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  1. you can also try this product: http://www.energiseforlife.com/item--Synergy-Spirulina-(100-veggie-capsules)--SPIRULINA100.html
  2. Hello! I am also new here. I wanted to do vegan very badly. But I still do not know how to start. I have benn a meat eater all my life.
  3. Hi gorilla! You got great lists and menus! and the pics are awesome too. Just wondering are you still tryign to lose weight or are you maintaining it?
  4. You can always replace your favorites into healthy snacks by altering some ingredients and replacing them to a healthy ones. you would be surprise that you are also enjoying them.
  5. Hi you can make you own vegan chips. Or you can eat the wheat free tortillas and make your own salsa. That is very healthy and very vegan. You can replace that with your doritos. And you can make your own shake as a replacement for your ice cream
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