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  1. lol You are so cute I love reading your blog <3 And yes a great time !!!!
  2. Great time on your 5 k ! that's awesome How the heck can you only eat 3 corn chips and not want to have more ?
  3. It looks like you been watching some loony Tunes. Road Runner?
  4. Sorry Dry. As a matter of fact I was disappointed with my BF Test yesterday. And when she weighted me I was 8lbs less then 4 days ago. From 120 now I'm back down to 112. But I keep hearing this voice in me, saying you need to. I'm making this a learning step and going to work harder. I need to get my weight up, build lean muscle and in four week my % will be down 9%. You have always help me stay positive when I was there with you. You would not be skinny if I was still there to cook for you. You are so good at finding solutions.You'll sort it out. Just giver Dry, you need to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpNkiZiXuG0 ahaha look at my hair. I look hilarious. I'm such a dork hey? Be good and keep working hard like you always do ! <3
  5. Yeah sorry Aluck. There are other ways we can still keep in contact
  6. Awesome. You can tell you've been training hard. Keep it up I also was checking out your quads. Very Nice ! I couldn't help but to mention that in your last picture, it seems like your lower half of your body disappeared.
  7. I know the feeling. but 13 days without a day off At least you'll make good bank, then you can purchase new pricey gear I was just thinking about you and hoping your training and work is going good Take care hs
  8. Happy Birthday http://www.stonehousecollection.com/mm5/graphics/00000003/funny-birthday-11014.jpg
  9. Why am I having images of that little girl on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory pop into my head?
  10. Maybe she's practicing her dance routien. For fitness Competitor. I can't wait to see your hair, makeup, costume, choice of music and performance. Did you hire someone pick this out for you? Wishing you the best. But you won't need it because you'll blow them away
  11. Hey Sweetie how's the training going? I just wanted to point out how great it is that you're doing this keep it up ! I'm rooting for you
  12. I was chatting to Zack last night and that all he could talk about I think he's excited to see you ! Your pictures are how I look at the clouds in the sky. You know why? At first you can point out an object, then you see it another second and it turns into another object. That's how I look at your muscles. Your triceps looked like a boomerang, then pacman, I see something else, but I don't think I should say it on here.
  13. That's what we love most about you Rob. A mind of your own. Not being pure pressured in any tobacco, drugs or alcohol. Not one drop of drugs or alcohol... I still can't believe how great you are. Much love and respect ! <3
  14. Great work !!! I love your journal Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits to eat. I could eat a 1000 lbs right now !! LOL
  15. looking hot VV may I suggest more fruit in your diet ? Cyclists best friend especially bananas, dates and figs. sport drinks, and energy bars on long intense rides.
  16. Congrats on your goal. Your body and mind is made to do anything you tell it to
  17. Everyone seriously looks fantastic Great job ladies !
  18. Just popping in to say hi. Hope dogs, job, Dani and life is keeping you happy <3 I wish i could spend it with you too. Another side note. Trivia Question. Name this lady http://loveforlife.com.au/files/Ann%20Wigmore%204.jpg http://loveforlife.com.au/files/Ann%20Wigmore%205.jpg Give up Here's some rare footage of the very first raw diva. I love you Lean and Green. You are my best friend.
  19. This is the most impressive log I've red so far. Keep up the dedication You look so beautiful in your avatar. You look like Alas http://wirelessdigest.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/alias_1.jpg
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