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  1. part deux leg extensions 4 x 12 @55 press 3 x 10 @ 90 on hoist--my back hurt hamstring down 4 x 12 @ 55 lunges- some dill weed had the dumbells, just 40 w/ 20# butt blaster 3 x 15 @125 something is better than nothing
  2. its an addiction since I cant run anymore...I have been known to go at 20...I have better form at 16. I am an old lady OCD gym rat! I had a 23 year old tell me his 42 year old mom and 20 year old GF don't look as good. out the door...job interview, (hopefully under the table money to get by till I snag a Career footing position)---and I may have an offer in a day or so...fingers crossed , as a Nat'l Sales Manager...for get this..100% organic bio degradable feminine products...and yes, there is a market...and its growing! More later...and thanks Synny!
  3. Again, thanks. I used to work for the largest vitamin manufacturer in the US and i have a very opionated view on supplements...not all are snake oil...and i took for years...but i am a confirmed skeptic now. Here's a good one, ...Procor and Gamble just bought New Chapter, one of the prettiest boxes on the shelf in any Whole Foods Whole Body...a 100%. Commission line, no salary base for the rep. That means sell me and push me. If it werent a money maker, P & G would not have bought...there are good supps iut there...no doubt, but it is a profit driven industry with no regulation at all, and its about the almighty dollar when you have LDS people drinking coffee and justifying caffiene in supps to satisfy the bottom line. Agreed its inflamed, and i will stick to resting and rehabbing and detoxing with cleaner food choices. For me, that works best. I so appreciate the input, truly. Just felt obliged to say where i am coming from and where my not going that way comes from. Too many years chasing 401k's and watching an industry that isnt true to its own self...supplements.
  4. WorkOut #2...and first time n weeks it felt good. listened to lifehouse..and a good podcast back hyperextensions w/ 10# 3 x 20 assisted pull ups EZ, 3 x 10 bent over 1 arm row 4 x 12 w/ 20# upright row w/ w/ weight stack, pulle 3 x 10 @90# dumbell curls 3 x 10 w/ 15# sit upon on highest incline 2 x 50 25 mins of cardio level 16 stairmill
  5. anterior head only, yes on up with weight--major yes on anything behind me a trainer by trade and degree and many certifications and workshops over the years...so I am sure its soft tissue, didn't really consider rotator cuff as my ROM os still pretty good without pain all the way through the arc. WILL not see a doc- possibly the PT I used when I was still running marathons and had my knee and IT band go- I know I need to rest it,..I did, and may have to longer...I just want some other exercises others may have used in re-habbing--THANKS for the link. Its exacty what my PT would print out and hand me. D'uh, I could have had a V8. and NO, not a lack of vitamins and minerals..a whole 'nother soapbox, but thanks for throwing that out there.
  6. pffft...not at all silly slingshots --the definition is beautiful-even in a teeny tiny photo! and switch it to a jealous pacifist!
  7. short, fit, work in progress with a pretty face. Ya, those demons can be a bitch. Out the door, again. logging out for the night- Namaste!
  8. I absolutely hate that you can eat whatever the hell you want and still look like that! I know people say,"Life isn't fair"...and when I look at your food pics...its NOT! Paula Dean is whacked that you need Bacon...she hasn't seen any of your creations. oh, and your arms look divine in the avatar! Girls with Guns! Love it!
  9. Thanks Synny So, I went back to do chest and tri's post shoulder injury 15 push ups and it HURT- I usually do at least 50 chest press- big girl bar plus 5 on each side 3 x 10 incline w/ big Girl Bar plus 5 on each side 3 x 10 dumbbell flies w/ 10's - 3 x 10 1 arm skull crushers 3 x 10 2/ 10 and tri pull downs on cable/ pulley Universal 3 x 10 at something no dips and no more work using my shoulder. I should have done more cardio. I didn't Roman chair sit ups x2 x 50 I stil feel weak and wussy I succummbed to a Macadamia White chocolate Luna- I am bad
  10. All better today. 45 min on my beloved stairmill level 16. Will do a second workout this evening and test the shoulder. My jeans arent any tighter, so the binge was more in my head. love the 530 thing and hope to do all week even w/ my baby(16) at her dads all week...my challenge is to have my cardio done before 630 am every day!
  11. Im "old" , too...50...but still pluggin' along...I need my weights and good food...how else am I gonna keep my ass from draggin to the back of my knees? What part of So Cal? We just had hail!
  12. I went...that counts. Have been struggling, it appears, not so successfully with "Old Demons/ bulimic behaviors" from 32 years ago...my workouts and weights and cardio and unemployment are getting overlapped...and just negative, addictive behaviors..really was and might still be ( looking forward, cant look back or one turns onto a pillar of salt, like Lot's wife), but really having a time with it all. Thank heavens I work out and am vegan...I would be a big rolling taco truck otherwise, but, just really struggling ( or was...always think past tense)
  13. thanks for the good cheer; I am / was struggling...the 18 year old bulimic seems to be rearing her ugly head (in me)...even 32 year old victories haunt us sometimes.... hope your outside time rocks! (cold and rainy for us here in SoCal)
  14. Ended up changing plans to have breakfast w/ my son...22 as of today. Threw my workout schedule off...but worth it. So...wussy...and those days are coming to an end Hoist vertical leg press, 4 x 10 at 90 Butt bluster 4 x 15 @ 100 Extensions 4 x 12 @ 55 Hams down thing 4 x 12 @. 55 Lunges [email protected] 15 Plies squats 3 x [email protected] q5 Still sore , tired and weak
  15. Will try. Thanks. Hope to lift here soon! Will attempt my protein tomorrow...i want to look like the women that are cutting! I talked myself out of a luna bar, a builder bar and my fave,...envirokidz choco drizzles.. I wamt that crazy cut mentality....i think its tied into the career thing and my weight is stuck in that, too. Scary thought: i was in labor 22 years ago. Aye chee wah wah. My baby boy is gonna be 22 tomorrow!
  16. No...sounds awesome...like portobello's ? I am still stuck on your peanut butter pie and GF cornbread! I think we need to collect all the recipes, put them in book form and do like. Skinny weight lifting bitches book and be the next skinny bitches best seller, and split the millions accordingly.
  17. The brownie was a treat...i dunked in coffee...and then i talked myself out of food since the tatoes w/ daiya. Ever since i stopped weights the last two weeks i am feeling fluffy. I am still tiny, but my weight ocd is making me silly. About it...i can feel an nth of an inch difference..like the princess and the pea. I am sure not lifting is part of it. I am hoping my insides can do it tomorrow. My shoulder is trashed. I had yeti w/ me yesterday...when i reached behind me in my car...i trashed it again...if he hadnt been with, i would have cried. So, doing slow, static stretch and will do on left side for symmetry. I can modify upper body, but i need to figure out how to get more protien and energy to do some hard core lower body work, as now i am feeling the 6 figure unemployment blues.....bad. Its partially part of the blah-zay. Vegan pizza sounds delish...but too many carbs. Best part of my day...my estranged son...is no longer estranged. One down and one to go. I miss my weights!!!! My chubby lil thighs do, as well.
  18. Hi Cassie, I live in San Diego- like for eva. i have that degree from SDSu- and i am a trainer! Lol. But i dont do as a (probably older than dirt to you, too) ...what part of "America's Finest City" do you reside? What gym do you work out at? Its supposed to rain tomorrow through Monday. You look great,
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