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  1. Probably just too much gluten, salt, fat, or simply calories all at once.


    I don't normally have a problem with gluten either unless I eat a lot of it all at once. In particular I've gotten some vegan cheesesteaks in Philly that have disagreed with me the same we you've described.


    It's probably just the amount and concentration. The Gardein things are gluten AND soy so that cuts it down a bit. Plus they're so expensive you probably aren't eating all the much at once.

    they are a bit expensive, but i buy store brand chicken breast which is rebranded gardein. still not cheap, but defiantly cheaper http://reviews.presidentschoice.ca/6584/F19430/reviews.htm

  2. I went to get a seitan burrito today from a local vegan joint today. I'm not sure why but something just didn't feel good about eating some of these vegan alternatives. I was eating the burrito and half way through it felt like my body was rejecting it, I wasn't going to throw up, just not enjoying it very much. When I noticed when I ate the rice and lettuce, it was quite nice - but when I ate the seitan and fake cheese and sauses, I didn't enjoy too much. I don't think I have a sensitivity to gluten, because I eat the Gardein products just fine - I actually just had one right now and everything was fine


    I guess I could ask a question here What foods does your body not enjoy eating?

  3. My buddy has had fatty lumps growing for years (they did tests for tumors and whatnot, and apparently they're fat deposits). The first one I noticed was probably 10 years ago, but they said it was nothing serious "so don't worry about it". It kept growing until it hindered his breathing and comfort - so after much debating (his age mostly) we finally said yes to an operation. They removed the big fat lump from his crest, but now he has them growing on his sides. It's aggravating because he'll be 15 years old soon, and the vet doesn't want to operate.


    What can I do? Are there any supplements that may break up the fat? Or a change in food? I give him scraps of human food but not plate pulls, just little pieces, so i'm doubtful it has much to do with human food. Basically i'm stumped and saddened I can't help him

  4. fuji and royal gala best apples - no contest


    i just had my first clif builder's bar just now, actually about 3/4's of a bar, i already had dinner and i just wanted a snack. i've had the regular clif bars before but never the builder ones. they're fantastic, and remind me of 10 years ago when i was obsessed with protein and exercise

  5. The best way i've found to cover up the taste is the following,smoothie with blueberries and strawberries, vanilla almond milk, peanut butter (be generous), this is what covers up the taste the most. the peanut butter will make it a thick smoothie but it's a tastier way to take down the vega. it ends up tasting like pb&j.

    peanut butter in protein shakes = amazing

  6. i have yet to try diaya, but fear it's too pricey for me anyways. it's not really considered food, but i love earth balance when it's on sale, i buy sometimes 4 at a time. tofurkey deli slices i'm a tad obsessed with. earth balance, hickory smoked slices, cucumber, ketchup, salt/pepper = nice basic sandwich

  7. i love eating quinoa, being a complete protein and all, but i'm having a hard time getting full from it. i just ate about 2 cups of the stuff, with some tofurkey sausage and brussels sprouts, and i still went for a fruit/nut bar afterwards haha what the hell, i figured i'd be stuffed by now.


    i'm guesstimating i ate around 600 calories just now, 30g protein, 50g carbs. and that's before the food bar.


    basically i'm posting for two reasons:

    1. what are some of your favorite filling quinoa recipes?

    2. is there some reason i can't get a full feeling after eating quinoa?


    when i eat pasta or pizza, i'm pretty satisfied, i'm wondering why i don't get that eating more basic foods. sorry my post is so sporadic, i kinda wrote it on the fly

  8. i feel embarrassed when people in shows like this start singing.even in cartoons when they start singing i have to turn away.been this way since i can remember.

    you know i'm actually the same way, i wonder why that is though, not like you're the one actually singing haha but the show is quite good and watching it with all the singing doesn't seem to bother me that much

  9. is anyone watching this show? recently a few friends/family talked about it, and one of the girls is in a movie i'm really excited for, so i thought 'what the hell', and watched an episode. now i'm addicted haha the writing and stories are quite clever and entertaining, and the singing i gatta admit, is pretty awesome. one friend said "I fully support your gleeification process", so at least not all my friends think i'm a big wuss


    oh, and there's a vegan and vegetarian in the cast



  10. my trip got bumped back and we went this year instead. we flew LOT Polish Airlines, and surprisingly the meals were quite good. going there i had a basic tomato pasta, and coming back had a quite delicious pasta with spinach. started using more spinach in my cooking because of that meal, it was that good the snacks was just bread and veggies, nothing special.

  11. how is that mixed with real life? Anyway it looks pretty good.

    basically more down to earth stuff (they take hay rides and he goes running with his dog) vs star wars or something completely out of this world - you know what i mean? i was never into star trek, or battlestar, or anything that's too spacey, that's all i mean

  12. anyone else as excited for this as i am? granted the name is a little weird, and the book wasn't exactly written the best, but man am i excited for this. i'm not a huge fan of sci fi, but when it mixes with real life i'm ok with it



    ps apparently dianna agron is vegetarian too

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