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  1. Good golly Miss Molly! Your lookin awesome!
  2. Damn I'm close(Zephyhrills), but not close enough where its practical one thing is for sure if your going to inhabiting this state, Tampa is the place to be. Alot veg friendly resturants and alot to do in general.
  3. Hell yeah! Don't worry about losing any size/or strength on a vegan diet, at the end of the day it all comes down to your intake of nutrients. I see that your into powerlifting, well another great website to check out is http://www.veganfitness.net/ The sites filled with powerlifters, strongman, triathletes, olympic weightlifters, everything!!!
  4. Your chest flatter then the Salt lakes! I wish mine was that flat, but unfortunately mother nature and being raised on a diet of fatass caused me to grow up afraid of shirtless swimming. Just work out your chest from all angles and you should see major improvements!
  5. Good Golly miss molly welcome Robert! It's always nice to hear bout folks becoming vegan! How did ya get into the lifestyle?
  6. Ive never been razzed to much bout it at my old gym. A couple of jokes here and there, nothing to worry about but one time this dumb girl said " That veggie burger smells like shit". So I quickly replied "well your leftover chicken smells like a burnt corpse you fucking bitch"! I said it pretty much in front a huge crowd of people in the break room. No one after that mentioned anything bout the way I eat! I'm not one of those vegans that fuck with people who eat meat or go outta my way to start trouble, but I'm quick to talk shit back in a very harsh crude way.
  7. http://youtu.be/3XZr5niXdAAFucking love this song! Synthpop of all kinds has been on mind lately, but Depeche Mode will always be number two of my three favorite bands!
  8. Ima check out the might is right asap! I believe in confidence within yourself,but among others I allow myself to be taught and criticized for the simple fact that I say to to myself " who the fuck are you to not hear this persons opinion on the matter?!"Then after I hear their argument I draw my own conclusion. I do believe Anton was a bighead, but I think he did it to achieve a sense of self, but ultimately he comes off being a conceded douche.
  9. I wish I could do the big tie flip but theres no way for me to bring home a big ass tire like that! Ive' been carrying around these big ass blocks around the yard and fuck what anybody else saids, running with a crapload of weight on you is one hell of a cardio booster. How do you feel bout power exercises for fatloss and conditioning?
  10. Gonna have to stay the Satanic Bible as the most influential book. The belief that you are fully responsible for your actions and that constant pursuit of knowledge is something not to be frowned upon but held up in high regard agrees with me pretty well. I dont see the Satanic Bible as a religous tool but rather a self help guide for the unique who stand up for what they believe in! Which is pretty much every single person on here!
  11. http://primalstrength.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/poundstone.jpg It's the real life Hulk! Don't know if he's naturally built but I don't care this is a awesome physique!
  12. Hey man welcome to the forum! There's some awesome information for whatever goal you have! Are you on Wreckingpit.com as well? It's me Electrobilly!
  13. I've really been wanting sum brown rice of pea protein powder but I have absolutely no money and I buy food with EBT benefits The only supplements I can buy with that are Cliff Builder bars. I hope theirs nothing wrong with using it in a raw form I also use it to mix in oatmeal
  14. Check this article by Mike Mahler out, it has made a difference big time in my strongman style training and can be done by individuals bulking up! http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/highoctane_cardio;jsessionid=FC2AF789F683A14D4C77C3E323269F5F-mcd01.hydra
  15. To me low rep work should only be done with compound lifts, but that's just my opinion. Dumbbell BP's are fucking intense with the higher weights so a spotter is very important. I tend to use higher rep work on accessories to the compound lifts( posterior delts, lats, abductor, adductor,triceps,biceps etc) I also dabble in Pain tolerance work ( got the idea from Derek Poundstone) Basically do so many reps with a moderately lightweight and just keep at it to the point of complete fatigue. Static holds are killer as well but you should have a spotter for those cause of the extreme weight and pressure on your body.
  16. Just wanted to know if anybody else uses the stuff for different things? In terms of baking ive only made pancakes, but i've been using it in my morning shakes during workout days( coconut milk, peanut butter, ground flax seed, soy flour and a banana, and some pepitas). Is there anything wrong with using it as a sort of supplement?
  17. Deadlifts, front squats, bent presses, windmills,standing with your feet touching while doing overhead pressing of any kind, stone carrying, and a static holds( basically just holding the weight in a way that engages the abdominals, ex- one arm barbell push presses and at the top of the movement just hold the weight up as long as possible) I might not have a visible six pack, but I can guarantee I have a powerful core.
  18. http://functionalhandstrength.com/ Check this website out! This and http://www.oldtimestrongman.com/ have great articles and facts bout grip training, but what Ryan recommends is pretty much on point!
  19. Howdy my name is Roman Dellano and I live in Zephyrhills, Florida. ive been a long time lurker, but I figure give it a shot and join! I got into veganism 2 1/2 years ago, and I love the way it makes my mind and my body feel. Things that i'm into fitness wise are- Strongman training, powerlifting, oldtimestrongman training. I unfortunately don't have a gym to go to cause of finances but I manage pretty well at home with blocks, old weights, makeshift thickbar, regular bar( tad bit on the skinnier side), one adjustable dumbell, and my favorites the big ass truck tires I have in the yard. Some of my influences include Mike Mahler, Robert Cheeke, Ryan Wilson, the dudes from Melbourne Strength team and lets not forget the vegan hulks on Veganfitness.net! I'm open to any questions ya'll can muster up
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