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  1. Hello there, I am interested in buying a good bluetooth headset for running. The main criteria are: * Sweat resistant * Durable * Good audio quality Any recommendations, please? Thanks in advance
  2. this is a 100% vegan forum, your question is totally irrelevant and inappropriate. should we start discussing fishing, zoos and rodeos and how we like them?
  3. We should all swear an oath that if any of us turn out like the people u listed then the rest of us must kill the person.Not out of rage just out of honor. Like a knight or samurai who betrayed the king or shogun. Who is down for this?Step up VBB.Swear a blood oath. I'm in
  4. Dear friends. I have a throat ache and I can feel that my body is slightly drowsy. I think I can handle a cardio workout of 1hr (running/jogging). Should I go for it? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi there. Well, first of all, I'm sorry that I bumped an old thread. Second, amazing transformation. Hot body How are you doing these days? I am a bit overweighted myself and trying to lose some. As of now, I lost more-or-less 15 kg. The thing that worries me most is the excessive loose skin. It seems you were "lucky" and that issue by-passed you. Any recommendations on how to prevent and "fix" if such occurs? Thanks a lot in advance
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