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  1. Travelling is rough... travelling when you don't speak the language is more rough... travelling when you're vegan and don't speak the language is... well, you get the point. Here are my two logs for yesterday and today. Workout today was mediocre, but I'm living off three hours' sleep and simply too exhausted to get more in. Hopefully Thursday night will be better. http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/8-8-11.png http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/8-9-11.png
  2. That's awesome!!!! Congrats on your new found health and lifestyle!
  3. Weekends are so hard for me! Nothing too special in this log. Leaving for Panama today... everyone wish me luck on finding healthy vegan food and having a decent hotel gym. If neither of these work out you'll see my logs come back with nothing but the Clif Bars and PB & Pretzels I've packed for emergency. http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/8-7-11.png
  4. Skipped any semblance of a real dinner last night... not really on purpose, but more because I ended up at a bar with some friends to watch the UFC fight, and the bar didn't have anything I could eat (the veggie burger wasn't vegan... sigh). I'm pretending my post-run protein bar is a good substitute for dinner, but I know it's not. http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/8-6-11.png
  5. Recovery Day! http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/8-5-11.png
  6. You can get lots of protein and calories through beans/legumes (chickpeas/garbanzo beans, black beans, lentils, etc). Quinoa (a grain) is also really high in protein and calories; you can find it at most regular grocery stores in the natural foods section, and it tastes amazing. Good luck as you continue your vegan diet!
  7. Spanish, living in China, writing in English. I'm impressed! I'm not sure if there are any of the vegan companies shipping overseas; maybe you can contact vegan nutrition web sites to see if they could work out the shipping with you so you can get some good items?
  8. I do make my own, but always based on what kind of junk I have in my fridge at any given moment. My favorite is to add chopped sun-dried tomatoes and basil - and sometimes some really finely chopped red onion and Kalamata olives - to serve on some little toast slices. Going the other way (and being totally unhealthy), I also like to mix in some sugar and cinnamon and eat with pretzels. For the green chili version - which sounds awesome - I recommend you just experiment adding small amounts of your ingredients at a time until you get something you like!
  9. Have you read Skinny Bitch? There's a lot of non-dieting stuff in there, too, and it's not geared specifically towards athletes, but it does have some good, simple, vegan dietary advice for women.
  10. That bread is AMAZING! I had always resisted buying it before because it was so expensive, but WOW - it's worth the cost! Just got back from the vet with Oliver, and he is doing good. Thanks for asking!!!
  11. Today I realized the importance of having easy-to-make meals available. I had a family (pet) emergency that resulted in me not having dinner until 11:00 pm (and then only having some cereal...). On the bright side, I got a pretty good workout in before everything happened with my dog (who is going to see the vet in just a few minutes ). http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/8-4-11.png
  12. Making up for my lack of calories on Tuesday with a few extra last night. Still looking for ways to increase my fats intake (the nut butters and spreads seem to be a good option). I need to grab some avocado and more almonds next time I go to the store to help with that purpose, as well. For fitness, just a short run yesterday; hoping to get in a more intense workout this evening. Hope to post my next log tonight. In the meantime, anyone ever been to Panama (the country, not Florida)? I'll be there next week; hope that there are some great vegan options for me. http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/8-3-11-1.png
  13. Today's log isn't too impressive from the nutrition side (not enough calories, too many carbs... I need to do some major fridge revamping to get to where I need to be). But I feel pretty good about my workout, even if the nutrition could use some help. I was exhausted when I left the gym, which is a good sign. http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/11-1.jpg
  14. Thanks for the info! I had taken my previous calculation from the guides on veganbodybuilding.com; the way it was written ("Of course, protein is important in fitness and "working out" so eat about .75-1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day.") I took it as the gospel of protein intake; do you know why there are different guidelines? Are the guidelines mentioned on the web site just meant for the heavy-lifters? My next log will have a reduced protein target of 70g; this seems much, much more attainable.
  15. Yeah, I know this stuff has got to go; I have a whole fridge of it that I'm going to get rid of and then I won't be buying it anymore. The exception will be when I go to family events where I'm the only vegan and the host insists on having something vegan for me (and since they are overwhelmed by the task of cooking for me they always rely on the no-fail processed stuff!). My theory is that if I'm not using the processed stuff as a large portion of my intake I shouldn't have to be "too" concerned with it in the long run.
  16. My first log! Main question here is regarding the protein amount. I calculated this as 75% of my body weight (currently 130 lbs), but the amount of protein I consumed today (even being conscious of trying to increase my protein) is very low versus that target, and it seems that reaching my goal amount will be difficult... so do you think I'm targeting the protein correctly? If so, the first stop I will make in the morning will be to the grocery for some protein powder so I can kick it up a notch. Any suggestions/feedback you can offer are appreciated! http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/mrgers/Workout%20Logs/11.jpg
  17. I have previously kept a training log on my computer that I haven't shared with anyone. The reality is that when it's only mine, I don't feel as bad about skipping a workout or eating an extra cookie (and the logs have been completely ineffective, and I will often update them for only one month before dropping the habit for a couple months until I start feeling bad about myself again). I hope you will all hold me accountable to keeping this training log! As I start this blog I am active (I love to hike, bike, run, etc), but I'm not consistent. Further, my inconsistencies in activity have made it super-hard for me to see any real results. I've been vegan since 2008, but I've been one of those not-too-healthy- vegans who hasn't paid as much attention to my diet (other than checking labels for sneaky ingredients like casein). After reading Robert's book I have been really inspired to do more: to be an example of health and fitness that makes others really second-guess any misconceptions they have about vegans. My longer-term goal is to have the physique of a figure model. I know this is a long, long, (long!) term goal, but I want to include this in my intro so that you can provide feedback based on that goal (I know that I'm not going to take in as many calories as you hard-core heavy-lifters!). I will be online later tonight with today's fitness/nutrition results. I look forward to seeing your input!
  18. Thanks for the quick response. Yup, you're right about consistency; I'll look into something I can use at home to record my progress.
  19. Do anyone have any suggestions for measuring body fat? The health center at my work has both the hand-grip device and also calipers. The hand-grip device showed me to be significantly overweight (which I know is wrong), and the calipers seemed to be incorrect as well (showing almost no body fat in my arms and stomach [which is definitely inaccurate], but reading me as significantly overweight in my thighs [i'm a runner, and my legs are my strongest muscles!]... it could be that the nurse at the center didn't know how to correctly use the calipers). I would like to have an accurate measurement soon, as I'm just starting my training and would like to be able to track my progress. Thanks for any feedback you can share!
  20. I'm also a relatively new vegan (three years). I lost a ton of weight when I converted, and have kept it off my running and cycling... now I'm actually looking to gain (muscle) weight through bodybuilding. I became inspired to do so when I realized a couple of months ago that, even though I'm fit in terms of cardio endurance, I have almost no body strength (I can't even do a chin-up!). I officially started training yesterday; we'll see how it goes. Good luck to you as you look to get back in shape!
  21. I would love to do one of these. I have been checking out the web site and looking to perhaps do Indiana in November. Anyone else?
  22. We started in a little town called Cumberland Gap; it's on the TN side, but within a mile or two of both KY and VA. It was simply gorgeous.
  23. You are all so inspiring! I actually did my first ever "mountain" hike over the last weekend, up the Appalachian mountains. It wasn't extreme by any means (there were man-made trails for much of the trip), but it nonetheless gave me serious motivation to get out and try it again on a bigger level. Any recommendations for a beginner challenge in the midwest? For camping I'm blessed to live near such a beautiful part of the country. If you've never been to the Appalachian mountains they are simply stunning. There are lots of great places to camp (state parks, county parks, and rogue sites, too).
  24. I only discovered this forum today via the No Meat Athlete. Happy to know the resource exists! I have been vegan for just over three years, and have been an off-again-on-again runner for about four years. I am also an avid cyclist and hiker who loves yoga and Pilates. My goal right now is to run the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon in November; I've not yet set a target finish time, other than to say that I hope to beat my May Flying Pig Half Marathon time (which was awful, as I walked it with a friend). Can't wait to make friends and obtain/share info through this site!
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