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  1. oooh...kombucha....nectar of the Gods...second only to black coffee
  2. dude, your body is a frickin' anatomy book. wow. inspiring as always!
  3. 300 g of protein?! I wanna do...only whats an old lady gonna do with all that muscle! Say hi to Mom...will be in San Diego for a few days visiting my nasty, not so nice but I love them to death chirruns. the female one needs a smack or two, but it certainly will not be by my hand, I could be accused of abuse...again...oy..gotta laugh. Your workout is insane, God job! I have been real sick to my stomach so just a lot of cardio...averaging teh equivalent of 7 miles day running and I was lifting , but last two weeks...hard when my stomach acts up..as you are aware of in your own life. But I look real lean and semi ripped. Again, whats an old lady gonna do with all that muscle? Hugs...
  4. Disneyland?! You will be 1 hr away ( I f I am back in San Diego by then)...I want to come watch you cross the finish line ( if I am back in San Diego) What month? And, NO, I am NOT kidding.
  5. you look amazing...and its your "cut from here"...I would see you at a mall and think , "Wow, she is gorgeous.."and probably wonder if you worked out and had to diet...lol
  6. New avatar pic since last here, you thin and healthy amazing woman, you! And ditto to what Forklift said on the "Hell yeah" for your 5K soon to be half marathon...I MISS running soo sooo much...I am still doing my 6 - 7 miles worth daily on a freakin' stairmill..not the same...I ra nfor 29 years...it is THE BOMB!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!
  7. I know many of us work out to eat... wanted to share in my new adopted home city! http://vegfoodevents.com/
  8. what weight did you start at last time? OMG, I would die and never want to be seen again if I weighed 151...I am also 8 inches shorter than you, I think. So inspired by your continuous journey! How is the sleep going this time around- I know you have mentioned in other training that sleep is often a problem. I just had two peeps at my gym today ask how I stay so lean, fit and muscle fit ( for a girl, dag- nab it...and old)...I just looked at them and said, "I do it vegan?" You Rock it Princess Warrior Stix!
  9. Yes, I saw- Thank you... BUT, BEER SAVVY impaired..the list is HUGE...I just need some suggestions on American statside brewed vegan beers- have never drank a beer in my life ( and I am way over 21), so I was hoping for a shorter list from some peeps here that may have tried a few.
  10. OK.. Have been AWOL...ripped a glute last year, kinda quit posting altogether after injured ( took about 13 weeks off total it was that bad)-as soon as I could walk without searing pain, I was back in the gym...d'uh SO...I find myself involved in the planning and a major contributor to the Vegan Iron Chef Competition that is being held in San Francisco on March 21, 2013 http://www.vegfoodevents.com and I need to locate a good Vegan Beer Sponsor---I DON"T DRINK BEER ( vegan or otherwise), and I thought to self.."I bet the people on Vegan Bodybuilding board would be able to suggest some good stateside USA brewed vegan beers...so...pleae ...would love some beer suggestions in teh next day or so. Go online and check it out, especially if you are in Bay Area. There is also going to be a Berkeley Vegan Earth Day...get this..on "4/20" (a huge "d'oh" on 'that' date) anyways..please on beer suggestions..I am really beer savvy impaired. Thanks, Amy
  11. love that you are blending the mind w/ the body. In MN and Chicago all week, and then FL. I am slated to leave to SF ASAP...new adventures...need to see you and mom, trying to see how to squeeze in Idylwild. Hugs to you both. and for the record..doing better. not much...but everyday I try. You two are a lesson on Inspiration! xoxo
  12. you are the man! need to see you and mom before I move to SF. What's the schedule like on your weekends...and will text mom as well. working for Tampon Queen still but wantto phase her OUT...and limping along with my broken heart...so grateful to you and mom ...you will never know, yeti! Your workouts look great- glad you found a way to run!!! it is zen on earth, xo
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