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  1. Good luck! Don't hurt yourself, eat a lot, cardio is good. Scooby helps a lot to get starting: http://www.youtube.com/user/scooby1961
  2. Did someone mentioned Patrick Babaumian? (german's Strong Men) He was vegetarian and became vegan this year. http://www.thediscerningbrute.com/2011/08/11/germanys-strongest-man-is-a-vegetarian/
  3. http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?__mk_de_DE=%C5M%C5Z%D5%D1&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=robert+cheeke&x=0&y=0
  4. Ok, this is too late but I'm also from Belgium and got my copy from amazon.de (german amazon)!
  5. He was mentioned before already, Billy Simmonds would be a great add as he is now vegan
  6. He looks great! Very inspirational!! love his tattoo as well
  7. Ah, that's something I wasn't thinking about! Many thanks!
  8. Are you sure? Why would it make me sick? And there is no lump, everything is blended and liquified (I'm just dropping 20g in something like 1,5L)... And it is way cheaper than other protein I can find here (plus I already have 7kg that I have to use for something). Until now, I'm not sick, but I still wonder because it seems to be always cooked, steamed, fried.
  9. Hi there, So I'm wondering about using gluten powder as a source of protein in my smoothies. Can it be eaten raw Can I drop a spoon of it and drink it up without problem?
  10. I agree so much with this topic! But what role does the salt plays for the soaking? And the second best thing after soaking is changing the water when they are half done cooking...
  11. It's hard when they die. You have my condolences, take care of yourself and your loved ones Robert.
  12. I see, do you know why you have that back pain? (I had back pain for years, I was woodworker a few years back and I didn't care much about my back at that time, well, recently after a 'bone scan' I realized I had a very light osteoporosis, nothing irreversible but still, I'm 26...). I am training, but I am a beginner. I run twice a week (not much, 3K for now and want to reach 5k for the end of this year). And I train with "weight" exercises twice a week (simple stuff: chin up, push up, crunch & plank). When I'll get a little more muscular I will think about doing more of "bodybuilding-exercices", but that might be in a couple of years because I'm in bad shape. I would also like to join a martial art in january in Brussels, but it will probably be something like aikido I think (I don't know so much what else to do, I'm not so much into "hitting" and violent contact). What fighting training did you follow (and will you follow)? Maybe you know it already, but there will be a vegan potluck in Antwerp city (18 dec, at 12.00). http://www.facebook.com/events/144291812343007/?notif_t=event_invite
  13. Hi Michaël, how are you doing since your last picture in the first page? Got closer to your goal? It's nice to find someone from Belgium (I live in Antwerp)! Keep the good work on! (your link in your signature isn't good btw)
  14. To get chickens (female chicks) we "destroy" large amount of male chicks at their birth (free-organic-humane-etc doesn't change that situation). Once the chickens don't lay or produce enough eggs, they will send them to be killed in the same slaughterhouses and replaced by new chickens (same here, free-organic-humane, etc doesn't change that situation either). Well unless it is a special non-profitable egg producer, I know some centers sell eggs from rescued chickens and they are left alone until they die naturally. Unfortunately refusing animal exploitation in a society that exploits animals will lead to list some food that are "in" or "out" of our ethical engagement. Veganism goes bit beyond animal products and shows that it's possible (in most of the case)... I totally agree with this though, it's not always easy or available to everyone to follow a vegan lifestyle in our non-vegan society.
  15. Anyone? How do they extract the proteins for Sun-warrior, Vega...?
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