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  1. Happy Birthday Hayley http://www.sendmore.co.uk/acatalog/PS609-party-hats-pop-up-birthday-cards.jpg What's the best time to watch the shower?
  2. I have three, why because they are strong, muscular, sexy, powerful, intelligent, and dominant These female comic figures are independent, who don't rely on anyone but themselves. Aeon Flux http://homepage.mac.com/merussell/iblog/B835531044/C1162162177/E20051128001823/Media/AeonFlux1a.gif Elektra http://www.marvel.com/universe3zx/images/4/4f/Elektra442.jpg Lara Croft http://images.techtree.com/ttimages/story/78126_tomb-raider-legend.jpg
  3. Bvp if you loved that. Then you'll love this too! http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/89/l_3513da7b48f5c8c9acf08b752637bcf6.jpg
  4. Both my little (well not little anymore) cousins skates professionally. (Matt and Mike) So proud of them both. I couldn't help but to share these videos with you Matt is the blonde and Mike is the buzzed blonde. Here's a couple of vids of them (Cream of the Crap). They also have footage of skating in a mall and the security was chasing after them. They are really not that bad at all. VE you should get back into it, if you are talking about it. I bet it would be a good thing to do. Mind the bangs, cuts, broken things and bruises Also Trev and Suz, Gourmet Vegan chef on here long board. You should msg one of them.
  5. Very cool pick Vegan Joe. I'm adding that to one of my favorites thank you
  6. Or you can just have me in your kitchen for a day and I'll prep for you. I love preparing raw foods. And friends to do it with, is like icing on the cake.
  7. If anyone in the BC area. You can find costumes and posing suits here in Nanamio BC It's called Ginger Wear. Well it's only 30 miles from my house. Beats from ordering online http://www.gingerwear.ca/
  8. Meh, if the gym isn't busy I don't have a problem with people doing barbell curls in the squat rack. At least at my gym, there are no extra barbells or space to use them. Each barbell lives on a rack or bench. No Way ! Squat rack is to squat. I agree with Denise big time. ! My other gym I go to quiet but senseless people going places where they shouldn't be. I was trying to train legs, but had to do another workout because someone was using the mirror in the squat rack. It's annoying to have to wait for that. People chatting next to you, and friend in the way of your bench. really frustrating to consintrate. I'll only go to that gym if I do't have time to go to the one I really like. oh the rants haha I like this thread
  9. Wow coming from someone who can't even do one full wide grip chin up. haha just kidding sweetie !
  10. sorry I just wanted to say I've been reading such helpful answers Good work and thanks for being so patience and respectful with your choice of words.
  11. Yeah you neeed to hey Dry Good work ! that's awesome glad you're making progress !!! Look at you lol
  12. HA hardely lazy do you have a dark face foundation in mind? I know of one brand someone recommended that will match dark body.
  13. You haven't mentioned anything about practicing 1/4 turns, Three pose T walk. And I don't think you mentioned about practicing walking in your platform heels. I'm sure you are, other wise you lower back and toes are going to kill. Have fun and enjoy the experience all the best to Alex.
  14. Yes agreed, Ellena has a beautiful physique. But with my body type I don't think I can build muscle and compete in bodybuilding category. If so it would take me many years of training. Probably be in Masters + by that time. Ellena is genetically gifted. Especially competing so young and trained for a short amount of time. I find when you actually meet a competitor face to face it gives a realistic goal. Fatima gave me a clearer picture for my my body type. I'm still going to have to train my tail off. I'd say a year I'll be there. I know can do it Professional Fitness/muscle competitor Fatima "Fati" Kusch place fourth this year in Montreal FAME 2009 http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-sf2p/v238/116/43/503709081/n503709081_385829_9369.jpg Awesome lady, she's the whole package for my ideal !
  15. Diet looks great. I not sure about the Odewalla Bars. I haven't check the ingredient but I'm sure you have so it must be still okay. but I know that they just put milk protein in their protein mixed drinks. I know so stupid of them
  16. Yeah but it doesn't matter. I voted for you in biceps and I was hoping you would post in this Keep lifting girl, you rock !
  17. Oh Cool.. No Way You know to make the progress a lot quicker. Have you thought about ditching the squirt cap and replacing it with a mini paint roller? Poor the liquid into a small pan and use your roller on your body.
  18. You're ready Jimi. Be proud to show the judges everything you got, with all the hard earn sacrafusing and hard training. I hope to see you on the stage in future
  19. Greatly nice definition. Have you ever thought about competing ? If so what category is your set goal?
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