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  1. Ever since I began the spartan race training I have not used any weights (besides my sandbag and cinder block occasionally) and I am much happier with my training. Bodyweight all the way. I am interested to follow your training.
  2. Well its almost the end of the first trimester and Im not miserable! I have been feeling good with the exception of a few bad days. I have been consistant with my workouts more than any other pregnancy which I really feel like I can compare since this is round FOUR (I'm still shocked). So far my pants fit with the rubberband trick (other mamas know) which means my legs are still the same and for that I am happy. Food hasnt been horrible. Thats the worst and most difficult part of the first trimester. You want to puke and eat crap at the same time. I did my best but I ate some junk and I must say I dont feel the least bit guilty. Other than that Ive been eating really close to raw when my body isnt repulsed by healthy choices. The second and third trimesters will be much easier. The queasiness has left entirely but some of the INTENSE cravings (which are far easier to battle without feeling queasy) are still occasionally rearing their ugly head. Ive run 5 5ks and the D&L half marathon so I really feel at peace. I am trying to stay as fit as possible while enjoying what will be my last EVER pregnancy. Doctors appointments have gone well and I have a fully supportive OB when it comes to fitness. So far so good. Pics to come soon of the ever growing bump
  3. Thanks! So far Im doing great. I have had minimal sickness and Ive pretty much had the same amount of energy. Ive continued to work out minus the intense spartan training. Ive been so busy getting the new flood free house together I havent had much time online but things have settled for now I found an amazing active wear comapny for maternity called Mountain Mama. Food wise Ive had some junk here and there but thats to be expected! My last labor was 43 minutes and I am hoping this one is just as fast!!
  4. hahahahaha I have to laugh or I will die. I am pregnant. OMG. We just moved into our after the flood house and finally got internet back today. I have continued to workout and I ran the race but I decided to do the half marathon (2:04) because I was not feeling so hot. I havent told my family. I have an ultra sound on the 11th. OMG
  5. Race Schedule SO far 2011- October 23- D&L marathon Leighton PA November- At least one 5k, they usually do a turkey trot that you donate food and clothes to. Dec 4th- JCC snow ball 5k Wilkes-barre PA Dec 31st- Penn state first night 5k State college PA 2012 Janurary- Nothing Feb- Feb freeze 5k Tunkannock PA March- St pattys day 2 miler Scranton PA April- May 5th Run for your lives obstacle 5k Boston MA June 2- Tri state spartan sprint Tuxedo NY July 14- PA spartan sprint, Blue Ridge ski resort, PA August 25- Super spartan, Leesburg VA September 22- Spartan BEAST VT October- Great pumpkin 5k November- December- ** I will update it as stuff gets added. It sounds like a lot but the only one I am really concerned with is the beast. The sprints arent bad, they are long tough and fun but not too crazy.... maybe Im too crazy!!!
  6. Today was supposed to be our moving in day but we had a crazy day and Mike just went and got the keys and put the beds together and went to work. We are in the hotel one more night. Good thing I DID get to do my WOD. 7.11 mile run with 30 burpees every 20 minutes. I did a nice long cool down. I just did my abs in room and I feel good. Im excited for tomorrow.
  7. I just signed up for the super spartan in Leesburg Virginia for 2012 using my free pass!!! Whoooo!!! IM registered for 3 spartans next year!
  8. Well its 6 measly days until marathon. I have been reading a lot about the depression you feel afterwards and how to hand NOT training. Im sure it will hit me bad, it always does. Today is a rest day anyway. Yoga later and maybe a little swimming with the kids but nothing more. I dont feel good anyway so Im not opposed to my rest days like I normally am. This week is going to be weird. Like the calm before the storm. Concentrating on rest, hydration, nutrition, and light exercise. I cant believe my next long run will be big bertha. Wow. We had a small but good change in moving plans. My husband is doing it today. The stuff we could save is on a uhaul. I feel torn. I cant believe my house is gone but I also cant believe we got a great new one.
  9. Oh and we decided to do the run for your lives race on May 5th in Boston!!! WHOOOO! Also I won a free race pass from Spartan races yesterday. That is frickin awesome.
  10. In typical Hassett family fashion we woke up HOURS before we had too and manged to be so late anyway that we had to skid into a parking space sideways at the race, me jumping out, car still moving, praying I wont have to pin my bib on while running..... again. ::SIGH:: I don't know where it all goes wrong but we cant be on time to save our lives. It was raining and chilly, perfect fall weather, I love it. The only thing I don't love is wet leaves, I just picture horrible slip and fall accidents. I knew going into this race that this wasn't a "race" for me, it was just a fun run because I'm not about to bust my ass a week before the marathon. Easier said than done!! Its soooooo hard to hold back. I always believed I wasn't competitive, boy was I lying to myself. I'm the worst!!! I'm a closet cutthroat. Thankfully mother nature was looking out for me and gave me an extremely hilly slippery course, which made me extra unwilling to risk any injury after working so hard to prepare for the marathon. I got a fantastic start and actually stayed with the front of the pack easily until about halfway, this was mainly to do with the hills. The first hill was spartanesque and I had a little advantage. While everyone else fell back I kept a steady pace. The hills rolled from then on. I still kept a steady pace. I wanted to keep a 10 minute mile pace, slow, I know but I wasn't "racing"...... I was enjoying the fall foliage. I finished very strong for me and I am pleased overall with 30:14 time. My pace was right on with what I wanted. I have to battle the "WIN AT ALL COSTS" issues I have and I did today, that makes me proud. So now the great rest begins. Now I do my push ups challenge, my abs and have one more light jog and hit the bike the rest of the week. Im excited to do this next race but it scares the hell out of me.
  11. I did the Civilian military combine http://www.civilianmilitarycombine.com/ It was an obstacle course race, my first and I loved it. I'm doing another race on October 22nd called Run for your lives http://runforyourlives.com/ Its a 5k obstacle race, but with zombies Ive heard of both!!! I would LOVE to do the Zombie one. Our halloween 5k got cancelled due to the flood
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