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  1. Welcome to the far most wonderful place ! look forward to hearing more about you
  2. Awesome ! It's going to make it hard to decide what color I want?
  3. Thanks Trev and Robert... I'll spread the word around BTW do you sell those vegan hats?
  4. Hi Michele... Welcome to Vegan Body building and fitness... believe in yourself... Tasha
  5. Great start Pamela.. .make sure you're eating lots of good vegan food...and that you're sleeping good... that's one of the keys, is train with people who are better then you.. I was training with my friend Donald since November. He's running the 256k across the Gobi Dessert... On June 17th... I haven't been training with him because he's at his peak, and I'm injured... Great on you though, you're on the right track..
  6. Great progress Pamela!! The hardest part of starting.. is getting your butt out there..You'll be surprise that you can beat your time.. The more miles you put in, the better you get at it... Another thing you'll be surprise is you'll want to push it further... Have you thought about runnning with a group or club or getting a coach?.. they'll teach proper form, it's fun and you'll gain more confidence.. Who knows, you could even be the next Steve Prefontane, who broke a 5k just over 13mins:) But in the mean time take it slow, let your body adapt.. and just have FUN!!!! You're doing fantastic !!!
  7. That's awesome..you must feel good. Way to go JW
  8. do you know the website of your velodrome in Portland?
  9. This sounds cool...What's this all about? and when is it? We had a hottub man event with my triclub.. Sounds like Ironman.. But instead It was bike, run and boom's away in the hot tub.. !!! WEEEEEEH
  10. Too cool, it's always great to meet new veggies.. I can't wait to visit Portland. I heard you have a awesome vegan selection in resturants and grochie stores !
  11. Yeah !!!! You should try to come to the track when you're here. How cool is that ridding with theee Robert Cheek hehe! I'm sure I'll gain my confidence back too.. Unless a car dashes out on the track hehe.. But I'm sure it'll be safe. where about is Alpenrose?
  12. Really a mentor? he would really like that if you told him. I'm very lucky to have him as a friend.. He pick my bike, my gear. I gained confendence riding beside his wheel. It'll be awesome to have another Vegan on the track.. I notice you're on Zaadz as well.. I have 2 Favorite sites! Zaadz and Vegan Bodybuilding fitness. Robert Rules!!
  13. haha! too cool Dave's my friend too.. That's awesome. There's three of us through OA and planing to have a track and trail for fun at the Velodrome near the end of Auguest.. We would love to have you anytime !!! http://gvva.bc.ca/ Hope to see you on the Island. I'm new trackie. So any of my good habbits are thanks to him..
  14. Yeah it has been a challenge.. but I just hopped over the wave.. My mom thought I was crazy for the day I got out of the hospital. I was down at the Velodrome. Not riding of course. And I wasn't strong enough to set up the riders. Instead I got ring the bell. Thanks for the info on the massage therapist.. You're absolutely right.. My shoulder is out of linement. I can't bring it down to the ground if it's beside my head. Also hurts to reach for my right shoulder... and bring it around my back.... Thanks for the welcome Lotus
  15. Thanks for all the warm welcomes !
  16. How nice thanks Robert.. I hope to meet you.. I bet you're super cool in person as you are in your video I'll probably be heading to Portland in September with the Tour de Organics. Maybe we might ride by your green cave. haha ! Cheers Tasha
  17. Yes me too, and it's been answered..
  18. Thanks... things are coming together. With a strong recovery. I'm bouncing back to normal. It must be from all that Vega !
  19. My name is Tasha, I'm from Victoria BC. I've been a vegan for 9 months. I had an interest in becoming Vegan because I didn't think it was possible to just live off fruits and vegetables. I also didn't think it was possible that I would compete in triathlons. Dew to 10 months ago to not being able to float in water, not being able to ride properly. But in My prospective anything is possible... I've been training hard these past 4 month for my first race on June 3rd. Dew to a minor set back, three weeks ago I got hit by a car, from riding home from a in house triathlon. Which won't allow me to race in June. From a head, shoulder, and internal injuries. But lucky enough nothing broke !! Yaaah go Vegan power ! TTFN
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