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  1. John Thank you so much, it helped a lot, I will make sure to focus on that post workout meal, I am already low in starchy carbs, which I like because I dont digest them well anyway and I was eating way too much before. I try to taper the carbs during the day so my last meal is mostly protein, veggies and fat. Thank you again for taking the time to help me and answer my questions. Have a wonderful week
  2. Thank you for the reply, yes I guess it is a bit vague just asking a ratio without adding any other info Right now I am looking to cut fat, while building a reasonable amount of lean mass. I am following a circuit training 3 times a week alternate with days of cardio (moderate 30-40 minutes) and rest. I try to lift as heavy as I can, the workouts are shorter (30-40 minutes total) and very intense, my goal is to lose 16lb and 10% body fat in the next 12 weeks ( I hope it is a reasonable goal). Thank you again for your help
  3. Hello there, nice to meet you Here is where I keep my journal, http://vanessa-m-dionne.blogspot.com/2011/06/starting-all-over-again.html kinda, I keep a paper one and i am going to try to update this one online as much as I can. The workout program is from bodybuilding.com, for now I am doing the plan for women 40+ ( I am 40) fat loss. I will follow it for 12 weeks then switch to the building muscles if I am satisfied with the results.
  4. I am using veg soy free protein and nutribiotic rice protein powder and I was wondering what would e the ideal ratio of carbs and protein for the after workout shake? And what carbs are the best, like fruit, maltodextrine etc. Thank you in advance
  5. Just started and this is the first time I am doing it vegan (last time I was still a meat eater ) For now: Breakfast; Protein shake with Veg soy free powder, one frozen banana, one tsp of almond butter. Snack; Organic raspberries, 30 gr of pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds (alternate) Lunch; one of the following, one cup of cooked lentils (stew type) or tempeh like chili with bell peppers, big salad with lemon and almond, olive or flax oil. some steamed veggies. Snack; frozen banana in food processor with a scoop of srpouted rice protein powder, almond butter and stevia, turns into a super yummy ice cream Dinner; pan roasted sprouted tofu with garlic, cumin and spices, big salad and occasionally a 1/4 of sweet potato.
  6. Great! So glad to meet you
  7. Hello, I just joined. I am back on track with workout and diet, my ultimate goal is to get in the greatest shape of my life and maybe do one figure competition. I got close couple years, then I dont know what happened, ahh yes my second son happened LOL. I am a new vegan (little over a year) so this is the first time I am doing a real workout and diet on a plant based only food, I am still figuring out what works better for me, but I think I got it going now. Thank you for allowing me to join this great comunity, I am sure I am going to need help here soon Vanessa
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