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  1. somtimes i see livestock trucks drive by eglinton right near my house all i do is watch them drive by and go off into the distance knowing whats going to happen shortly it hits me everytime i hate seeing those trucks
  2. just curious me personally at the moment i dont. but if i were to find a local farmer or company which i knew 100000% they were cruelty free i would consider eating them again. but thats just me
  3. omg in winnipeg??? i hate this shit i knew canada was doing wrong with how it treats its animals but i thought we were doing a little better than that
  4. thats awsome man you're my hero
  5. im not bigg on those veg magazines. i used to read couple muscle mags but now no more cuz all they focus on is meat and milk in their nutrition sections. only mag i read right now is time
  6. omg pogs lol back in the day. i miss that stuff
  7. maybe not for a guy to wear on a shirt but it'll make guys think differently if a chick was wearing a shirt that says: "women love vegan erections" or "i love vegan erections" **the 2nd one is not me saying i love vegan erections its for the shirt title lol
  8. you know what though??? a circus can be fun, but it doesnt need the poor animals as a part of it. all the performers doing tricks and whatnot can be fun on its own, i dont see how forcing animals to perform has to be included into the acts to make the circus "complete".
  9. you eat in a day what i eat in a week lol but thanks for the info i dont think we have boca burgers in canada never seen em. but i get really tasty vegan burgers from whole foods yuuuuuuuuuuumm
  10. ya never thought about that but its true. but i think things are changing dont you think? or maybe it just the people i hang around with. because of my friends who know i dont eat meat and all they dont bother me one bit to eat some meat they accept it as my lifestlye, while some are just assholes telling me to stop this "phase". arse i never liked that idiot anyways lol and me personally i try not to be driven by how everybody else is, we all have brains we're smart people we can make up our own mines. to live and think how things "should be" shows you dont have the balls to live by your own decisions.
  11. ok thats it im pissed ...... i gatta start hitting the weights again itz been probably a year now since ive done some serious working out and im starting to miss it only thing is i was eating meat and whatnot last year so anybody have a couple of points for me since im gonna be doing it vegan this time? scared you with the subject eh?
  12. pizza is awsome without cheese i thought i would never have pizza ever again but its so good with peppers, onion, garlic, mushrooms....ok 2nd post tonight about food im starving now ....grrr and ice cream why not try the soy ice creams or rice??? mucho good yuuuumm
  13. u can eat with stir fry, crush it up and make cabbage rolls, into soups, probably lasagna havent try that tho...... omg im getting hungry now
  14. sorry but i cant say its good either that he still eats fish and whatnot. to me meat is meat no matter what kind of animal it comes from. eggs im on the fence about, as long as i knew 100% they were organic and 100% cruelty free i would consider eating them once in awhile when needed, but meat and milk wont touch it
  15. oops.......didnt know this thread was about that..... my bad
  16. ok so heres what i did ...... i re-registered under this name, but im blazin6543 lol.... i usually register as blazin6543 but i use this 1 as well so i'll use endcruelty if ya'll dont mind
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