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  1. I got my pea protein, I had to try it with just water, to see how it tastes. I did 30g scoop with about 500ml, I was gagging towards the end lol Maybe it was the extra foam that was on top though. I'll still use it, but with fruits and other ingredients blended into a smoothie from now on

  2. Wow, been a while since I updated this.


    I blew out my knee in November, and adding more back issues, haven't been too active lately. But I turned 30 over the weekend, so figured no better time to get on the bike again.


    I went for a ride to the library, stopped at a park for some scenery, picked up some food, went home to eat - so far did 11.5km. I felt great. So I got back on my bike and rode around the park, back to where I used to live, and back home - another 11.5km. 23km in one day - wtf?!?! My ass was hurting, but I didn't care lol I normally go to the library, groceries, and back home - and I'm completely wiped out from around 7km. So this was a nice morale boost

  3. You can be vegetarian and still eat meat, Penny is a perfect example




    There are a lot of negative remarks here, but I think it is great if a person is 80% vegan. If most non-vegans ate animal products only 20% of the time (equivalent to about six days a month) this would have more of a positive effect on the environment than all current vegans combined, especially if on their non-vegan days these people ate only bio-dynamic or organic animal products. I would think that in the fight for a cleaner environment and less cruelty to animals every little bit counts.


    Veganism shouldn't be a cult! If you believe people should be vegans for whatever reason, you should be happy when someone takes the first steps, so lets not be so snobbish about it.

    I agree. If someone is taking steps to be completely plant based I would applaud them. Not everyone will drop animal products over night.


    But considering it's about a recipe, 80% is definitely not a vegan option.

  4. http://www.cok.net/blog/2011/10/subway-rolling-out-all-vegan-patty-select-locations-canada


    It's yum, so yum It's a bit pricey, more than the most expensive sub on their menu, but it's so delicious and I want support vegan food in "regular" restaurants so I'll continue to eat once in awhile I didn't even read or hear anything about this patty, so was surprised when I stumbled on it. I believe 2 of their breads are vegan too - 9 Grain Wheat and Italian. I also checked a location closer to home that wasn't on the list, and they had it - so check other locations even if they're not on the list.


    Fellow vegans in the US, your patty is not vegan - so avoid it if you're strict on vegan food.




    (not my image)


  5. I don't think I could ever give up on the soy, it's too yum I used to eat a lot of deli slices, but have been eating them less often now, mostly sticking to tofu now. I even got the soy free Earth Balance, for even a little less soy. I still drink soy milk, mostly in shakes and coffee. Edamame I should buy again, haven't had them in awhile

  6. So I check my blood pressure today about 3x - each time averaging around 86-100/56-60. That just can't be healthy lol


    I read some symptoms of Hypotension on Wikipedia:

    Chest pain

    Shortness of breath

    Irregular heartbeat

    Fever higher than 38.3 °C (101 °F)


    Stiff neck

    Severe upper back pain

    Cough with phlegm

    Prolonged diarrhea or vomiting



    Foul-smelling urine

    Adverse effect of medications

    Acute, life-threatening allergic reaction


    Loss of consciousness

    Profound fatigue

    Temporary blurring or loss of vision

    In some cases loss of hair

    Connective tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


    The above list, is copy and pasted from Wikipedia - these are not my symptoms Obviously I've had some of these happen to me, but they don't come up daily or even lasting a long time when they do, so I'm not too concerned with these symptoms. Would visiting my doc be wise, or is this nothing too serious? My mother also has low blood pressure, so maybe something in the family.

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