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  1. I have a question: When you photograph people and put their pictures online, do you let them sign a contract or anything like that? I guess not, but just wanted to ask because I've heard of legal issues before..

    anything editorial you don't need a release, it's news. if i were to use any of these shots for a commercial piece (say advertising) i would need them to sign a release, but i don't intend on doing that. also regular "street photography", people eating or just walking down the street, isn't considered news - so releases are necessary than. i know in germany you need a release signed for almost any kind of photography, so that sucks, but canada you can almost take photos of anyone on public property.




    Do you just go up to them and say 'hey can i take your picture?' I would be worried they would pose or something.


    Yeah, the more I think about the more I think a telephoto would be even creepier.


    Oh well, I should just get over it, the worst that can happen is they say no and think I'm a weirdo. Meh.

    i rarely ask for photos, i just go up to people and shoot - if they are grumpy i may stop (depending on the situation) but most of the time they're happy to be a subject - especially if it's a good photo op for their cause. i give em a card if they want, tell em i'll send them the shot, they don't care

  2. well there ya go no need for me to say anything else


    I'd love to get into street photography but the most I have is 55mm and you have to get RIGHT UP to people and I'm not comfortable with being that creepy...

    55 is good enough - no excuses. i mostly use my 250 to get a little more dop, i don't really use it to be sneaky. a lot of my shots i'm well within talking distance of people trust me, if i can handle going out on the street and photographing, anyone can - i'm the shyest sob ever.


    a lot of times though, i do chicken out many times during the protests i didn't bother getting close to people to photograph, it pisses me off what i want to do next time is more journalism with photography, try to interview and get to know people and their story - think it'll be easier to photograph them after.

  3. a couple from today


    i'm convinced the cops today had the hots for me. a few were chatting while starring at me, then kept glaring at me. afterwards the video camera came out, apparently they wanted video of me so they could look at me whenever they wanted. i got video recorded lots.






  4. I checked out the pics on flickr, the police car is my favourite too.


    Great job! Do you have a telephoto lens or do you get that close to people to take their picture?

    i do have a telephoto (250mm) but i always try getting as close as possible. the 2nd photo i was about an arms length away from the cops cause it's a wide angle shot, but the last one they were guarding the usa embassy so we were really far away.

    Besides the obvious (G20, global government etc) what were the protests about specifically? Great photos by the way!

    i couldn't quite figure that out hahaha literally today the protest groups were just people curious about the riot police lol there were people with signs about animal rights, greenpeace, some russia stuff, people for and against isreal, you know, the usual

  5. my best physique was when i was working out in a gym. i'm actually thinking of joining the local college like i did a few years back. if you go during the day and spring/summer it's almost always empty, and it's $250 for a year so can't beat that. i have tried working out at home but never found a perfect feel to it, probably because i can't find a spot which i can call "the workout spot". the garage gets dusty (allergies), basement got renovated (don't wanna ruin the new floors), etc...

  6. That's good. He's been somewhat veggie for a while now... though I don't have any insider details other than what I read online. He's been tweeting about vegan products and plant-based diets for a while but this is the first time I've seen him actually confirm he's following a vegan diet.

    exactly hehe he's been vegetarian for a few months i think, but now confirmed he's vegan hopefully they can make that biggest loser protein shake from soy and he'll promote that instead of that whey one.

  7. we have a 28 of beer in the fridge so i can't say i don't drink lol (usually 1 a day, but not everyday) when out i'll have more, sometimes i lose count


    marijuana i don't do but have nothing against, legalize that shit. it doesn't work well with my system, i get dizzy, paranoid and screwed up hehe tobacco i quit many many years ago, but sadly i still may get a craving for one, then i remember my fingers and breathe will smell nasty and food won't taste the same after

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