Enzymes also play a huge role too. I see so many diabetics getting brain-washed thinking that pasteurized milk is "low glycemic" so they can drink it. Pasteurized milk dosn't contain the enzyme "lactase", so it puts a heavy burden on your pancreas to produce the enzymes needed for digestion. Fruit and vegetables are full of enzymes. But just because something is "low glycemic" doesn't mean it won't spike your insulin levels, since the GI relates more to your blood sugar levels. In other words, just because a certain food dosn't contain refined sugar doesn't mean that it won't spike your insulin levels. Red meat, for example, is famous for the Atkin dieters, but they don't know that red meat is high on the insulin index.
  2. Actually, some of the longest living asians on earth ate a diet high in herbs. I really don't believe long term use causes liver toxicity, unless you're eating too much long term. The right kind of herbs can be very potent, as with any medicine, so it's always best to not over do anything. But I've been eating herbs on an almost daily basis for most of my life. Everything in moderation. Good article though. By the way, try putting some kind of natural sweetener on the cocao nibs, it will taste a lot better. It's just more bitter than plain dark chocolate, thats why most people who haven't had much dark chocolate before usually have to get used to the taste. Personally, I love it.
  3. If it was from the salad bar, you'd probably have to ask them. A little here and there won't hurt you. Just try getting most of your soy from fermented sources, if you can. Soy protein isolate is. Fermented soy isn't. I only consume fermented soy every now and then. Other than that, I don't really consume any soy. How does one figure out if something is fermented soy? Is Tofu fermented soy? Are all Tofus fermened soy? No. If it is fermented, it should say so. When I eat soy, I make sure it's organic and fermented because I think the GMO-filled soy protein isolate that many Americans today eat is NOT the same as the fermented soy that the Asians consume. You should be able to find fermented soy at farmers markets and health food stores. I have the TOFU from Whole Foods Salad bar / Prepare Foods & Sandwich Counter. Any idea?
  4. No. Not at all. There is a HUGE differnce. Millions of bees aren't dying on the small farm where I get my honey from. Cows, on the other hand, are abused, die, and spread disease because of this. Earlier, you said that consuming honey would not make me vegan or vegeterian. A vegetarian is someone who only cuts out animal meats and sometimes dairy and eggs, but the correct definition of a vegetarian would not of fit well with what you said, since honey is a byproduct, not meat.
  5. I used a study about liver cancer because he did not specify which liver disease he had- that, or I didn't see him type it. I don't have a problem with testing a product on a animal as long as it's for the benefit of curing disease. There were many things that were tested on animals and are being used to help animals today. I said four avocados because that is usually the smallest amount I eat in any given day. If I eat six avocados, then I am eating 1,410 calories from fat. I eat 3,500 calories-4,000 calories a day. That isn't even half, so I don't know how that would be leaving out other nutrients in my diet. Obviously, I eat that much because I'm a bodybuilder. If someone eats less, then adjust accordingly.
  6. Once again, any member of the kingdom Animalia is an animal. But they are classifed as insects. Your definiton of a vegan is blan to the ears and makes no sense. If you believe there is no problem with eating insects, then you have now right telling me that I am not a vegan because I choose to eat honey.
  7. Well, ultimately, any member of the kingdom Animalia is going to be classified as a "animal." Everyone knows that. But, the correct definition is insect, not animal. No one walks around calling a spider an animal. They call them insects. There are two main reasons people become vegans: 1 Animal rights 2 Health Almost no vegan cares about "insect" rights. You do not see vegans walking around saying "save the spiders." If you do see that, then they are simply crazy and are mentally exhausted. Your definition of what a vegan should be makes no sense: A person can't consume honey that they buy, but they can go out and eat insects and get honey themselves because the poor bees today are "slaves". Bee farmers aren't killing our bees today. Telephone and radio station towers are killing them.
  8. I'm not basing my opinion on the tribal eating habbits. As you can see, I was talking about the science behind it too. I am talking about DISEASE, not living the longest. We're talking about heart disease, so, obviously, I will look at those tribes that eat the so called "high fat diets" and see why they don't have many cases of heart disease. 90% of these tribes also live in the wild and can die from many different things. That is probably why some of them live such short lives. To me, him saying that coconut oil contributes to heart disease is flawed and there isn't really any science to support his claim.
  9. Soy protein isolate is. Fermented soy isn't. I only consume fermented soy every now and then. Other than that, I don't really consume any soy. How does one figure out if something is fermented soy? Is Tofu fermented soy? Are all Tofus fermened soy? No. If it is fermented, it should say so. When I eat soy, I make sure it's organic and fermented because I think the GMO-filled soy protein isolate that many Americans today eat is NOT the same as the fermented soy that the Asians consume. You should be able to find fermented soy at farmers markets and health food stores.
  10. The only reason SOME vegans, not all, believe honey is an animal byproduct is because it's a byproduct humans use for food. If bees didn't produce honey naturally, then no one would be calling bees animals. Most of my friends who are omnivores recognize that bees are insects and that honey is a insect byproduct. I don't know about the omnivores you know though. Neverthless, most omnivores are uneducated about health, in general, and recognize that cooked steak is healthy too. I really don't base my opnion on what mutes to health or anyone else thinks. People can obscure the fact with all the words they want, but the fact is a bee is an insect and honey is a insect byproduct.
  11. Like I said, a vegan is someone who doesn't consume animal products, not insect byproducts. If someone who consumes honey isn't a "vegan" to you, then that is your opinion, not a fact. I'm sure that can be kept to yourself.
  12. Actually, there are a few things I don't even agree with Mercola on, although most of it I probably do. In the article with Dr. F, he states"All tropical oils (palm and coconut) are highly saturated fats. Like butter, cheese, and meat, tropical oils raise LDL cholesterol and clog arteries with plaque, increasing your risk of a heart attack." Yet, he fails to go into detail on how they "clog" arteries, increase your risk of heart attacks, and fails to provide any clean scientific evidence. To me, it sounds quackish. Maybe he needs to look at what countires and tribes cactually consume diets high in palm oils and see if they're also high in heart disease. It might be shocking to him.
  13. Soy protein isolate is. Fermented soy isn't. I only consume fermented soy every now and then. Other than that, I don't really consume any soy.
  14. I couldn't agree more with you. I really think doing a good cleanse helps too.
  15. In an ideal world we would grow our own food. However, we don't live in an ideal world and most people do not have that much time. That is why almost everything is mass-produced in America. If I want honey, I will buy it raw because I don't have the time to go out to the mountains and find honey. Same goes with fruit. Although I do grow half of my fruit that I consume in the summer, I still buy what I can't or have not yet grown due to my busy life. If the worst mankind was doing was buying honey so that they can consume it, then we'd be doing pretty damn good. I will continue to eat my honey.
  16. Not exactly. Plants are made for us to eat, but they don't walk to our houses so we can eat them. Bee honey is there, and it can be used for human consumption. It's not like they don't make honey anyway. The farmers works hard enough to produce bee honey. It's not like people just sit around and egt rich off of it. Most people work hard to make money, so I don't see a problem buying honey if they're paying for it with hard-earned money- just as if they worked hard to get the honey.
  17. No, but they give us a good indication on what works and how it works- otherwise we wouldn't do animal studies at all. Even if it didn't work in human studies, there would be no negative side effects to eating four avocados a day, so there would be no need to "wait" for human studies to come out.
  18. DR. Fuhrman is just blaming companies who produce coconut oil. Obviously, whole foods are better than supplements. But, I really don't see coconut oil as a supplement. You can buy raw, organic coconut oil and it wouldn't be any different than taking the meat out of a coconut and blending it up in the blender with a little water added to it. In fact, I use coconut oil for a sun block on my skin too. It works well and isn't toxic like most sun blocks on the market are. Dr. Mercola advocates eating whole foods first, then filling in the gap with whatever supplements are needed. I feel the same way. It's hard to make coconut oil yourself at home, so, when I want to use some for my skin if I'm going to the beach, I'll do it. People have been doing that for thosuands of years, I just think he's on some crazy kick. The then goes on to say that "Coconut oil is 92% saturated, making it more saturated than butter, beef tallow, or even lard. Palm oil, though it contain less saturated fat (50%), is full of a type of saturated fat, palmitic acid, which appears to be most conducive to heart disease." He simply trusts todays dogma when it comes to heart disease, when, there was never any distinction made between the saturated and trans fat consumption in those "studies" showing saturated fat is the evil enemy here. Coconut oil does not contribute to heart disease because it's higher in fat. Healthy fats have no influence on heart disease and actually fight heart disease. You can eat a diet of 50% healthy fats-although I wouldn't go over that because fruits and vegetables are so essential-like many tribes around the world do, and suffer from no heart disease. That is not what the Doctor said. In fact, last year a study followed 10 people or so for over five years and watched their fat intake increase and their chance of getting heart disease never increased. And this was with todays SAD diet. One doctor did mention that most of them naturally didn't eat fast food that much, which shows that they weren't eating as much trans fat as most Americans are today. Maybe 10 years from now people and doctors will realize that not coconut oil, or even your fat intake is the problem; and that it's hydrogenated oils that are causing this problem.
  19. Thats like telling people they should grow all of their own fruits and vegetables and stop buying them from farmers markets too. Simply unrealistic to some people.
  20. I don't see the difference between killing insects, but not using their food for honey because SOME bees are "slaves." To me, thats like saying I don't agree with people abusing animals, but I agree with eating them for food. You may be a vegan who does not consume honey, but, from the posts I have read, I am sure there are plenty of vegans who do on this board. A vegan is not defined any differently just because he consumes honey. I guess we both just have different opinions about this.
  21. If I can remember currectly, you said a few posts back that you have no problem with people eating insects. What is the difference between eating a insect and eating a insect byproduct such as honey? When did I say bees don't get hurt? I said that the raw honey I buy comes from bees who aren't hurt. I know that for a fact because I visit the farm to buy the honey and the farmer is one of my best friends. Fact remains that vegan means someone who does not consume animal products and it is wrong for anyone to go around judging people and telling them that they're not vegan because they eat a insect byproduct, not an animal byproduct.
  22. No problem bro'. http://www.mercola.com/2000/dec/31/avocado_liver.htm
  23. No, because the honey- raw or not- comes from an insect. Milk-raw or not- comes from a cow. Yes, raw milk is not vegan, but, orginially, I signed into this forum because of the raw food section they have. Although Bees are insects, they do serve the plant kingdom. The way I see it is: If a animal is not hurt in the process of giving food and they do it naturally, it's food can be a gift unto mankind. I believe Raw honey is that gift. One of my best friends, that I buy honey from, is a bee farmer and produces raw honey and the bees are not hurt. I don't consume meat, fish, or chicken because I believe it to be unhealthy. Many people become vegans to be part of a trend to avoid ALL animal products, even if there were no scientific evidence showing meat was bad for you. I keep away from meat , fish, and chicken, because I don't think it's unhealthy in the long run. However, I couldn't say the same for honey since it is a healthy food and usually the bees are not hurt in the process; and that they make honey naturally anywway. I do not considier myself vegan because I drink-or drank- raw milk too. As I stated when I first signed up, I was slowly moving into the raw food diet, since I used to eat that way, before I started college. A month after being on here I have not consumed raw milk or any raw dairy. So, I would not render myself that kind of person.
  24. Hey, I read that you had liver disease. Try eating 6-8 avocados daily. they have been shown to duplicate liver cells in mice who has damaged livers from liver cancer. Cheers, Stephen
  25. Everybody needs to make sure, that his diet provides all the essential amino acids he needs and enough protein. But even for vegan bodybuilders there is no need to worry about it as long as they eat a healthy and varied diet that provides enough calories. Of course protein supports anabolic effects when eaten more. And if you are an competitive athlete – and less interested in your health – you may want to use this effect to build more mass quickly. But remember: The slower the muscles are build and the higher the food quality you put into your body the higher the muscle quality you build will be. That is basically what I said. Although protein powders provide an overall anabolic effect in the short run, if your diet is highly alkaline, your body will not break down muscle tissue for energy as much as if you were eating nothing but highly acidic foods. This is one reason why so many animals like Apes are strong. Nevertheless, if you're not active, your needs for protein is not large and will be well-served by nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and hemp. Many people forget that CALORIES are responsible for muscle growth and not just protein. You can consume all the protein you want in the world, but if you don't eat enough calories, you won't build enough muscle to pass as a natural bodybuilder.
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