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  1. yeah its fun, tough workout, and a great self defense tool, i already commented in your other martial art post but if theres a muay thai gym near you, i highly recommend it, just try it out and see if its right for you
  2. theres is no "best martial art" it all depends on the individual and what you are looking for. if you want a work out try looking for a muay thai kickboxing gym, ive trained in muay thai for several months and it was pretty hardcore. if you are looking for self defense try out brazilian jiu-jitsu, i trained in bjj for a couple years and its fun, you learn alot, and it can be a workout if you try hard, however, since you want more of a workout i suggest muay thai kickboxing, its the hardest thing i have trained in besides being in the high school wrestlign team
  3. hey guys, my name is andres and im a wrestler. i started a plant based lifestyle last year but i havent made the full conversion to vegan living until this summer. i was just wondering if anyone has experience on weight cutting and if they could help me out to make weight for wrestling. right now i weigh between 128-130 pounds when i wake up and i can go anywhere between 132-135 after eating and hydrating. the wrestling season isnt until mid november and im hoping to drop down to the 126 weight class. i want to lose weight as healthy as possible but if theres any martial artists or wrestlers out there, i know that isnt always the case. so can anyone help me out or make a plan that can allow me to lose between 8-10 pounds in a month and a half or at least give me tips on how to cut weight on a vegan lifestyle during the season. thanks
  4. i'll definately try it, im new to this so im just experimenting and seeing what works best for me
  5. thanks alot, will do!! right now im bulking up for the summer and i added swimming to my cardio regime but when it gets close to season i'll dedicate way more time for cardio
  6. well im new to this website. im 14 years old, a freshman in highschool, on the wrestling team, did brazilian jiu-jitsu, and cambodian kickboxing, and have been doing yoga for about 2 years. i am a nutrition enthusiast, i consider myself a flexitarian for now since my family doesnt want to change their eating habits but still im 60% raw and only eat meat(usually fish or chicken) once at most twice a week. i study nutrition on a daily basis and some of my favorite books are"the china study" and "in defense of food". i was just wondereing if you guys have any advice on a young up and coming health and fitness enthusiast transitioning to vegetarianism and veganism. i also am looking for advice on bodybuilding since i have been studying it extensively the past months, i used to only do bodyweight exercises but i think its time to bulk up to make varsity next year. i will probably have more questions soon but i have really been wondering how to cycle your workouts, im gonna be working on my back, shoulders, arms, legs, chest, and abdominals. can anyone help me out setting like a basic plan like chest legs back this day, etc.?
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