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  1. Also, If you're a fan of Vega Check out the new sports drink. To replace the Gatorade http://sequelnaturals.com/en/vega/products/vega-sport-performance-optimizer/features-benefits
  2. Hello Welcome it's great to meet another Organic Athlete Bradley and members from the OATC are friends of mine. I'm looking forward to hearing more about you All the best
  3. Welcome back They are a great group of girls, full of great energy and enthusiasm
  4. Hello, Welcome aboard It's great to have you apart of the group
  5. Hi Mikey Welcome to the forums
  6. Tasha


    Welcome after4ever
  7. Hey There Welcome I love your detective work, thanks for posting that
  8. Hi Welcome Fantastic to have you aboard
  9. Hi Welcome aboard All the best to your goals
  10. Tasha

    New here.

    Hello Welcome
  11. Tasha


    Hi Welcome Question what is Ronald doing in your avatar ?
  12. Hello Welcome, aboard FYI Brendan Brazier is type O too. If you don't know who Brendan is Check out all his websites and his books. http://www.brendanbrazier.com/
  13. Tasha

    Vegan in PA

    Hi Welcome It's great to have you apart of the group
  14. hahah sorry GEOFF I knew that. It's your forum name that gets me everytime ! I think I may of called you Glen when I ran into at the Red and Black Cafe with your family. It won't happen again, I swear lol Well I hope things are going well for you and say hi to your beautiful family
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