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  1. Wow awesome, congrats to your weight loss. Do you lift weights as well in your routine? by adding weights and cardio you can also burn fat thought out your whole day.
  2. I love your picture dude. What an improvement. Arms, chest and abs. NICE ! When will you post back, and legs?
  3. Oh I thought it was someone we knew. Nothing new to me Dry lol It just didn't surprise me that it was a random person saying this to you. Just so everyone knows Robert tells me many people have changed their ways after hearing him speak for the first time. I actually a few Vegetarians wanted to ask me a few questions after Robert's talk in Bellview WA. They wanted to know what I feed Robert. They seemed really inspired and enthused of becoming Vegan. Way to go Robert
  4. What the ? Wet hair you hate having wet hair haha ! I'm glad you're having a good time in LA and promoting Cheeke, VBF and Vega. That's awesome
  5. Nice Biceps. I bet your quads look great to from all that cycling. Keep up the great work. !
  6. I'm sold on the slap chop. this is brilliant ! With just one finger and you have chopped salad. "Fettuccine, Martini, Bikini" This guy is awesome !
  7. Sometimes you need to.... ! Just give it one.
  8. Your legs look phenomenal How do you like teaching classes?
  9. Don't think, just leave go and train. I feel best when I Leave in the mornings. I feel best in the mornings that I finished a workout and I have the rest of the day to do what ever that needs to be done. I also find it goes a lot faster, if could be because I'm still half asleep lol When my eyes are awake, I get up without thinking get dressed and leave. Stop procrastinating just go and you'll feel good after words. I feel the best before I work and less guilty that I didn't get a change to pound my body that day What classes do you teach?
  10. I have the same problem with cherries haha ! Your diet is looking really clean and nice work on the leg press
  11. You need to sometimes. The ferry deal is still on $39 one way until September. http://www.bcferries.com/
  12. I really like what you put here. I go to the gym hit cardio and weights because I pretend it's my life long career, (like wanting to be a lawyer, dentist, doctor etc.... ) Like for example you know how you wake up in the morning and you say to yourself I don't want to go to work today. But you have to because if you didn't show up for work. They would probably fire you. Then now you think. Were are you going to live? Who is going to pay for your bills and food. Well I think of it like when you wake up in the morning you have a choice you can either go or not go. If you don't go you're not going to show results plan and simple. But I think of it as a choice to have to go because it's my job.
  13. This made me think of you It's the new bullet Express and he didn't even use a knife.
  14. Anyone watch this ? What do you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4paOVdU5h8
  15. Sersiously 12? Your face hasn't aged a bit I loved the 80's.
  16. This is a rant to everyone who can keep a job. Who are lazy, unreliable, a disappointment on letting other staff down, incompetent at their work ethnics, non-enthused, not wanting to be at work, and a let down. Are you catching my drift? Okay this a more the a rant. It's actually been a really annoyance where it's been disturbing working with other staff who are really pissing me off lately. Since I've been hired about 3-4 months ago. I've been mostly been picking up slack and being frustrated at my schedule from closing one night and getting home after 1:30am and working an opening shift at 7am the next morning. I've been working my tail off. And so far since I've been working there, some girls leave their mess with me without me saying anything, not doing anything before they leave. Not showing up for shifts and leaving me alone until close. It's when I start a midshift and the opener already wants to go home. Taking off for smoke brakes constinly ! Or like last night, I finally got short with a girl who always complains about working once or twice a week. And she said she is suffering from heat stroke from the day before. Is there such thing? I can understand having heat stroke from maybe that day. But it hasn't even been hot out. So I just said just go if you're sick. I guess this wouldn't bother me so much if I wasn't training for my first fitness modeling competition. But if I can't sleep or recover then I can't train. I miss having a training partner to give me a big kick in the butt to get out of bed no matter how tired I am. I mean not all staff are like this. Most of the staff rocks. But it's just these few people who make me so annoyed with these workers who shouldn't even have jobs. What really saddens me is, when I was living in the US. There are millions of people who would die to have her job. And yet she is still working. I don't get it. There's so many others out there that are dedicated and hard working. And cannot find a job. Because of the economy. It's been a really annoyance lately. There just had to get that off my chest. Anyone else's thoughts ?
  17. Nice to see the protein intake. How is your stomach handling it ?
  18. Tasha

    Reality TV

    Yeah I like it ! I'm hooked Actually I picked up some training tips from the show. And from the trainers looking so fit. It makes me work just as hard. And of course you can't pass up a little drama in reality TV lol
  19. Jimi don't be an asshole or I'll tag up with aluck to kick your ass!
  20. Sweet What an awesome day you had. Mine, I spent it with my trainer, took a run in the sun. and just absolutely enjoyed my time off. Gazing on fruit and for the rest of the evening I plan on lazing in my new chair http://media.pier1.com/img/pier1com/productimages/2118057.jpg
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