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  1. been back post injury for 51/2 weeks- heavy cardio and much less weights. the glute tear still acts up. diet is ehhh....85% clean, 15% crap food..maybe 90/10? size 0's too tight still (they fit but VPL's - visible panty lines.) and my other clothes look great. 2's and a handful of 4's....but abs and legs jiggle. yech. still there, though and approaching it as comeback, so my competitive spirit is ehhh, and I also have some family issues that continue to affect me at times, and I pick family time over gym for now--or whats left of a family. The gym is my anchor some nights for lack of ...( I have two wayward boys that are assholes- 22 and 20...and a poisoned 16 year old which is why family comes first with HER) my goal is my competition body without the competition. I am more than 5 but less than 8 lbs from- its the body fat, I tell ya! Got stopped by a hottie teh other night in a parking lot...he saw me from behind and drove up and said, "Nice biceps"...but when he saw I was "older"...drove off. LOL. Made my night. Cougar mom...lol.
  2. so are you marathoning at all now? I did sooo many Half's , I lost count (I live in So Cal...they have one at least every month somewhere, and so for years (1993 - 2009) I did like 4 - 8 per year minimum...crazy fun and that doesn't count training runs)...but only four full's, and at 23miles my right hip gives out...all 4--and then in 2009...my insides just up and quit on me- after like 27 years of running-Its why I love the stairmill so much..its the only thing that even comes close to replicating a good, long, hard run ( gawsh, that sounds kind of naughty) saw you were at Kyles thread....I am trying to get him to not focus on the form and instead just enjoy the run-- (he's here in San Diego so I see him and his mom frequently)...he isn't there...yet. ..not logging my own workouts on here anymore...but back in the gym with 45 - 1 hr cardio sessions and 30 -40 minutes of 5 day body work out..man, getting injured at 50 sucked rear end. Don't do it.Still tiny and in shape, but up 5 lbs and a few BF% 's, but all good...part of the crazy ride known as life Tell me you are one of the dads that pushed his kids in a baby runner when they were babies!!! Thanks for always being so inspiring and motivating!
  3. Like Forrest Gump, ...run, kyle, run. you think too much on your form while you are engaged. Get healed, do something else in the interim, and start over with one goal...to just go out and run. If one has to think so much...its not natural! I would run tomorrow if I could...I can't...so, if you don't mind hearing an old lady run on a bit ( I can get Kevin over, ya know and he is MUCH older than me)...when you are done being hurt..just Run. Enjoy it. Have the Gratitude thing we were talking about last week! and if its not uour sport, fine...but there is NO QUITTING allowed. Changing course of actions, sport or plans is ok, but quitting is a no-no. See ya Tuesday and give mom a hug! Rebitchka said to say hi as well.
  4. have lost my umpf to post daily... I was in gym 5 out of 7 days last week and lifted all major body parts. Still squared to squat and do hard core lunging...but cardio is BACK! I was asked ast night if I were going to compete again...ego boost...at 51..I DON'T THINK so...no need for the ass to be hanging out..but nice to hear. Still up a few pounds and percentages, but all my clothes fit and I think I will just quietly fade away on the forum. Its been fun..and the days I am home working is nice..but, ehhhh
  5. My kids are older... and if you read (instead of reposting shit you found online)--you would see, I did vaccinate, to a point, i am all about informed decision making. Bruce, you're kind of being an asshole about all this...I read JAMA and ACOG materials current and relevant 8 years ago when my son was 12 and the school wanted his hib titer redone. (do you need to know what JAMA and ACOG are????) I dont save shit like that..it was 8 years ago..and nice as you may be..you're being an ass right now. Go back to original posters thoughts..she asked WHAT about schools..I provided an answer. If you feel its your mission to educate on immunizations...Go public. Put it on Fbook...Call Jenny...but you are just looking for an argument here..and really..if you want to reply..Go for it..but I know an asshole looking for an argument...I was married to one, once. Oh, and I read 1/2 of one of Jenny's book...put it down..she is an idiot. go ahead and rip me a new asshole..I won't respond again. Go convince others,...
  6. Taught in a hospital Childbirth Education for over 8 years, and three years at my local Community College in Continuing Ed. I don't do anything half assed or half cocked when it comes to my children/ family and their health. I have read. And I do know. A pharmacist's daughter, and I used to read the PDR for fun in college. I am quite informed of my decisions- and read nursing manuals and pediatric journals. Oh and used to do a quarterly seminar with a prominent La Jolla physician when I was still working at the hospital. Again...you are coming from a bias...I am coming from neutral. Go back and reread my original reply...I have melded allopathic and homeopathic for years---I mentioned polio was eradicated due to vaccines...I am neutral. I chose NOT to do anymore vaccines in middle school, they kept changing and adding more. Upon further research, I made my decisions to stop. I don't have a newborn. My youngest is 16...the other are in their twenties, and two of the vaccines they were SUPPoSED to have, ...well, those have already been removed and replaced with something else. Its constantly evolving and sometimes...NOT for the greater good. Oh,...and I kept my kids home from school during chicken pox as I DID not do varicella, and I kept my son out when he had whooping cough. Your broad assumptions are just that...broad. On the flip side, I am sure you are a nice guy...just extremely opinionated and not necessarily in the right...just opinionated. The original question posed was the issue of schools; I shared..you can sign a waiver if you choose not to immunize. Thats knowledge based. The choice to immunize or not is personal..all I did was answer a question..with fact and personal experience. Kudos that you did for your son..how old is he? I guaranfuckingtee that the immunization schedule is radically different than the ones my kids got...life is too short to quibble over this...now if you really want an argument and studies thrown back at you on WHY NOT TO...go read Jenny McCarthy's book,
  7. Yay, Kyle! I forgot to ask where you ran in my hood today...past the construction to the park or the other way and hilly? Glad you figured the shoe thing out---and now, sadly you need to change it to "Clean Cut ex beard man" ( Herc...he loks exceedingly handsome w/ out it--told him and his Mom, so!) He needs to run in Portland...Oh My, ...Land of Nike! See ya on the 6th (or so) ..and big hugs to you and Mom!
  8. and I wouldnt have it your way. My son STILL got a full case of whooping cough...and he was vaccinated. just be careful when insulting someone's intelligence...cause you only insult your own.
  9. Bruce.. I am not of a herd how rude If I were an uneducated twit, it'd be different...i am not. And you did your kids, right? Now, THAT's a herd! Everyone running to the pediatrician to get vaccines because someone said to. I forget why I don't like to come her to post, till I read crap like this.
  10. the topic was raising vegan babies and vaccines- I was stating my ex was a non vegan or vegetarian in addition to being a meat eating piece of poop asshole. Thats all.
  11. un related to training, but how sweet you did that for your wife for her 40th (my ex hub got so plastered on my 40th--I didn't get a gift let alone a photo collage---there is a reason he is the ex- and turned 51 two days ago..ptooey)! restores faith in good men being out there--I knew there was something cool about you...separate that you were a runner first! Is the wife vegan/ vegetarian as well? kids? glad training is kick ass for you
  12. About Schools,...as I did both and I live in a high traffic border city- and I placated my children's non Veg dad ( I was vegetarian, not vegan when my kids were born decades ago, or so it seems, and I HAVE BEEN kicked out of a pediatric practice for not doing what the doc's suggested- My crowning glory ( it really was): After grade school, I put my foot down on ALL vaccines (my middle developed whooping cough in 6th grade anyways)- ALL SCHOOLS, ALL DISTRICTS, ALL STATES- You can sign a waiver and submit to the schools and say, "NO, I am not doing any vaccinations",.in doing so, you say you are responsible and will not sue any one if an epidemic breaks out, that you are aware of the inherent health considerations, and if an epidemic should break out- you will not send your child to the school, nor hold anyone responsible for any disease contracted, should one be contracted. However, please keep in mind- Polio has been practically eradicated due to vaccines. I encourage you to keep an open mind to the benefits modern medicine does carry and strike up a healthy balance between traditional and non traditional medicines ( you will hear to it referred to an Allopathic vs. homeopathic)- as we did both for years, and my kids have been traditonally med free except for things like severe asthma, whooping cough, strep and staph infections, and we had Respiratory Syndrome Virus sweep through when my daughter was 9 months ( she is 16 now)-
  13. the shoes and mountains to flat lands and you are building that base I was referring to. You are inspiring!
  14. Blazing Saddles - Classic Young Frankenstein- Classic more modern: Meet the Parents
  15. NASM! You go! I have taken their test twice ( and passed, probably best all around cert, in my opinion.) When are you competing...loved your comment on giving up mass for lean--found a ton of photos recently from when I was 38- 40 and was not lifting but was bigger lower body size wise and lean but not ripped. I think it changes in various seasons of our lives. Love teh food variations you posted...great "food for thought", and inspirational as always. And laughing, cause, I always have someone saying, "Oh, I will train with you...just call or text...and I do...and they NEVER show up". Anyways..thanks for the inspiration today!
  16. Injury Free..finally. Some pain, but minor and nothing like the debilitating pain I was in for 3 plus months. Been doing cardio all week....and some weights. Just futzing. My bones are sore, believe it or not- must be the stretch at the origin and insertions from so much time off longest ever in years from any cardio ( weights I have been known to skip a year here or there when I was marathoning). I am 51 today. Someone told me yesterday I could pass for 35 - 40 body wize...made my day. the face is assuredly 50 (laugh lines and time). So Sun thru Wed has been : Sun- 30 mins Mon- 45 mins cardio and chest and tri Tu- 45 cardio and lower body- 20 minutes - moderate but like a medium level workout- NO STANDING with weights stuff like squats or lunges hard core, yet---some, but really modified for squats and lunges were standing with my knee back so I could control the amount of step into.. Wed- just 50 cardio Today...something and will post later. Follow up. Rule: if you don't like what I say---don't put anything...this is a place for all on their own threads to foster strength and encouragement...so, if you are ignorant- leave my post and go somewhere else--if I knew you in RL...you would have been in tears if I had lit into you. ( I think it was Blueduxx and her stupid, vapid post and totally useless yet negative comment to a post months ago...i am sorry you are a stupid vapid ninny, but please stay off my threads altogether and all will be happy) To anyone reading...Go Capture the day!
  17. thanks...will make it out soon...just post injury 2 weeks now, so....gotta get in shape to have my ass kicked in a workout! will look at meetup schedule
  18. I know of Betty Lou's...like PB2..yuummm...only a binge kind of...I end of making a lot at one time. PB2 has 1 more gram of protein than Betty Lou's, but I doubt it..they are all the same- coconut sugar and peanuts...flattened out like Flat Stanley and dehydrated to the nth degree. I tried in a smoothie a few months back...heavenly. Do you like? Are you using now instead of peanut butter?
  19. No more Kenyan Kyle? I told you, RoadRunner Sports is the bomb; and that location is THE ORIGINAL( well, kind of- the first was a teeny tiny warehouse off of Activity Rd in Miramar area)...Runner at the heart...I got this city and that sport dialed in on where to get the bomb shoes and vegan grubs ( I know a LOT of other good vegan cities, tho) I will text your guys TH or FR... Glad you love the shoes!!!! xo
  20. call on your way down to your sister's...I should be here...we can do coffee here and save some $$$...I have the New Mexico Pinot Blend from Traders at the moment--will be working, so you know how that goes...Bob and Meisha miss you, too and Dan and Rebecka have both asked about you ...if not, will see you as you will be down here through the 26th, right?--logging off...give Mom a HUGE hug from all of us.
  21. Stop by with Mom! Not leaving now...trip was postponed a week or two! yay on the shoes...are you going to REI or Roadrunner...go to both first...Roadrunner is right across the street from REI...both have phenomenal shoe depts! Miss you guys!
  22. saw you had a meetup in town for today; just getting over a bad tendon rupture, but would welcome a hard ass workout with you...(in San Diego)...holy crap you are lean!
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